Episode 91. Let your doubts be cleared.

Episode 91. Let your doubts be cleared. Brought to you by all the universal laws combined into one big statement. Let your doubt be cleared.

is there is one word that shakes the foundation of all human nature it is the word doubt. Doubt is unquestionably the most vicious of all human emotions. Doubt is even more than an emotion. Doubt is in its self a state of mind. The doubtful person reacts and in reacting causes so many of their own dilemmas it is in comprehendible how much of life is wasted dealing with this terrible mindset. The essence of all teachings from the east is “let your doubt be cleared.”

if you were to draw a straight line between tout and the other end of the spectrum you would find unconditional love at the other end. In between you would find fear anger, pain suffering, success failure, relationships, families and all manner of mental health problems. On the straight line you would find every human behaviour and understand why people do what they do.

don’t causes us to react. It causes us to become towering or cowering. It causes us to be insecure, defensive, uncertain and a nuisance to ourselves and others. Doubt is often mistaken for intuition, but intuition and doubt at two different animals. Do you have doubt? Of course you do. You are human and you have doubt either constantly or from time to time. So dealing with this doubt becomes a very big part of personal growth and personal development. If you have doubt and it starts to become a permanent state of mind, usually because of lack of activity, you will not sleep well. Doubt keeps a person awake.

doubt makes a person eat certain foods trying to ground themselves. Doubt leads to depression. Doubt overcomes all joy. Doubt kills success. Doubt drives people. If you are an athlete and you are mid rice and you experience doubt you may as well pack your bag and go home. If you are a leader and you experience doubt you may as well pack your bag and go home again. If you are in a relationship and you have doubts about it you may as well sign the divorce now. Dub creates a trajectory and that trajectory is to finish whatever it is working on in order to create some certainty. Doubt is the habit. It may be completely erroneous.

when we stand on stage and we give a presentation it is considered to be a very stressful experience and as Jerry Seinfeld said people are more nervous about a giving a public speech then anything else, so, at a funeral, they’d rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy.

So that’s it for today maybe you’d like to consider if doubt is coming habit of yours and if it is, whether you recognise it for what it is or you call it, intuition. If you call it intuition you better be careful because doubt and intuition are very much going to give you an inner voice but they are completely different voices and we need to differentiate between them. Do you know how?

With spirit, Chris. That is the end of episode 91.

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