How to Stop Mind Noise from Draining Your Personal Battery

How to Stop Mind Noise From Draining Your Magnetism

There is probably one single common behaviour that drains most people’s magnetism more than any other. Mind Noise, and with the amount of screen time, communication availability and emotion we are dealing with from others, it’s getting worse. Let’s look today at the Innerwealth Chris Walker solution.

What is mind Noise?

  • It is the constant chatter of the mind that never stops.
  • It is the tendency of the mind to think nonstop.
  • It is the inner conversation or inner monologuethat goes on constantly in the mind.
  • It is a sort of inner voice that constantly analyses everything about your life, circumstances, and the people you meet.
  • It is a voice in the head that just keeps talking and talking!
Cause 1. Overheated

When we think all day, face a screen, have too much on our plate, are disorganised, don’t have a plan, rush from time poor to time poor, to work to home to sleep and add acidic or inflammatory lifestyle.

Cause 2. Underheated

When we work, live and act on low priorities, things low on our value chain (high on someone else’s value chain) we attract calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances. We get tired, bored and think too much.

Cause 3. Lost Faith

When our thinking process is anxious we have disconnected from our hopes and dreams, lost faith, and the anxiety about “what if” will make even happy moments stressful. The result is mind fog and exhaustion for no reason.

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How to Stop Mind Noise from Draining Your Personal Battery

Don’t Die From Exhaustion



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How to Stop Mind Noise from Draining Your Personal Battery

Don’t Die From Exhaustion



Build Productive Habits

This inner chatter goes on and on in everyone’s mind. But you might be always aware of it, of this mental noise, because it has become a deeply embedded habit, and with all that’s going on around you, you consider it as a natural and inseparable part of life. This mental noise is like a background noise that never ceases, from the moment of waking up in the morning, to the moment of falling asleep at night. Often, it even prevents you from falling asleep.

When you become more aware of the mental noise and find it disturbing, then intervention is essential because it’s robbing you of the energy that causes success, makes you attractive, and helps you live long.

Intervention is essential when you find it harder to focus your mind on a certain activity, such as studying, reading, solving problems or anything else. At this time you become more aware of the buzz and constant flow of irrelevant, and often useless or distracting thoughts. This is the mental noise.

The solution is not a holiday or a day off. That’s the go too for most. The solution is to change how you think. It’s obvious with mind noise that the way you think has not evolved as fast as your life. It’s like an old engine in a new car.

Reducing Mind Noise – Video about Anger

Your heart is the core of your deepest humanity.

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Two Solutions to Mind Noise that Work

Think Balance

It may be a shock to know that every emotion is an argument with nature. Emotions drive us, construct our stories, build entertainment, make us collaborate, drive our success and run governments. Emotions are at the core of marketing and therefore consumerism, environmentalism and all spiritual and religious teachings. Emotions, however, are lopsided thoughts. And when mind noise is in excess, it’s because we are in emotional states of thought. The solution is therefore, less emotional thinking, more resolved thinking, balanced thinking. 

Restore Faith in the System

The future, within the scope of your mind’s limited view, is predictable. Sure, there are the “acts of God” but even those can be incorporated into faith. When we place our faith in the future in the hands of an invented benevolent and conditional “being” we disempower our mastery and magnetism but at least we have faith. Alternatively, at innerwealth, we recommend understanding creation, evolution and nature’s universal laws because this is the master script for building a future that nature will support. Don’t fight nature is our call cry. Live with nature. 

Why Mind Noise causes Exhaustion

Don’t worry, be happy.

Finding a harmony with nature is like living your entire life in nature. We know people are healthier, happier and wealthier (on a spiritual level) in nature so why not bring nature home? 

Urban life is robbing us of the natural calm and focus that comes from working with our hands in the dirt. We now prefer to run through nature and turn on the gas stove than chop wood carry water. There was allot of concentration required in those old jobs because the axe was sharp, the spiders bite and the weather was unpredictable. Concentration was automatic.

Living in harmony with nature will not make you unable to think. On the contrary, your mind would be sharper and faster, and your thinking would be clearer. Your mind will become more alert, focused and powerful, and you will be able to switch your thinking on and off at will.Shutting down the mental noise means inner peace. This results in saving a lot of mental energy and time wasted on thinking on matters that do not add anything to your life.

Deep Dive into Mind Noise

  • 1. Thoughts that repeat themselves like a tape that keeps playing the same tune.
  • 2. Reliving negative past situations or imagining fearful situations over and again.
  • 3. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. This prevents you from enjoying the present moment. The past is gone, and the future is the product of our present thinking and actions. Thinking that the only time that exists is now, the present moment. 
  • 4. Never being here. Always thinking on something else, instead of what you are doing now. If you always think on something else you never enjoy anything. Multi tasking is the root of this.
  • 5. Compulsive inner monologue that disturbs your peace and makes the mind too busy with restless, and sometimes disturbing thoughts.
  • 6. Constant analysis of your and other people’s situations, reactions and behaviour. Analysing the past, the future, things we need to, should do or got to do, in our day, wish we’d done yesterday (anger and frustration) and the distant past (regret). 
  • 7. Almost all involuntary thinking and daydreaming are some sort of mental noise.
  • These activities of the mind produce a constant background noise, which often intrudes into foreground in the middle of everything we do.
  • Too often, all this is tiring and exhausting, making us become impractical and lazy. This constant mental chatter also makes us miss opportunities, due to insufficient attention to what is happening around us
  • Are you sometimes, unable to let go of your thoughts after reaching a conclusion or finding a solution? The mind might go on thinking on the same topic over and over again. It is like a broken record that keeps repeating the same tune. This is one of the reasons why it is important to learn to stop your thinking when there is no need to think.

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