Improve Your World with Innerwealth

You can really boost the quality of your relationships by adding Innerwealth to your lifestyle.


  • Improves your intuition
  • Relaxes you
  • Gives you more sexual energy
  • Makes you more caring
  • Helps you have more compassion for your partner
  • Gives you incredible strength when times are tough
  • Creates a powerful cocoon in which to celebrate your love

There are many outcomes we can achieve from Innerwealth practices, but in my experience, the main one is the benefit to our relationships.

Innerwealth should not isolate us from the world, rather it is a technique to open us up to it.

Other benefits are certainly worth while. Such as peace of mind, youthfulness, happiness and confidence. Ultimately, innerwealth is a way of being real in a turbulent world.

There is a huge difference between religion and Innerwealth. Innerwealth is a philosophy, it can be measured in the moment, right here and now and uses a more self-accountable language.

I’d encourage you to add Innerwealth practices to your lifestyle regime because self-determination taps the resources you have been blessed with from birth. Your talents, gifts, skills, higher purpose and capacities to celebrate life, right here and now. What it shapes is your perspective on the world around you and ultimately, where you direct your energies.

As a business person this can help in creating success, as an individual it can help in personal calm and healing. In relationship, it seems to have the extraordinary result of creating deeper and more intimate love.

I recommend to all my clients who seek self improvement, who want better relationships, business and happiness to add Innerwealth to their lifestyle. The results are truly amazing. Here!s a few hints for beginners;

  • 1/ Be alone with your happy thoughts for a while each day
  • 2/ Practice being dead still for a few moments each morning and night
  • 3/ Learn natures perspective on the emotions of life, so you can see more beauty and balance in the world.
  • 4/ Create an exercise program that makes you breathe very deep and mindfully for 20 minutes a day.
  • 5/ Light a candle or some ritual each day as a thank you for your life.
  • 6/ Develop a sense of compassion for others without becoming a door mat for them.
  • 7/ Commit yourself to self expression through a creative study that taps your deeper talents like; painting, sculpting, photography, art, singing, playing an instrument, writing poetry, acting, dancing. Do this one thing with love and passion. Learn how to sustain the disciplines of the study of that art. Master this one thing, and you will master life.
  • Learn how to invest yourself in an art without becoming self critical, with a sense of creative freedom combined with discipline and structure. Follow this art in all aspects of your life. Eventually celebrate the investment by sharing your works with others. Learn through this, the art of detachment. In other words do your art with all your heart then give it away without expectation of reward or appreciation. This is the shortest path to inner awareness in your life.

Innerwealth is a wonderful investment in the quality of your life, in particular your relationships. A lifestyle practice that can easily fit into the routine of family, business and healthy life.

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