Hard work is bad management

Who would promote a stressed, emotionally drained, worried, tired and hunched over in sadness individual? Only a cruel individual would add another KG to the back of an overloaded camel. It just wouldn’t be fair.

Sometimes human nature and our ego get into a fight. The ego wants to be right, human nature wants to live on purpose. The ego can carry a huge burden of stories forward with it, anger, worry, frustration and stress are all earmarks of the ego carrying stories and your human nature has to shoulder that weight while it works it’s magic to live its real vision, making a difference.

Hard work is a sign of a big heavy history clouding the simplicity of a day lived on purpose. Joy, the spirit of great work, evaporates under such a cloud. And so, hard work is bad management. When, the simplicity of a great joyful day gives way to busy, grinding, exhausting, frustrating work, it’s time to offload some unwanted baggage. Stuff we call judgment, the footprint of the ego.

Ego is not the devil, it is essential, a sort of identity, sense of self, it defines us. And in that way it can be a key element of human nature, our goodness. But ego can also become solid and brittle, defensive and fearful, it can blame, attack, accuse, and most awful of all – simulate, imitate your true nature.

Damn confusing. For example: human nature makes a difference to the world. While ego tries to make a difference in those we love. Human nature stands as a likeable part of ourselves, while ego is likeable if someone likes us. Simply put, both your true nature and your ego seek to make you feel likeable. One does it through self respect the other does it by forcing respect by others, giving to get.

All this is pretty irrelevant until your career or relationship or even health hits a plateau. Nature destroys anything that doesn’t fulfil its purpose and when ego plays substitute for purpose, nature, your true nature fights back with calamity, disaster and humbling circumstances. Ie “the shit hits the fan” – pain and suffering.

Your human nature cannot suffer, it has no expectations to suffer from. Expectations are the bastion of the ego alone. Expectations block love. So, if your life, work, health isn’t filled with joy, know that it’s simply time to break out of the shell created by your ego and build a bigger one, greater in consciousness, less in number.

How do you know if you are on purpose living from your human nature? You come home from work with more energy than you left with.

Chris “anti guru guru” Walker

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