If you go to work on a Monday without a clear definition of your goals, your vision, your purpose your consciousness and the boundaries that might be confining you, then, you are in the realm of the masses. And I doubt you read this blog for that… So I sent you this on Sunday to check we are on the same page. Below are four videos and two download links … the rest is in your hands but don’t complain if the world wish isn’t the world you find in 2023.

I coach you. So, this is the challenge part of support and challenge.

Having observed peoples goalsetting attributes over the period of December, January, I decided to create a series of videos on how to set goals. It seems that the corporate world and Conservative influences in the world have hijacked the concept of goalsetting and made it more a process of realism, rather than what it was meant to be the process of imagination

Your goal setting is derived from a sense of possibility way beyond rational logic. We call this goalsetting a vision. Our vision is something that comes to you, not from you and reaches beyond the Boundary of your conventional, organised and responsible existence.

The process of visioning was established during the 30 day challenge, during which you created some notes sitting outside, under certain circumstances. From that, you were enabled and empowered to create your goals, from that you are empowered and enabled to create your daily habits and all of this linked back to the power hour from Innerwealth

How is he such a process gets lost amongst the bludgeoning intensity of fear and guilt and worry and stress and Conservative corporate engagement processes that have been hijacked. I want to encourage you here to run through these videos and enjoy the process of stepping out of your consciousness, and the bubble in which you and your family and those you surround yourself with my operate, and step into the realm that you can imagine. It’s a worthy process because ultimately the pain of regret always outweighs the pain of discipline.


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