How to Apply the Innerwealth Consciousness Cone

The Consciousness Cone: Unveiling the Path from Lower Thinking to Inspired Thinking

Introduction:In our fast-paced and complex world, finding clarity and harnessing our full potential has become increasingly challenging. However, to overcome this constant battle, the Consciousness Cone emerges as a valuable tool, helping us understand the dynamics between lower, emotionally-driven thinking and the elevated state of inspired thinking. Developed by Chris Walker, the founder of Innerwealth, the Consciousness Cone draws upon Nature’s Laws to map out the trajectory of these contrasting mental states. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essence of the Consciousness Cone and explore how it guides individuals towards greater awareness and fulfillment.Understanding the Consciousness Cone:Visualize a cone with a wide base representing lower thinking – a state characterized by excessive emotional reactions, stress, and limiting beliefs. At this level, individuals often succumb to their immediate desires, fears, and impulses, leading to short-term gratification but long-term dissatisfaction. Essentially, lower thinking inhibits personal growth, stifles creativity, and limits our potential to navigate life’s challenges effectively.Contrastingly, at the cone’s apex lies inspired thinking, an elevated state of consciousness achieved by aligning with Nature’s Laws, which govern harmonious existence. Inspired thinking represents a holistic state of mind that encompasses clear vision, authentic purpose, and emotional intelligence. It is the gateway to deep insight, intuition, and accessing the “flow state” or being “in the zone.” This state allows individuals to tap into their limitless potential, fostering personal resilience, and cultivating true happiness and fulfillment.The Journey from Lower Thinking to Inspired Thinking:The Consciousness Cone serves as a guide for individuals seeking to transcend lower thinking and embark on an enlightened path towards inspired thinking. Here are three essential stages through which this transformation unfolds:1. Awareness: The initial step in this journey involves developing self-awareness and recognizing the impact of our lower thoughts. By observing our emotional responses and automatic patterns, we gain insight into the self-imposed limitations hindering personal growth. This newfound awareness becomes the catalyst for change, helping us break free from habitual reactions and challenge the status quo.2. Integration: As we progress, we learn to integrate the invaluable lessons and wisdom offered by Nature’s Laws into our daily lives. This involves cultivating emotional intelligence, mindfulness practices, and implementing strategies to align our actions with our authentic purpose. Embracing gratitude, forgiveness, and self-compassion enables us to let go of lower thought patterns and create space for inspired thinking to flourish.3. Transformation: The pinnacle of the Consciousness Cone journey unfolds when inspired thinking becomes second nature. We effortlessly tap into our creative potential, harness our intuition, and operate in a flow state, where time ceases to exist. Inspired thinking goes beyond the individual self, empowering us to contribute positively to the world, nurturing meaningful relationships, and making a tangible difference in our communities.Conclusion:The Consciousness Cone, a creation of Chris Walker and Innerwealth, provides invaluable guidance and insight into the trajectory of our thoughts. By mindfully navigating our journey from lower thinking to the elevated state of inspired thinking, we can unlock our full potential, find meaning, and experience true fulfillment in all areas of our lives. Embracing Nature’s Laws, we align ourselves with the wisdom of the universe, empowering us to become co-creators of our existence rather than mere passive participants. Let the Consciousness Cone be your compass towards a life filled with clarity, purpose, and joy.

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