If we could take all of human development and compress it into two short words they are self and talk. What we say to ourselves is critically important but also what we say to others is equally important. Self talk is divided into two different groups when we talk to other people we are actually talking to ourselves as well this is called the outer talk. Out to talk has emotions built into it and it expresses a lot of what we have experienced and no. The quality of the outer self talk determines the quality of our life. Then there is the inner self taught and this will determine our success or failure at anything we tried to do. Our inner self talk is inherited from our parents and we need to take this over and take control of it by around the age of 14. However due to over parenting or feeling the need to be obedient to parents or whatever we sometimes do not take on board the full responsibility of this inner self talk and therefore we begin to sabotage what we do. Please enjoy the deck it’s very important.

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