What you think depends on the viewpoint from which you think. If you select the right viewpoint you’ll see order in every chaos and this will transform your life. You’ll become a leader and not a follower. Instead of looking for balance you are balanced.

Your viewpoint, as a person, determines your destiny.

Viewpoint means: from which perspective you look at things.

If you lived on an anthill and never looked beyond it, then you would be a citizen of that anthill. You’d be running around the anthill worrying about premature ejaculation and getting all bent out of shape because the kids watched too much screen time because some idiot in the anthill, with the viewpoint of a bread crumb told you it was bad. Or you’d be stressed about failing some trivial exam question. And, you’d have expectations of your 15 year old boyfriend or girlfriend that they stay with you for life and therefore get overwhelmingly depressed when they don’t. All this anthill viewpoint would spoil the whole opportunity to find a morsel of love in your life.

From that anthill perspective, you wouldn’t dare look outside of that anthill view, at the fields around you, because an even broader fear would arise in you. Not only then would you struggle to understand that tiny fragment of reality which is your body and it’s needs, but you’d have to look at the stuff going on around you. You might scream, “how the hell do I live in that great big world big world, and scurry back down the ant hole. You’d pull your head back into the anthill and mind your own business, or at least try.

We laugh if we learnt that most ants live for just a few days and during those very short few days wasted most of their time worrying about what they can’t change. You’d roll about on the floor if you found out that the ant added to the time spent worrying about what they can’t change, more time doing therapy to enable them to worry more about what they can’t change. Now as you scream with laughter Billy Connolly does a TV show about ant’s getting sick in the only two days of their life because the worry and the therapy made them die early from sickness.

If only you could tell that ant to enjoy life because in relative terms it’s very very short. But the ant would probably tell you to F off. They love being right those little ants.

We can learn from this story.

What fills your mind, day and night, is a matter of choice. And that choice is caused by your perspective.

What worries you, what causes your stress and therefore what maintains tension in your life is a matter of choice, your perspective. I watched 3500 people die in NYC when the WTC was attacked and because I know mind control and because people needed my help, my viewpoint, my perspective, my choice in how I observed and digested the experience as I watched it unfold was not the same as others.

What fills the mind of a leader as she/he goes to sleep, cannot be the same issues that fill the mind of a poverty stricken vagrant on the streets of India. They both choose a different viewpoint. Their consciousness.

Choosing your lifespan perspective is vital. You do not have to see things the way others do. You do not have to have a religion, a philosophy or addiction you are bound to. But you do have to have some viewpoint. And that’s why I suggest “Inspired Thinking.” It’s a viewpoint. Personally, after looking through the lens of thousands of viewpoints this is the one that can build incredible success while maintaining a great quality of life. The Inspired Living, living inspired, thinking inspired, viewpoint.

It is essential to avoid or deny thoughts on matters that you can do nothing about. Or trying to fix the inevitable. You must pinpoint those in your workplace who operate unconsciously in their lower mind and avoid any form of dependency on them.

Those who are conventional thinking, emotionally driven in your workplace are not to be relied upon and yet, you must work with them. By pinpointing them you accept their unreliable input but you respect what they can do. It is essential to pinpoint the losers, the religious zealots and those trapped in the web of family life that is toxic that they cannot, in their viewpoint, escape or manage. They are trapped and you can pinpoint them and not load them by depending on them.

Self Help viewpoints guarantee discontent. Be Deny the need for it. If you are not perfect already, you never will be.

The Inspired Viewpoint recognises that this earth is a tiny grain of sand in a universe of almost endless drifts of sand. As many grains of sand that exist on all the oceans and beaches of this planet, there are still more stars in the universe. You see the Inspired Viewpoint will be unlimited.

Deny yourself the indulgence of small talk and participating in the criticism of others. Remembering that most people’s viewpoint is taken at best from the visible distance from their nose and if lucky, from their home. They have never explored the world and when they do, they look through a lens at it. “oh, it looks like Sydney, or Gee it’s not the same as Paris.” The travels they have made have hardly been a scratch on the globe and yet, their opinions are shared as if by watching Netflix or reading a blog they are global experts in child welfare or global politics.

Best we leave that rhetoric to taxi drivers. We need to travel to uncomfortable places. Step outside the bubble and view through the lens of the locals. The majority of people who have the strongest opinions are so self contained they never change their viewpoint, instead they fight for it and try to convert others to it.

Pin point those people whose every second word is “I” or “ME” because they are the real energy of love and inspiration. It is not their fault, it is no value to change them, they do not even know that they need to change. They are conditioned through life to be self-focussed instead of expanded in viewpoint. They have become accustomed to be worried about survival. They are stressed, looking down and cannot look up and wonder about the context of their existence. They are a danger and often want to convert you to their thinking. Pin point them and let them be in their delusion.

A deluded and small thinking business person’s viewpoint can become focussed only toward commercial affairs. It is rare that their gaze goes beyond. Every inspiration they get becomes tempered with “how much will it cost and how much will I profit.” Their thoughts are held on the leash by the power of commercial intention.

Also creative artists have the potential of a narrow viewpoint. Even if it is socially broader than that of the business person, it may ignore the commercial aspects of art and be impractical.

Viewpoint changes everything. An economic disaster to the commercial person will empty their heart, while to the artist it may actually arouse it.

The GOT TO person who works in the kitchen and is closed in by four walls, their heaven is found in periods of relief, smoking in the back lane, taking too long to put the garbage out. They are in a form of prison of their own dislike of what they do. When exposed to a small part of the outside world they can only relax for the seconds they steal, otherwise while at work they hate every moment. They get the stimulus from stolen breaks and alcoholic moments to return and perform their work, however, their breaks and energy are short, sporadic and temporary. It is important at work for you to pinpoint such people as they cannot be the stepping stones you trust between where you stand and your success. Do not put weight on a horse with a broken back.

You have herewith selected the right viewpoint. You’ll think inspired, (LOVE TO) and this transforms your life. From this moment onwards speak the words CHOOSE TO AND LOVE TO and weed out the GOT TO’S AND SHOULD DO’S. You apply this simple process and will gain the truth and automatically move to a universal viewpoint.

Once your thoughts are transformed from GOT TO to LOVE TO, your entire work and life are transformed. Instead of being influenced by small minded individuals you will be influenced by the great universe.

In real world terms, “where is god not?”

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