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Every person in the world should train themselves to depend on the visualisation as much as possible. It can make you a power in your day, if not in the world. It can work out your destiny. By having mastery of it, you can become an architect of your own life on earth, you will learn self-reliance. This visualisation awareness will keep you wholly within the bounds of right dealings with all others, and then you will be able to show a generosity with the things that self-awareness has accumulated.

Through visualisation awareness you will begin to perceive the true significance of environment, whether it is of the past or of the present, that is, perceive the true impact of continually changing circumstances; and in the perception of that which is impacting your environment, there is immunity from it. You will rise above conflict, influence and reaction. That is great leadership.

In that acute awareness of circumstances surrounding you, you will discern the true significance of environment, you and it will become immune from it unless you choose not to be. In that clarity of thought there is no deception, no insecurity, no withholding, and no limitation because your visualisation is your guiding light through environment.

When action is born of visualisation, which is even beyond insight, when action is itself is following a visualised path, then you do not seek or be distracted by that which is irrelevant. There is a completeness, a sufficiency, a richness and the realization of the universal viewpoint applied to everyday life, this is yours. And that completeness, that insight prevents delusion. You simply see the beauty of what is, as it is, and then live moving forward as if there is a river and that river has a flow and you stop fearing life. You find beauty in every circumstance.

You visualise by moving your eyes toward the back of your head. When your eyes come to the front of your head they are in attention, hard, focussed, intense, but when your eyes soften toward the back of your head, they are in awareness. One is hard one is soft. One creates tension the other releases it. First try it in selected periods. For one hour just be attentive to your breathing. By and by you will be able to change your forward hard eyes into back, soft and peripheral eyes, you move attention into awareness.

Then do some simple things for example. While walking; walk attentively with full awareness of walking and also of breathing. Hard eye attention would be to focus on just one thing, while soft eye awareness is to be able to include that focus plus be aware of many things. We call this seeing. Look with peripheral vision. Do not create any opposition between the actions of walking, seeing and breathing. Be a watcher of all three. It is not difficult.

When you have mastered awareness over attention, these exercises help to be a better and more frequent visualisation master. Sit listening to this audio robot, close your eyes then focused both of your eyes just in the middle of the two eyebrows. Focus just in the middle, with closed eyes, as if you are looking with your two eyes from within your head at your joint between your eyebrows. Give total attention to it.


Now this is an amazing awakening when finally you becoming aware of your environment through soft eye looking – you realise a contact with a force in your centre of imagination. There will develop a blur between reality and your imagination, affirmation and visualisation. Now this throws a whole new light on thinking. It separates lower minded limited thinking which is emotionally vulnerable and conditioned by your subconscious mind from your higher minded thinking that is dictating a script to manifest to your subliminal or universal mind.

Hard eye thinking is obvious. If your thoughts are toxic, fearful, angry and you cannot see beauty. By focus on soft eye seeing, visualisation and awareness you become aware of the beauty in everyday life, you feel it, it is all around you. This is the key. You are not running away to camping grounds or running to a park to see nature. You become it.

When seeing with soft eyes, you feel the heat in your body, the warmth, that’s the clue. If you are cold within, always feeling chilled you have lost the inner glow, the warmth of awareness and soft eye seeing, hard eye seeing has come back, your finite mind and subconscious mind has taken control, and your life-force has escaped. Then you need to turn the world inside yourself by visualisation and find the soft eyes again and feel the life-force, then inner warmth will come and you will again feel the inner strength return.

Now with the visualisation awareness you become aware of the contentment of things, pictures, thoughts, people. This is why in the ancient practices purity, not moral purity but physical purity of the body was so important. They were concerned with the vibration, the health of all matter that surrounded them, including food. (see later chapters about this) Because if you awaken the center of imagination then if there is impurity it becomes very dangerous. Dangerous to you and dangerous to others.

The Buddha said “now that you are centered in the visualisation: dream and reality are one. Whatsoever you are visualising will be real, and vice versa” when you are focused on the visualisation, just imagine that the essence of life-force is showering from the top of your head, just as if you are standing in a wonderful warm shower, or sitting under a tree and the flowers are showering on you, or you are just standing under the morning the sky and the sun is showering you with love and energy.

Use WALKACHI in the morning as the sun rises and the rays begin to shower you to create the experience and then you can easily visualise and affirm this anytime you choose. “THE UNIVERSAL FORCES FLOW THROUGH ME”.

Visualisation, Imagination of the WALKACHI exercise, means immediately there is a powerful shower — a shower of energy giving love and light falling down from the top of your head. A shower that recreates your energy, you, and, gives you new life for a new day. You are reborn. Nothing can stop you. This is INSPIRED THINKING at its core.

Visualisation is inner listening.

Chris “ANTI GURU GURU” Walker

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