Episode 94. WISDOM VERSUS IGNORANCE brought to you by the Universal Laws number 1. Nature seeks balance in all things.

Sometimes you’ll be tempted to invest in a fight to overcome the evils that threaten the balance of the world. It’s an age old story.

The forces of good can become self-satisfied, and the forces of evil knock them off their perches and wreak havoc.

As long as we play the game of good vs. evil, this constant battle is going to occur. And worst of all, the ignorance of it, fighting against evil, breeds the bipolar mindset that is currently over diagnosed as an illness, rather than a state of mind called ignorance.

Somehow we have to move beyond good and evil in order to play a different game.

I think this is what wisdom is. Balancing opposing forces in ourselves, making them complementary, and then finding a way to continually create conditions of harmony in ourselves. Keeping the balance of inner harmony takes a lot of attention and energy, and that’s one definition of wisdom from which certainty, rather than clarity can arise.

We create vitality so we can maintain equilibrium. But if that equilibrium comes from fighting good against an evil we become like a wrecking ball against ourselves and it spreads to others. Even self criticism can become a quest to be without negative in ourselves where that Bipolar ignorance surfaces again.

Wisdom might give you a different viewpoint. No matter what happens in our lives, we are bound by our actions. Because we are bound by it, we should engage in our daily actions without our eye on the outcomes, and therefore act in a way that serves as a demonstration model to the world. Become what I call a REAL model, rather than a role model. The role model will act to demonstrate a polarity in themselves, one we call ignorance, while the real model will own their actions more than the good or evil battle.

If you act for the good of humankind, even though there may be nothing to gain from your actions. This is the first step. Remembering that you do have a vision and we do SET AND FORGET, your measure is not the degree of Good against Evil of your mind but rather the quality of your actions for humanity.

I think most people do want to do good in the world. Personally, I try to do good things that do not necessarily make the world a better place, because the world is the place that it is, it is already operating perfectly without my actions, simply, I just do things that I think are good in and of themselves.

Whenever someone tries to make the world a better place, they’re going to meet someone who has a different idea of what a better place means, and that can lead to conflict. When you make a stance someone you meet makes an oppistance, that causes resistance which is a nuisance and then there is a fandance which is no romance, it causes compliance which has no chance.

The best way to avoid ignorance in life is not to try to make the world a better place — follow innerwealth and you’ll know the world is the place it already is — this is better Wisdom and you just ask yourself over and over ‘Who are you in this place?’

So doing good things doesn’t necessarily mean making the world a better place. That’s bipolar ignorance. It is already as better as it can be.

Real Model Wisdom means doing good things that are innately good in and of themselves. If a thing in its essence is good, then go forward. If it’s not, we can try to have the good sense to not waste time on it. Whether it’s a painting, a song, a book, a company, any creation you are making or working on, it doesn’t have to change the world, you just have to feel within you if it’s worthwhile to do, and then take a chance on it. That’s one of the secrets to balance.

We constantly hear about the “battle against this” and the “fight against that” and the “war on the other”—if you’re always looking for battle, that’s what you’re going to find. When we think something is out of balance we don’t have to fight against that opposite thing, we can also do the thing that counteracts it. Without behavior change, nothing will happen. If something doesn’t work, then do it differently.

Recently one lady asked me what to do if she just wants to give up? And I said well, there is no value banging your head against a brick wall, but maybe you need to break tradition and break culture to try a different approach to it. So, this is not to say that we should not fight against injustice in the world, such a women’s rights, racism, anti-semitism, and abuse in all forms; we have to change these things. The battle described in this fight against injustice are largely internal, and effect how we engage in the world. For example If we bring violence and rage to social justice, then violence and rage will be the result, and not social change. Because each of us, individually, are components of the world, when we change ourselves, we are also changing the makeup of the world.

Wisdom is to see balance but not focus on the negative to fix but focus on what’s right an do more of it. We know that the more positive we do the more negative we do, so, it is a matter of what you focus on. If you look in the mirror you can see what’s wrong with you, or you can see what’s right. That’s a mindset of wisdom, while ignorance is seeing only one side.

So it’s wisdom to stop giving attention to the negatives and engage in positive behaviour. It takes work to rise above ignorance of seeing one side and see both but then act on the positive. But, both positivity and negativity are infectious, and knowing that is one way to know how to tip the scales one way or the other.

Another thing that is infectious is being helpful. Even better than being helpful is being thoughtful, which is the mark of a caring, gentle soul. Being thoughtful to those around us – aside from just being a good way to live – is that it is the easiest way to avoid becoming self-centered and self-satisfied, primed to be knocked off our perch into an endless cycle of us vs them.

Wisdom builds toward the future, while ignorance makes a lot of noise like a car doing a wheel spin, there’s smoke and noise and smell, but the car is still standing still. That’s what ignorance is, a bipolar view of the world that goes nowhere but makes allot of attention seeking smoke.

Wisdom is action, Ignorance is reaction.

That’s the end of today’s episode. Please share it with those who would love it.

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