Extremely disappointed – distancing myself from Deepak Chopra’s Comments

Forbes magazine recently published an article headlined Deepak and Innerwealth. Much of the material for the interview was taken from my web site, and it is not the first time this has happened.

I love Deepak Chopra’s work but when he starts to use my clarity and distinction to create fear amongst the human race, I must stand clear of it.

In this article, which I have willingly circulated he states that human beings are going to cause the extinction of the specie and that nature, if humans left it alone by being extinct would thrive. This is fear mongering. Humans are nature.

Environmental paranoia is an integral part of the x, y, z generations on the planet. They care about the environment and blame big business for its degradation. Their motivation has come from their educators, schools and music which has hyped the topic to make it a priority.

However, most of it is exaggerated, and ill informed.

Those to the left of politics have used sustainability to gain votes. Those who are anti establishment have joined them. The back to the past have waved the same banner and anti wealthy and anti success have also. Sustainability and ill informed individuals have joined Facebook tribes and cultural polarity in order to vent their anger at themselves on the world around them.

Meanwhile the world evolves perfectly.

As readers of my blog and students of wisdom, please be suspicious of polarised thinking. Please see that people of authority and fame are no more wise than you. Think for yourself. People think that they think, but most are illinformed parrots. Opinions are a human right, but we can, if we choose, ignore them as unconscious, personal unwashed laundry looking for a topic to hang their hat on. And right now, Deepak Chopra is simply making money out of it for his next book. Be aware.



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