To sit alone in doubt is hell.

To resolve doubt sitting alone is impossible.

The self-talk that causes doubt will feed itself.

Poor self-talk causes doubt.

A doubting mind will remain a doubting mind no matter what intellectual knowledge is provided to it, the answers to the questions are really irrelevant.

If you are given one answer and you have a doubting mind, you will doubt the answer. If you get another answer, and you have a doubting mind you will doubt that answer also.

If you have a doubting mind, then a doubting mind means you will put a question mark on everything. To anything and everything that is presented to you, including love.

So answers are really useless to solving doubt.

If a doubting mind asks me why does the universe exist, and if I tell them, then they are bound to ask why, or how did you know, or who created that which created the creator of the universe. They will doubt all answers.

After everything a life of searching for answers the doubtful person will come to see that they were not seeking answers, they were full of answers, they were seeking to be away from doubt. So the real problem is not how to answer the questions. The real problem is how to change the doubting mind, how to create a mind which is not doubting — or, which is trustful.

So there are several reasons people ask questions.

The first may be that they want a confirmation. In other words they already know the answer, they already have the answer, they just wanted to be confirmed that their answer is right. Then the question is false; it is not question really at all. They may be just asking a question not because they are ready to each change, or adjust what they think, or transform who they are, but just as a curiosity.

But, after all this pretence at questioning, and searching, the mind goes on questioning. So it is not satisfied and then there is more suffering, more learning. That is the very nature of the mind, to question, so it goes on questioning no matter how much it is fed. It doesn’t matter what you are questioning, with anything given to the mind, it will create a question. It is a machine to grind out, invent, to create questions. So give it anything and it will cut it into pieces and create many more questions. One question answered, and the mind will create many questions from that answer. This has been the whole history of philosophy.

There are many stories of philosophers who were as children very inquisitive. They set out on a path to answer the many questions of life, and then on their deathbed they will say, “the more I know, the more I know I don’t know”.

The doubting mind is the real problem not the questions. We are really searching for a way to clear our doubts. Answers will not fulfill the need. Our needs are to clear our doubts.

But how can doubts be cleared? Is there any answer, is the anything that will clear doubt? The mind is doubt, it is not that the mind doubts things, the mind itself is doubt. Unless the mind dissolves, let’s go, releases, doubts cannot be cleared. So the mind becomes the gateway to where there is no doubt.

So we teach not answers, nor dogma, nor solutions, we teach techniques.

These techniques are complete and lead to experience and experience is the only mechanism that can eliminate doubt.

You can hypothesize, study philosophy, attach yourself to dogma and religion, but doubt will always exist until there is an experience beyond all of these intellectual pursuits.

When you awaken to your non ego self, you find to your surprise that you are empty. You find to your surprise there is pure space. You are what is in your image of life and if you look closely you won’t find anything tangible. You find nothing, except feeling, an intent, a caring, the centre of everything, light, soul, universe. Nothing.

Love is the glue that binds all things.

Living from your center is about the bringing of nobility into the world. It reminds you of what already exists inside of you. Nobility is awakened – it is what exists before we go to work, make a success or find a relationship. It affects how we treat others and ourselves, and how we act in the world. It is really nothing in particular – it just means no tension and not reacting to anything that happens.

The ego, your mind, is doubt. It doubts everything. So the experience of nothingness, contentment or consciousness means getting out of your head. Simply out of your mind twice a day.

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