Episode 79. The Person with the greatest certainty leads.

Episode 79. The Person with the greatest certainty leads. Brought to you by the universal law of hierarchy, the one and the many, law number 5.

There are 7 qualities of a leader that align easily with nature and therefore are universal. These qualities are not what is taught in the MBA but, they are definitely true.

Of course, in business, there are other variables, that are not so much good leadership but more aligned with power, bravery, aggression and network. Those are valid too, but we are here talking about true power and the sustainable leadership, not temporary or vulgar seduction.

Checklist of great and true leadership

  1. A Big Heart (someone who gives a s**t.)
  2. A proven track record – (Led people to success previously)
  3. A strong intensity – (turns up powerful and undistracted)
  4. Knows where they are going – (a big vision of the future)
  5. Rarely Exhausted – (In the game for the long haul not quick fix)
  6. Is respected – (wise strategy, engages volunteers, gets results)
  7. 100% considered – (no spontaneous knee jerk reactions)

The Role and Training of Innerwealth in Leadership

If you take all seven qualities of true and great leadership, you will discover that their origins are never automatic, the qualities are learnt. They are learnt by bitter experience or by educated investment. Rarely do you find all the seven qualities coached or taught in one single process. Usually the seven skills are learnt in a fragmented fashion through diverse sources that rarely dovetail. Innerwealth on the other hand brings all seven together into one homogenous collective process that evolves with the individual.

The larger the role of leadership, the more of those seven qualities are needed. It is a depth and volume argument. The broader the spectrum of leader accountability and the larger the cost of misadventure, the better the leader must be at delivering the seven qualities of great leadership. As an example, leading a group of children at a kindergarten requires the exact same qualities as leading a multi Billion $ business with tens of thousands of employees, but the depth and volume of those same skills are far deeper the bigger you go.

This makes leadership a never ending opportunity to grow both as a leader and as a person, which, in the seven qualities are inseparable. The greater the role of leadership aspired to, the greater the individual must be. This makes the role of Innerwealth training for leadership perfect. By treating human beings as wholistic, growth and development originates at a personal level in all seven areas of life, it makes a leader whole and genuine.

There are other ways to lead that do not get covered in total human development. The innerwealth path is based on harnessing human nature and true authentic leadership. But there are other ways such as belligerent determination, aggressive ownership force, pre-selection through tenure and oligopoly, and of course, fear.

But in a world that is ever more aware of the subtlety and complexity of human engagement, where individuals can act in emotional duplicity, faking investment in the company or organisation or team they lead but whose primary interest is self, it is ever more and more important to “know yourself” as a leader.

What do the universal laws speak to the evolving leader?

  1. Good leadership supports and challenges those they lead.
  2. Everything that happens is an opportunity to improve – evolve the business
  3. Coach them up or out. People at the lowest rung of the cone bring others down
  4. Take no credit, take no blame. There is always a balance in success.
  5. Appreciate what you’ve got or you lose it.
  6. People are wholistic. A mess at home distorts judgement in business.
  7. Thoughts gravitate toward the lowest. It takes work to stay on top of it.
  8. When you think you have got it right, you’re operating in fear based delusion.
  9. You can’t change what happened, but you can spin it into a healthy story.
  10. The person who knows all this, has the certainty to lead from the top.

That’s the end of this episode of 101 things I wish my dad taught me.

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