How to Deal with a Loss

The perception of gain and loss distracts us from being in balance and therefore being in our best self. This perception comes from the ego challenging the heart and mind to a battle of possession. This is a very important awareness for a leader and anybody who is ambitious enough to want to find a balance in their life between work and play and in their relationship between love and intimacy. I hope you enjoy the video.

TRANSCRIPTGood morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, this is Chris, we’re down here on the beach. And, well what better place to talk about life balancing sitting right here. The one thing that traumatises us and gets us out of balance is the perception of loss and gain. And I just wanted to give you a little demonstration, I suppose, is the word of what you can do about that to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of thinking you’ve gained or you’ve lost something, and therefore becoming out of balance with it or traumatised by it. In my hand, here, I have sand. Now it’s in my hand, Is it mine is the sand mine. And when I do that, do I still have the sand there’s a law of the universe that says nothing’s ever missing, it just changes in form. So the sand, which is now at my feet, is still as possessed by me as it was when it was in my hand. And yet, because we have an ego, the ego wants to possess whatever it loves. So if it says, I love this beach, and someone comes on, as you can hear in the background, maybe and does some concrete thing. I feel like I’ve been invaded, I think I feel like I have lost something because this is my beach. This is this is the beach I love and I love my beach and someone comes down here and I go, you’ve invaded my beach. And that’s really important to realize that it’s not yours, and neither is another human being.And neither is the money you earn from the work. And neither is anything you do at work, it’s not yours, it belongs to the people you deliver it to. And so nothing’s ever missing just changes in form is probably one of the more I would say spiritual solutions to so much of life’s imbalanced drama, that we think we’re losing something or gaining something. And we start doing what’s called an ungrateful mathematics.So granted, when when, when people say gratitude is really important, gratitude for what we’ve got, or gratitude for what we lost, or gratitude for the fact that we neither have it nor lose it. It’s complicated in one sense. But in another sense, what you can actually say is, nothing’s ever missing, it just changes in form.The best version of me is when I say I need nothing, I want nothing, but I have everything. I need nothing, I want nothing, and therefore I have everything. Now that’s an inner wealth, message. It’s not supposed to be how you build a house, or how you build a car or how you build a relationship. It’s how you turn up happy. It’s how you deal with you, before you go out and look for things to balance you. One of the things that happens is that we start getting attached to the world around us, in order to give us balance. So we start grabbing on to things.That’s the ego saying, If I love it, I want to own it. If I love it even more, I want to own it even more. That’s the possessive nature of the human ego. And it might be just worthwhile today to think twice about that and say, who is really me? And what what is this thing I grab on to outside of me to make me happy? Can I be happy just being me. And knowing that everything I look at I own and I don’t own everything I love I own and I don’t own In fact, I can’t possess or hold on to anything. Everything is impermanent in the world.Food for Thought for the Day. I hope you have a beautiful one. Bye for now.

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