How You Can Eliminate Mind Noise Forever and the Consequences of Not.


Mind Noise: 

craving for excitement, agitation, variety, stimulation, energising, motivation, activity, thinking, worry, reaction, anger, frustration, sadness, depression, poor immune system, frequent colds, headaches, brain fog, excessive fatigue, weight gain, especially low mood or feeling like you’re in a funk. 

And if you’ve talked to your partner about it, probably told you to calm down, go to yoga or meditate, that there’s nothing actually wrong with you, and you ought to take a holiday or change jobs. 

Oh, they may suggest cutting back on work or exercising more. 

What if I told you it was all lies? 

What if I told you there was something wrong inside you? 

Even more shocking, that it’s not your fault. 

My name is Chris Walker. 

And I’ve made this presentation for two reasons. 

First to tell you that you like me, may be suffering from what researchers are now calling negative mind noise. A problem lurking deep inside you that could be the root cause of your low energy, sleep discomfort, brain fog, alcohol cravings, weight gain, and even skin issues. 

And the second reason I made this presentation is to tell you how you can fix it. Because there’s not only hope for a solution, there’s now observable research proving this dangerous condition is real and even better, my multi dimensional method to stop it for good, works.

That means dramatically improved energy fewer emotional ravings, reduced stress caused illness, the end of many interpersonal challenges, and best of all, restoring the healthy mind-body connection that makes you a winner.

I’ve seen incredible transformation in 000s. Yes, 000s of people who have all regained their mind-body power and health in ways they never thought was possible. 

First person I tried the simple solution on was me. 

You see for decades I thought I was doing everything right. I was eating a healthy diet, exercising, doing meditation, being a great dad, making a profit and being the best me I could be, after all, I’m an expert in behavioural science. I rarely ate fast food. I took holidays. I ran 30 km a week and worked out at the gym daily. Despite all this I was not making the people I cared most about in the world happy to be around me, including my wife at the time.

With high blood pressure, migraine headaches, arthritis, high cholesterol and a bad reputation for being a real bastard in business, I kept asking myself if I’m doing everything right. Why is this happening to me? 

If you’re with me on this, you probably know that when you feel isolated and confused, something isn’t right. But you don’t know what. Maybe you simply can’t take control of your raging appetite or cravings for alcohol or even disdain for your partner or boss. It’s like a cauldron of boiling oil and it feels like it could blow any minute.

Mediation, medication and counselling haven’t helped and weren’t sustainable or after initial success. The stress quickly came back the same goes for jogging, speed walking, weight training, aerobics, CrossFit yoga spinning or whichever exercise program you’ve tried to get rid of those stubborn nervous feelings only to see all of them not work out in the end. 

If this sounds familiar, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve also been dealing with the frustration of mind noise. 

Headache, aching joints or morning stiffness. Some people also experience adult acne, brain fog or a major lack of energy or a host of other conditions you just can’t shake. 

You may feel that somehow you’re at fault for your poor energy or your foggy mind, making you feel guilty or even ashamed. If it’s any comfort. You’re not alone. And I’m here to tell you it is not your fault. And all those annoying symptoms are about to change. 

I’m going to tell you exactly what’s been going wrong inside your mind-body connection. It’s something almost nobody is aware of not even a roomful of leaders I was invited to speak to ain NYC. I’ll tell you the story in a minute. 

And you’re not going to believe how unaware some of these so called C suite folks really are. I’m also going to tell you how I’ve helped 000s of people deal with these very same issues you’ve been suffering from. 

I want you to feel what they feel when the end of mind noise comes. The end of uncontrollable cravings that lead to illness and yet more stress. All those unexplained moods and health issues, vanishing in a matter of weeks. 

And best of all, I want you to be brimming with energy again, the kind of energy you had when you were young and the kind of energy my clients have found again, even at age 60 and beyond. But first repeat after me. I am not to blame. 

That’s right. 

These problems are not your fault. There is a solution to what ails you. 

But please prepare to have all your assumptions about what you thought was healthy thinking turned on their head. In fact, some of what I’m about to tell you is going to fly directly in the face of what many psychologists believe so how can I be so certain about this issue plaguing millions of people and the simple, proven way you can fix it? 

Well, let me tell you about my human development background, and how I discovered this shocking mind noise solution, one that most trainers and coaches are completely in the dark about. 

Again, my name is Chris Walker and I’m business coach, life coach and human development expert, celebrated speaker, and thought leader in human consciousness living in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. I graduated the AGSM at the University of NSW, and, received my Masters degree in Business from the AGSM in 1986. I spent 16 years as a thought leader travelling the world working in real life changing environments such as indigenous Canadian communities, corporate cultures and leadership development. I’ve also travelled to the Himalayas over 60 times both leading groups and studying meditation, human development and healing and after 30 years was awarded the high status of “friend of Nepal,” for supporting the country in it’s development. I have also been presented with awards from First Nation Canada, and Yoga Centres in India. I perform more personal transformations than any other transformation coach in the world. I’m also the inventor of the Walker gravel bed filter and several other vital and functional systems air pollution control. I am the only human development thought leader to distill and translate the ancient universal laws to use nature as a guide for life and leadership, creating Nature’s MBA training for leaders. My “mobile meditation” process has been tested and used successfully in the most severe circumstances, such as helping survivors on the day of the attack on the World trade centre in Manhattan in New York and in youth at risk suicide prevention in First Nation Canada. I’ve helped 000s of clients with a spectrum of both mental and health issues, including burnout, heartbreak, bankruptcy, divorce, illness and imprisonment. But you may know me better from my appearances on shows such as the Midday Show, or interviews or news channels across Australia, Canada or America. Or my online videos and podcasts on mind power and wellness which have over 10 million views. And according to my colleagues, this presentation is my most important. 

I’m also the personal coach for self help gurus, fortune 500 executives, and 000s of other business leaders who come to me for help. Why me? The answer is simple. Because I’m willing to tackle mind body issues that nobody else can fix. People come to me when they’ve been everywhere. Yoga, meditation, counselling, self-help, Virpassna, retreats, workshops, MBA, and they still can’t find answers because I’m not restricted to solutions that go with the grain. In fact, in my experience, many leadership coaching professionals are often behind on the latest research and in some cases, actually doing more harm than good. 

And that’s why after 16 years as a global thought leader and speaker, I left my position in New York as CEO of my Innerwealth Technologies business and returned to Australia. Why did I do it? Why would a successful speaker leave a prestigious career speaking all over the world, running retreats in places like the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons in wonderlands like Bali and turn his back on conventional corporate and personal development? 

Well, the reason may shock you when you realise that much of what I had learned much of what I was telling audiences was flat out entertainment. Specifically my research showed that many of the audiences I spoke to were getting worse by listening to speakers spooking their stuff. The conditions I was trying to prevent, like depression, divorce, obesity, domestic violence and self harm were increasing globally while people like me were being paid to enter-train audiences by telling them what they want to hear. You see, in corporate training, if you don’t tell the audience what they want to hear they down rate you and your career goes south.

My solutions were all starting in a place nobody was talking about, human Nature – My solution is in how we think not what. And audiences didn’t like their identity questioned. En mass didn’t like me taking group think and making each person question the origin of the beliefs that drive their behaviour which drive their work, health, relationships, wealth and self-respect. 

At first, it seems hard to believe that some if not most of the personal and leadership issues we experienced start in our belief system and can be fixed there too. But take it from me. Someone who has now spent decades researching, studying and testing solutions in this field, most people want to try this solution last. 

Most mental, physical, emotional, career, family and financial problems you face in life can be traced back to your belief systems – not just what you belief but how you’ve been taught to think. 

If you suffer from depressive issues, fatigue, work conflict problems, aching  joints, low mood, headaches and brain fog or just a feeling that you’re in a funk but you’re not sure why you may be suffering from what I and now many practitioners I’ve trained and coached now refer to as mind noise. 

Now you’re probably wondering, what is mind noise? How are all these different mental, emotional, physical, health issues related? And what do they have to do with my belief systems?

Well, get ready because I’m about to explain everything. 

Mind noise is a term used to describe a simple problem with a devastating result that the process of your thinking about every little thing that happens to you or around you may be out of synch, allowing dangerous self depreciating thoughts to sneak into your mind-body and wreak havoc on virtually every aspect of your health. 

Here’s a simple way to understand mind noise.

When you receive information through any of your 6 senses, that information travels through your body along your nervous system and into your brain. Along the way that information gets broken down into thoughts and the good stuff gets absorbed into your brain to provide you with nutrients and information you need to choose a response. That information, the stuff coming in through eyes, ears, nose, mouth, body feelings and perception, can be the difference between survive and death. So your mind, where all data goes for processing, separates the bad stuff the junk like things you fear, hate, worry about, don’t want, potential toxins and things that are dangerous to you from the stuff that is good, you want, like, welcome, recognise as safe, and perceive as pleasure causing. Everything gets processed and your mind decides to react either to welcome it or not. If not, if it’s the bad stuff, you’ll start to get rid of them. 

As an example, when you go to the bathroom, it’s your body’s beautiful natural system for making sure you get the most out of food while easily and efficiently getting rid of the bad stuff. And for the most part, your mind is designed to do the same, pretty well. But here’s the problem. 

Your memory is very long. Amazingly, if you could take it out and look at it, your memories, lets call it your subconscious mind, might have as much banked up data as a Google Hard Drive Farm. It has the same square footage of memory cards, as an entire tennis court. And yet despite being this large, it’s very responsive. 

In fact, the time between pricking your finger, thinking ouch and moving your finger from the pin head is almost unmeasurable. And yet, that response is only one cell in trillions in the brain. It’s the fastest thing that you can imagine. Now, here’s what’s cool about your mind. Even though the connection between your senses and your responses is infinitesimally small,  these cells and their memories are really tough. 

You can think of them like centurions at the grates of your palace. These, automatic responses, are designed to simplify, computerise your reactions to sensory input, even things you read, listen to, hear people say, and automate them to save you the trouble of thinking about everything.

So, most of the time we are thinking, we are not thinking, we are thinking that we are thinking because what sits under our thinking is the auto computer. Instead we are reacting and whatever we react to, we give power to.

So these security guards, the centurions, the auto reactions are brilliant, locking arms, making sure nobody, no feelings, not thoughts, no negativity, no doubts or anything bad can break through your existing beliefs, your expectations and your self-protection. 

And for the most part, for the first 20-30 years, nothing does break through. 

But here’s the bad part. 

We now know there’s one dangerous thing that, not only can break through, it’s actually really good at destroying that self protective wall, that defensive wall. They’re called people and their opinions! Mostly their opinions. And of those “opinions” few have as much impact as those from who you need approval: partner, kids, parents, boss, boss’ boss, bank, neighbours, club members, social network, siblings etc. People you need to to like you in order to feel good about you. 

If you’ve seen my other videos or listened to my podcasts or even had the opportunity to working in person with me, you will have heard me discuss self sufficiency. This is where the need for those opinions to cause you to feel good about you becomes less. You learn the big BCC, balanced, centred and calm.

But this is not where it ends, I have new insights to share now on the impact of mind noise. It’s not what everyone wants to hear. It sends shockwaves through those who for years have been compliant with the “be grateful” community. And that’s why this article is so important.

You see mind noise not only rattles the armour of those security guards we spoke about, our protective defences, but it comes to realisation that throughout your body are tiny little memory cards, SIM cards, created icy certain areas of your mind and planted in muscle tissue throughout your body. 

So your body has a memory just like your mind. And what is astonishing is, these body memory, sim cards, muscle memory, can feed off each other and create a sort of perpetual wind storm of artificial intelligence. You can, when this body memory kicks in, start to think that what you think is right even if it’s not. That artificial intelligence trapped in a feedback loop between your beliefs, your muscle memory and your sensory interpretation of life can create a growing ignorance. 

In another language we can start to get dumber, instead of evolving to be smarter. Those muscle memories are meant to be shrinking along with the expanding of self awareness, reducing our reactivity to people, not increasing it.

David had a twitch in his neck. His shoulders were rounded, sort of a slight “Quasimodo” thing going on. You could see the whites of his eyes below his eyeballs, which is a real turn off and a sign that things weren’t in the right order up in the belfry of his mind. The bats were flying and he was a literal sinking ship with family and work problems mounting. After just 30 days doing my program everything reversed. And given the extreme pain he’d been in up to this time, it wasn’t at all hard to convince him to keep the practices of that 30 day programme alive and disciplined.

One obvious and recognisable consequence of this rogue artificial intelligence, the combination of body memories and brain turmoil is the getting grumpy for people over 45 years old. Young people, in their prime start to become grumpy, short fused, tired and/or depressed. It’s an absolute default fork in the road for the majority of people. Old memories are welded in place, life patterns are fixed, relationships are like an old pair of slippers and it’s just hard to want to change.

Eventually, career fulfilment starts to wain, and that sets people on a path of focussing on relationship or private life to stimulate what work is meant to cause. The wheels fall off the cart either health or family or both. This is the dire outcome of mind noise and I’m here to stop this.

Hypertension is the combination of failed or stuck career fulfilment, merged with rogue artificial intelligence that is stuck in a loop of repetitive habit of thoughts both body and mind and mixed with the push back that comes when a person tries to extract the missing life excitement and joy from the family. If mind noise isn’t stopped, it will certainly result in a broken marriage or stress related illness. 

When an individual starts getting stressed and hypertensive, it’s a sign that the rogue artificial intelligence, like the lunatics taking over the asylum, has taken over the ship. Thinking things are not good, creates a thinking that things are not good, and the loop finds validation in friends and self-talk. Eventually, even decision making and love go rogue.

This rogue intelligence seeks validation, it gets strengthened by weak people. Instead of getting weaker by healthy challenge, it gets strong by seeking collaboration with other weak minds. In other words, the individual whose rogue artificial intelligence has taken over the ship, seeks other ships with the same thinking.

Just watch how easy this rogue seeking rogue thinking is. I was presenting to a group of 130 partners of one of the world’s largest consulting firms for three days on a remote Island. My brief was to challenge their thinking, expand their viewpoint and give them a way to avoid the mind noise that causes 1000’s of their peers to fail with mental and physical health issues.

The contract was once a year for five years to present this three day program to a select group. The previous year had gone off without a hitch, and the company gladly rebooked me for year two. But two things had changed in that time. One was the director of learning had changed and the whole learning model went from nature to nurture. She empowered emotion. The second thing that had changed was the element of surprise was lost.

The previous year, nobody knew until they arrived what “Walker” was going to present and therefore they had a 100% open minded approach. There was no pre-emptive material delivered and they only knew the topic. This year, word had spread about what “Walker” shares. A group formed prior to the retreat to oppose the shift in thinking I deliver. They were a particular religiously motivated group whose base is in “Salt Lake City” 

The attack on me was pre-empted and pre-planned. After only 5 minutes of the 3 day retreat I was put to the sword. “How could there be a benefit to everything, how could there be a good side to sin? My sister has depression are you saying that she’s lucky? That’s ridiculous!!!! I’ve seen her cut her own wrists twice.” My response was, in retrospect, a little full-on, but I’d do it again. “You’ve listened for 5 minutes, ask me this at the end of the three days and that’s when we will be able to discuss it.”  

I can’t begin to tell you the dilemma a coach, mentor or educator faces when an audience is given the power not to feel uncomfortable. There is no exploration, no healthy debate, no open mind, no possibility to deliver the goods, the only thing this group wanted to hear was what they already knew. Mind noise… Rogue artificial intelligence supported by other weak minds.

Instead of the beliefs that were meant to die off to allow the individual to expand their reach and enjoy life more, the rogue artificial intelligence security team gets stronger and more violently opposed to information that might contradict what they stand for or are fighting against. The result is a battle within.


Another famous type of mind noise is worry. You may have heard of it? But that’s just one type. There’s actually many found in various different areas of life. If you drag worry from one area of life and bring it into another, it’s called pig, poo boots. Like walking through pig poo and then walking through your new shag pile while carpet with those shoes on. It makes everything stink.

Many people have been told this is healthy. Bringing home your career worries and talking to your partner about it. But in my opinion this kills great romance opportunities. Talking through stuff about work is anything but healthy because your subconscious doesn’t need to get permission to do something what it needs is the lack of mind noise in order to be heard. Seeking advice from a spouse, quite often builds mind noise, rather than quietens it.

You see exploring what other people think is important. We need diversity of outlooks and opinions, but worrying and stressing about what other people think is not good. We have become sensitive because we have lost touch.

The ambition to understand what other people think and what they think about us, was introduced to Western civilisation during the industrial revolution when people needed to know how to flog more things to more people cheaper. By discovering that we could make things cheaper if we made allot of them we had to create an appetite for what we made allot of. Hence, commercial sales and growth led to most advances in exploring human consciousness, not illness.

By knowing what other’s think, we found the best way to cause people to want what we’ve got, and to provide things that satisfy a human want or need. Then it extended to the idea of how to impress people so they wanted not only your product, but you. We personalised the commercialised product. What was claimed was that the big difference between production made products was the personality and character of the business owner or sales person.

Of course, we had no idea way back then that we were packing worry and stress, parking the human intuition and causing people to be more emotionally gratified. Nor did we recognise the impact that this could have on human behaviour. Our mind, which is hard wired to find the right tone of life, even if it was a hard grind in a coal mine, had never been exposed to these foreign ideas before. In the case of impulse buying and cheap satisfaction, humans have been eating for pleasure since farming began about 10,000 years ago, but even then, patience and respect were essential ingredients to make things grow. 

Most societies historically remove the dark wheat husk and instead eat white bread, which is not a coincidence because it’s in the dark husk the gut destroying indigestible elements of wheat are contained. However, since about 1950, the sale of whole wheat health foods have skyrocketed in our society, as well as other indigestible, normally removed, ingredients of foods.  All in the name of health.

Do you know what else has happened since 1950? The obesity rate has more than tripled, the diabetes rate has skyrocketed 800% and astounding 70% of Americans are now considered overweight or obese. 

As an environmental engineer, an ecologist specialising in biophilia, I simply couldn’t get my mind around how could Americans (an the rest of the world including Australia) with the best medical technology in the world, the richest economies, gyms and yoga schools on every corner and an abundance of health foods on every grocery store aisle be this sick and getting worse every year. 

Well believe me, there is an answer. 

There is a way to  restore your energy and fix the nagging mental and physical health problems that can be robbing you of your joy, a way to look and feel fantastic the way you should and it all starts with eliminating mind noise.

You see the nasty emotions, poisons, hidden in advertising, news and everyday thinking, convincing you to buy healthy when it’s not, are experts at breaking the interlocked arms of those Secret Service cells in your mind. And when they break those cells protecting your mind, they don’t just bust through your defences, they leave a hole in your story, meaning other bad stuff can now get through. In short is what we call mind noise, making holes in your thinking process, blocking your intuition, ripping holes in your story, destroying your self belief and more. 

And I wish I could say that that’s where it ends. But actually, it’s only the beginning of the problem. You see, once you’ve got mind noise other bad thoughts can storm through your weakened mindset too and the worst of these bad guys are what we call the dark emotions. Low emotions, dark thoughts go beyond mind noise, they are thunder storms in your head.

Also known as dark clouds, these thoughts are little pieces of poison that impact your behaviour more than anything else. This is going to sound gross, but you need to hear this. They’re actually microscopic toxins that cause damage to your entire being, especially your immune system. 

These dark clouds, thunder storm feelings are hate, anger, fear, jealousy, guilt, envy and shame. They arise from protracted mind noise. They are ever present in your mind, and the Secret Service agents and your belief systems are supposed to keep them out. But once you’ve got excessive mind noise these dark emotions see the hole and barge through and when they do watch out these are like a fire storm across your entire thinking, and your body, and they attack, take over like an invading horde. 

If these emotions get into your joints, they can cause aches and pain. If they get into your skin they can cause itchiness, redness, acne and rashes. If they get into your upper GI tract that can cause heartburn and indigestion. If they get into your blood, they can even cause septic shock. If they get into your heart tissues they can cause the kind of deadly health issues we spend our entire life trying to prevent, including depression, divorce, arguments and disappointments at work. 

And do you know the worst part, damage to your brain? 

All these terrible things are perceived as attacks on your good self, the same as if you have a virus. So your brain goes on high alert to threat level ready to stop these attacks, sending healing cells to fix the problem. What you can do for a while, but your brain just can’t stay on high threat level read all day, every day. Pretty soon, the cells that protect your brain from confusion and permanent damage start to wear down. And when these cells in your brain are strained too hard, they actually cause your brain cells to die and I probably don’t have to tell you what happens when brain cells start to die. 

Headaches, brain fog, losing your mental sharpness are just the first signs of the damage mind noise leads to through these dark emotions.

But if these toxic emotions are left to rampage through your body for months or even years, because the mind noise is too loud to prevent them, the damage can be far far worse. If the thought of these mental and emotional health issues keep you up at night, believe me. I’m right there with you. 

So you can see why I now say mind noise isn’t just some small issue that causes mental and emotional discomfort. It may actually be a root cause of many many of the issues that plague us both physical and mental. And it all comes down to these evil vicious dark emotions sneaking through your ego and wreaking havoc on your entire body. 

This is the shocking breakthrough that first made me realise my career was about to take a major turn. And once I realised what was really causing the problems I was seeing in so many people I was speaking to about life and balance and good, heart driven business, I had a new mission in life, not to continue performing culture transformations and big audience keynotes, which is very important work, but really just a soft touch and an extremely painful and expensive option at that. 

No, I realised I could do the most good as an environmental engineer if I could help people before they got to that point by tackling their health problems where they start, in the mind. That’s why I left professional speaking and my two thriving Culture Change business’ and founded Innerwealth Technologies. in New York City. 

I took to coaching people that couldn’t find the path to their unexplained personal and business ambitions, anywhere else. Many of them were almost out of hope, but I took them. And together we began changing lives based on my new application of an old awareness that when you separate people from nature many of these issues originate in the mind, and therefore we must fight them at their source, mind noise. 

I began to see incredible changes in people suffering from excessive mind noise. Elena J was 37 years old and had suffered from severe emotional turbulence most of her adult life. She also experienced constant belly aches, weakness and fatigue and had a low self-image. A coaching session revealed she had so much turbulence in her head that she could hardly sit still let alone concentrate on something without emotions taking over her thinking. 

After starting my program her head spin vanished almost immediately iand her stomach stopped hurting. When she had her business review the next year the damage she’d done to her reputation had been completely 100% reversed. When Elena J first came to me she could barely make a complete sentence without second guessing herself, and in that sentence she’d shift her body position at least twice if not more let alone talk without her self talk putting her entire nervous system into pain. 

After trying my simple program the confidence came back, the achy joints and belly flare ups were gone. Not in years or months. But in a matter of weeks. 

Perhaps the biggest changes people recognise with my work on mind noise are with relationships. My most famous success story is with someone you will know as a world famous singer and songwriter. No names here but cocaine and alcohol dependency all fuelled the mind noise spinning in this head 24/7. Pills to wake, pills to sleep, uppers and downers. But when a legend speaks you listen. And so this person had tried everything, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, buddhism, and plenty of medications. Nothing helped them lose the anger driving the behaviour. 

Until the 30 day program where they learnt to think different. At the core of all trouble in life as well as addiction is a thinking process. And unless we shift how we think, those memory cards in the body and mind keep repeating cycles of highs and lows. Rogue artificial intelligence just takes a break for a few weeks of highly focussed new behaviour before recalibrating to bring back the old ways.

This story is just one of 1000s of people who have now adopted my “Back on Track” program with astounding success. Finally achieving the inspiration, intuition, energy and health that eluded them for so long. This includes people of all occupation types from people trying to make a large amount of money to those wanting to get their personal love life under control to folks who are just having trouble getting to sleep at night. 

Soon I had so many people coming to me for help that I started training consultants and taking people up into the Himalayas to teach the advanced studies in mental powers. And what exactly was I doing to restore these people’s thinking? Well, here’s the basics. 

They simply stopped compartmentalising life and using all the books and low hanging fruit techniques on YouTube and social media that had failed and instead respected the true nature of holistic self awareness. Total Human Awareness relies on a natural proven systems that help the mind function the way it is meant to – without mind noise. In essence, they topped thinking thoughts that cause disruption in their mind, causing mind noise and body mind upheaval. 

You see, as the world has gotten faster, more and more people have invented bandages and quick fixes for the challenges of life. To do so, they have had to compartmentalise life into isolated zones of repair: Fix the mind, fix the body, fix the job, fix the relationship, fix the emotion. The more fragmented the solution the more stupid it becomes. Until, we have companies that measure culture in an organisation using 360 degree feedback to guage performance. A notion so stupid that people can’t even think for themselves. 

For the most part there are many new variables in life that our ancestors never experienced, like fast foods, fast internet, television, fast electric cars, planes, trains and mobile phones. Each new step creates a plethora of solutions to solve the problems they cause. Just google “kids on iPad” and see how many business’ have sprung up to treat a problem that isn’t a problem. They sell Panadol for an issue and leave the problem festering.

 Compartmentalisation works in a hospital with specialised surgeons but in life, specialisation leads to extinction.

So, there’s more and more noise in our heads: cars, Netflix, people, music, iPods, earbuds, dogs, phones and the ambience of urban life and the solutions are becoming more and more fragmented, tiny, bandaids. Almost like G-string bikini in Bondi, getting smaller and smaller and covering less for more money. 

Meditation, as it is taught in the west, eyes closed, hoping to hide from the noise and voices of life, for example is ridiculous. It’s a bandaid and not too many healthy people would practice it without recognising the damage it can cause.

The noise that our brain is experiencing is so multi-dimensional plus the hum that urban life doesn’t even recognise is filling our heads. Younger people are having more and more options to deal with the noise even vapes and drugs. The list of pop-up cures grows but so too do the underlying problems. Mind noise is increasing and it’s a losing fight for those of you wanting a good, long, successful, joyful and loving life.

It’s not until you sit in the Himalayas and hear a monk on a huge trumpet send a single note 30km down the valley do you remember what silence really sounds like. 

Amazingly, we combat noise with noise. Many new noises, like podcasts and interviews and adverts and music and tv are offered as solutions to mind noise. Noise as a solution to noise and touted as healthy when in fact they’re actually making you weaker, causing more emotion and havoc inside your mind. 

In the 30 day program I also have people stop taking onboard aggressive podcasts, righteous conversations and trivial ad filled television. It’s a fact of life that a television can be a magnificent centralising force in a home where everybody is spinning with mind noise, but, due to the noise of adverts and the abysmal quality of Television shows, this form of centralisation can send people nuts. And television companies play on this, even though there are laws against increasing the volume of advertising over the show that’s being watched, tv ads increase the density of the sound to make it more intrusive. More mind noise to get past the mind noise.

Food and the stomach also play a part in mind noise. People who consume sugars, alcohol, caffeine and painkillers, and all those over the counter anti inflammatory medications are putting bandaids on mind noise. These things might help out for an hour or two, but they also make those holes in your mental defences lead to even worse symptoms of fatigue, mind fog, anger,  indigestion, constipation, headaches, body aches, and the other symptoms of mind noise. The consequences are incredible and yet, the cause remains untouched.

I saw the exact effects this 30 day Back on Track program had on people because I personal coach people through the 30 days, every day. I test every single person for 12 separate markers of mind noise activation, essentially to see if those toxic thoughts were still putting their mind-body systems on high alert. Their body demonstrated the power of the program in reducing significantly mind noise and it’s side effects.

Do not be shocked that your business doesn’t give you this test. Don’t be upset with them, their interest is your productivity at work, no matter what they say. They are bound to it and for the most part, compartmentalising your mental and physical wellbeing is to their self fulfilling benefit. I’m one of only a handful of people in the world who understand the wholistic nature of the mind-body connection. And thanks to a lifetime of experience I refuse to compartmentalise human development at work and leave the mind noise to go home and ruin a family.

One business woman Susanne was suffering from fatigue, depression and joint aches all over her body. She also had terrible digestive discomfort and bloating. She’d been everywhere and no one could help. Of course, as you can probably tell by now she had all the signs of head spin, mind noise disrupting her entire life. Mind noise out of control. 

Over 30 days I weaned her off harmful over the counter quick fixes and self-administered self diagnosis and blame, victimhood, and gave her in its place a healthful mindset that reduced mind noise to add to her day. She quickly changed the real cause of her problems: her mind noise. Along with everything her mild depression repaired and she detoxed her body. Her nerves especially those in her joints stopped screaming for help because the high alert, inflammation, was over. She got back to being the healthy, happy, beautiful person she always knew she could be. 

Well, after years of helping 1000s of people just like Susanne, I knew I was ready to present my findings to the world. In May of 2012, I presented the results of my multi year study on the effect of repairing mind noise on the health and happiness of all walks of people. The book launched and people were stunned. 

In a sample group, the 30 challenge simple changes in reducing mind noise created a 72% decrease in dysfunctional stress, measured both as HRV, (heart rate variability)  and, by personal observation by the client. People were amazed at the massive improvement in inner strength. Not only that, but I saw the markers for mind body health improve in 100%. of the participants. Yes, you heard that right, every single person who did the 30 day challenge, experienced a massive health boost.

Well, I can tell you after years of trying to get the attention of the corporate community on the true causes of so many mind body health problems, it was fantastic to finally be spreading the word. Innerwealth: Putting the Heart and Soul Back into Work and Life launched in 2003. 

I’ve since been invited to speak at virtually 1000’s of events in the world. In fact, I was in Canberra and Sydney speaking to Government officials about it. Now, I mean no offence to Corporate Hr or Government politicians, but you would be amazed at how a roomful of smart people can actually be so misinformed. 

You see at these events, I am reduced to yet another voice, discussing the fragnemted approach to personal self leadership. It’s a very serious topic, mind-body, brain health, but speakers at corporate training events are regurgitating information being paid to tell people what they want to hear.

I attempted to be different. To speak about holistic self awareness, about mind-body balance and self-leadership from a total human awareness viewpoint. But there was push back. Religious people jumped on the bandwagon, “how could there be balanced thinking?” Nothing I could say would convince them. To those who are ready no words are needed, to those what are not ready no words are possible.

Sadly, pharmaceuticals are masking the deeper problem of mind noise, nearly 35% of Canadian white collar workers were taking some form of antidepressants. Pharma, hoping to develop and protect, what is a multi billion dollar industry, skirted the truth.

I knew I had to do something to reach more people, not just the 1000s of people I’d seen in my practice, but 10s of 1000s, perhaps even millions, every man, woman and child who was suffering from fatigue, mind spin, brain fog, deterioration of mental focus and digestive issues and had no idea why. Helping people get relief from frustration, confusion, doubt, anger, emotional overwhelm, worry, anxiety, regret, reactive living, self hate, sadness, grief, fear, guilt and self-criticism, fatigue, digestive discomfort and body pains. 


So four years ago, I began working on a new mission. Was there a way we could improve / reduce mind noise and help the body mind fix all these spinouts with a process that could be done before work? I knew if we shortened the process, it could mean relief for 1000s maybe millions of people worldwide. It could mean people being able to go out and socialise again without worrying about insecurity and soul destroying uncertainty. 

It can mean helping people shed unhealthy ways and start loving work, preventing stress before it happens, changing the way your body feels, not trying to hide it from the world. And it can mean finally tackling mind noise and all the painful joy robbing symptoms associated with it.

The process had to be able to deal with every mind numbing, fog causing outcome of mind noise. Uncertainty, confusion, fatigue, anger, doubt, worry, anxiety, regret, frustration, overwhelm, reaction, self-hate, judgement, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, fear, guilt, self criticism, loss and more. 

What was critical was to deal with the cause rather than each of these individual fragments, the effects. Hence we needed a one stop shop for all these mind spinning, mind noises. 

Secondly, and I think most importantly, we needed to demonstrate that each of these can be done in nature and is a part of nature. That they are not the result of something someone has invented in the last 20 to 50 years but are as organic and natural as nature itself. 

The process needed to undo the idea that bad things happen to bad people for something they’d done wrong, karma, or some form of righteous punishment inflicted on a person for “doing bad.” So, we needed to demonstrate that all mind noises have a benefit, are there for a purpose and are sign posts to improvement rather than evidence of the opposite.

Last but not least, it was critical to demonstrate the difference between fixing a problem and eliminating it. This was a key piece. You see, all those mind spinning, fog causing, health corrupting, relationship ending thoughts mentioned above, do not go away. If you eliminate them all and then stop doing the practice, they return, boom. The practice needs to be a daily habit, not a bandaid.

So the three:

  1. One stop shop. One process to fix all mind noise, focus on cause.
  2. Appreciate that all problems (mind noises) have a benefit and find it.
  3. Respect that eliminating mind noise is a process, not an outcome.

So it works like this walker Chi is a one hour process that you do primarily in the morning if you can but throughout the day as well. It involves seven diverse but powerful steps in creating a mind that is clear of mind noise. You must acknowledge in this process that the exercise and physiological component as well as diet and other aspects of life are critically important. So I will give you a short summary here of exactly what the powerful steps are that create this mind and life changing process in one hour per day.

Let’s begin when you wake in the morning when, with your eyes slightly closed, you reach over to your dressing table and you grab a notepad and pencil that has been placed there the night before and you start writing your self talk affirmations. Your mind is not yet fully awake and therefore you have an opportunity to engage and alter, between conscious and subconscious mind, the self talk that has been permanently and irrevocably anchored into your every day life. This window into your soul is powerful and should not be wasted by talking or seeking out digital devices. It’s often necessary to get up out of bed and walk to the bathroom and grab a glass of water or even a coffee but most importantly you need to remain partially asleep and not conversed with anybody. Your first thoughts for the day must be the self talk process in your pad.

The second step is to step to the open air. Now some people will complain that they live in the snow, some will complain they live in high-rise buildings and it’s hard to get to the open air but I say if you cannot get to the open air early in the morning you have a serious problem far greater than Walkachi. As you step towards the open air you open your arms and embrace life fully and allow the energy of the universe to flow into your body with the usual Walkachi chant of “the energy of the universe flows through me.”

Third step of the process is micro observation of nature to witness the tiniest smallest and most beautiful fragment of nature. This can happen on your morning stroll with a cup of coffee in hand and maybe even your mobile phone as a camera. I always encourage people to set up an Instagram account and make it public and simply put photographs taken in the early morning without any explanation and allow people you know to observe them and celebrate your witnessing. This is the single most powerful exercise in total human gratitude that can be found. It is life changing in itself. Our human connection to the micro of nature is ancient, primal and real. Way beyond any book on the subject and, it’s body memory deep so it impacts that SIM Micro Chip memories implanted by your mind in your body over a lifetime.

The fourth step is exercise itself. I advocate especially for people who want to remain in youthful cardiovascular fitness to undertake a HIT program which should last for no more than 3 to 5 minutes a day maybe four days a week. This HIT program needs to be designed using a heart rate monitor or watch and something along the lines of an exercise bike. (I use a road bike on a turbo) HIT very rarely works using anything else but a standing device. Remember to warm up. And yes, there are other devices that can be used to make this functional but the key will be hitting your MHR during the 30 seconds on fire.

The fifth step is the helicopter process. Observation of a dream board and the recognition of the big picture of life and how today will be a part of the manifestation of the big picture. In this we use the process of deny affirm visualise. That practice alone can transform my noise because all my noise is sourced from concerned about the future and the uncertainty of the future which can impact be eliminated by creating this holistic and 360° of life dream board.

The sixth step is the Lucky Fkr. A discard form. Many people use the emotional shower as a format for this process and that too is great. It should not be underestimated that what is gained from doing the emotional shower and/or the discard form on a daily basis for 10 to 15 minutes is to recognise that the process of thinking with emotion cannot not pass through the filter of the form. The form grounds us, the form brings us to reality, the form moves us through emotion, the form stops us becoming righteous and the form stops any form of fog entering the brain from either a poor start to the day or from emotional baggage being carried into or out of the house.

Finally, the Link it or Sink it process. Every single moment of the day can be a meditation, a mobile meditation, if we can link what we are doing whenever we are doing it and whatever’s transpiring at the time to our purpose or to a bigger picture of life. The Link it or Sink it process involves both prioritisation and linking of job tasks and duties to make them loveable. When we say do what you love and love what you do we are not joking. What we are saying is whatever it is you are doing you can learn how to love it even if it’s not what you like. This power turns the mind noise off, turns from resentment, negative, difficult wish you didn’t hold this space into an inspired place of doing what you love and loving what you do and being paid extraordinary amounts of money for doing it.

Total the total time it takes for me to do this process in my life is about 30 minutes but it may take longer to start. The process of establishing the routine can take even longer it can take weeks or even months to get used to the idea that seven powerful steps a day can transform us from being a victim and being filled with mind noise and the subsequent spin that comes from it to a person with extreme confidence who has the perception that they are perceived by others as a strong powerful individual. Ultimately what we are doing is separating ourselves from the spin of the world and being able to be a powerful leader and a powerful friend and a powerful lover and a powerful member of our family without being aggressive, filled with anger, pain, adrenaline or hate.

Surrounding the Walkachi process are some helpful habits or conditions which are healthy to follow but not essential. Things like reduction in alcohol consumption, calorific balance in food consumption and exercise, the hourly stand and reboot and many more smaller and more habitual low hanging fruit that can make or break us if we don’t keep a watch for eye on them. 

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