With the digital world leading us into the future, opportunities for success have never been so abundant. Yet, hand in hand with this amazing potential, and sitting underneath it, are personal catastrophes mounting in frequency everyday. I fight those catastrophe’s head on by helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives stay connected to the power and spirit of nature.

If we lose contact with the earth our decisions become stupid, our logic becomes harsh and our hearts struggle to understand the WHY behind the HOW.

Once, people were automatically connected to the earth. They remained wise and humble and thankful for the gifts of even one more breath, but we lost it. And that’s good an bad. We got the digital age, but we lost the humanity and happiness that comes from simplicity.

I take executives to the bush. Strip off the façade and let them find those old roots. People are different in nature: more creative, more inspired, more generous and less fragile. In Nepal, after a few days, people are completely new.

But we can’t always run to the bush. So, I help bring the bush to the city. To help people work and live in harmony with nature. That’s smart. Then, even when we surf the web, we can have one foot in the real surf (nature) and one in the virtual surf (web).

Now we need something new, don’t you agree?  

I mean, it’s obvious that depression, divorce, mayhem, suicide and blood pressure problems are all sky-rocketing. We’ve imported all the Eastern Arts, Westernised them and now we can’t tell the difference between Yoga and Exercise. 

Harmony with nature is a new alternative to Eastern arts and a vastly welcome change from religious separations and addictions.

Nature works, because it focusses at the cause and the cause is, loss of reality. Too many people living addicted to remedies for stress instead of chopping it off, or at least dealing with it, before it starts.

It reminds me of the man who spends his whole life painting a house. By the time he finishes painting, he notices that the paint peeled back where he started. So, he starts painting again.

One day a passer by asked, “Why don’t you move to a new house. It’s easier than painting.” The old guy replied, “I will, just as soon as I finish painting it.”

Too many people are living life like that. As soon as this, this and this happen, I’ll be ready to do, that, that and that. So in the meantime stress kills their family life, their work life and their health.

Why wait. Only 1% of people die of old age. The rest are slow suicides living lifestyles that just aren’t healthy. Passing stress onto their children as if that is a great gift.

It’s not rocket science but the results are. Just a few hours tapping nature, reconnecting to our real roots, getting past the intellect, ambitions and emotions can revolutionise a life, and therefore a world.

The key is that we don’t have to become tree hippies or green people to do it. We can bring nature to the boardroom, the bedroom and the head room. All people need is an understanding of the difference between their ego and reality. Once we know which is which, we can know when we’re playing and when we’re being real.

Reality is life.

Playing is the theatre of life.

Good living is a mix of the two

But good decisions are never made in theatre.

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