THIS IS A COURSE IN INSPIRED THINKING IT’S #6A OF THE SERIES. AND TODAY WE SPEAK ABOUT Relative Size Means Everything and that is not a cheeky sexual reference.

Relative size means everything. It means clearly that, if there were millions and billions of tiny people living on a grain of sand, and even if that grain of sand was so small that it was totally unimportant to us, they would feel as great to themselves as we do to ourselves; and a grain of sand would appear as vast a world to them as our earth seems to us. And those tiny people could in no way manage that grain of sand unless they stepped beyond it. Unless they saw the whole grain, they would have what we call a “local viewpoint” and those with the more extreme local viewpoint would have to be those tiny people who walked around talking about their viewpoint from the tip of their own nose. Their body, meaning their opinions, emotions and feelings would become their kingdom, it doesn’t get smaller than that. They would be rule by being right, and suffering the swings of pain (including emotional) and pleasure including the body.

This concept is to impress on your mind the opportunity we have for leadership.

If we want to manage ourselves we need a family viewpoint. If we want to manage our family we need a community viewpoint. If we want to manage our community we need a suburban viewpoint. If we want to manage our suburb we need a city viewpoint. If we want to manage our city we need a provincial viewpoint and if we want to manage our province we need a whole country view. If we want to manage our country we need a global view and if we want to manage our world we need a universal view.

And so you must ask yourself what you want to manage. If it is just you, then you are going to need a view bigger than you. But if it is bigger than you, then you might have to let that bigger view go and look to an even bigger viewpoint. Now this can be difficult if your entire life is run by family dynamics where mum and dad are the sun and moon of your life even when you are 30 or 40 years old. That is going to lead to all sorts of dilemma for you if your business life or relationship demands a bigger viewpoint.

Now, to rise above our little concept of self importance and begin to find those things in life which really connect us to the bigger picture is a crisis for many and many therefore avoid this shift. They try all sorts of phychological games or even get ill to keep their view in the realm they are used to. And yet, nature will be saying “EVOLVE” but that individual will argue with nature and claim their parents or family demands they keep a local view.

Most people don’t understand the smallness of their life. Then do not even understand when the earth sits in relation to the Milky Way and what the Milky Way is in relationship to other galaxies. They don’t care, Russia and Ukraine fill their mind and feeds their local view. Consequently even though their job may demand a provincial or country view, they cannot do their job well because they have an anthill perspective of their life.

The cost of an anthill perspective of life is even more than that. The cost is that those things that are really, really important, don’t get prioritized and we die before we die. It’s called the living dead. Then we become addicted to triathlons and sailing and kids picnics and camping in order to try to get a sense of being alive. We stop valuing humanity and a sense of awe vaporises. We start to talk about “our humanity” rather than “the humanity” and so easily loose that childlike spirit of wonder and then gravitate to goal setting that are comfortable with the viewpoint we have, easy and sustain the approval of those we have chosen as the limit of our view.

Perspective is so crucial to happiness. It is the essence of nature. An a fight with nature cannot be won. Our viewpoint must continually expand otherwise we get stampeded by those who are evolving their view. A promotion at work is a trigger for a shift in view and a shift in viewpoint is a trigger for promotion at work.

The awe and ease of life is available if one can step out of a little anthill viewpoint. It is no exaggeration to say that 99% of marriage failures, and 100% of career failures are due to the viewpoint of an individual being confined to the past.

Try exploring the order in the chaos of a bigger view by finding balance in global affairs. Also enjoy exploring and recognising the order in the chaos of the universe. Not just photos of galaxies but documentaries that explore the origins of earth and the stars that are coming and going. The billions and billions of stars, the trillions of years that has gone before our little few tiny seconds of universal existence, and how lucky, how absolutely blessed we are to be spending even a few seconds to experience this moment in galactic time.

You are not just being entertained, you are applying the universal laws that I teach you and seeing them function in a broader context. If you worry about global warming find the benefit, see that in a global or universal context then go out and do your work to slow it down. You will realise that the work is your mission, but in the end, your mission is nothing in comparison to the mastery of the universe over the earth. You’ll relax and do your job well. If you are in charge of a manufacturing company in one country, explore the destiny of similar operations in other more advanced countries. You will see order in chaos in your own country through a global view of the order in the chaos.

In my work in human development my universal view is critical. It puts individual challenges in context to the laws of nature and the individual’s journey in context to global opportunities. I study global best practice in sport psychology and deep spiritual awareness in the reality of life to bring a universal view into a local situation. It is critical for me to do this in order to sustain the intensity and love for my work for the past 40 years with no appetite for a break.

Then for us all, the kids screen time, the missed train, the flaw in the silk pyjamas would not be so life threatening. In Bali I met the staff of a resort where one movie star flew her own china and dining setting to Bali for a two night stay in a hotel. The fragility of this small anthill view with the millions of dollars to manufacture it, is unsustainable.

The Journey to a Universal Viewpoint.

Let’s leave earth. We’ll travel at the speed of light, 1.5 million kilometres each 5 seconds. Our first point of reference would be our nearest star, Alpha Century. It’s the closest to earth and one of the trillions of stars that make up our own small galaxy which in turn, is one of the 50 billion currently known galaxies in the Cosmos. A few seconds of travel at the speed of light takes us past the moon, a few hours takes us outside the outer confines of our solar system. Consider 24 hours, travelling at I.5 million kilometres each five seconds, and we are still no nearer to Alpha Century. It is still a tiny spec in the distance.

A whole month passes traveling at the speed of light, 1.5 million kilometres each 5 seconds, we are no closer. A whole year, and Alpha Century is as far away as it ever was despite our trajectory remaining constant all the while. Our course has not deviated once. That nearest star doesn’t grow larger. We are perplexed. A year goes by, two, three, four no change, we feel no closer to this, our nearest star to our sun, of the billions of trillions of stars in the sky. Then at last, 4 and a half years traveling at 1.5 million kilometres each 5 seconds, and at last a change in size. Four and a half years travelling at the speed of light, four and a half light years, to reach our nearest star. And it’s a close one.

We look back. We can’t even see our sun. The earth from which we came is not even a concept. We feel fear. How do we get back? There is no direction here. No north or south. Nothing but space. Vast vast vast space. But this is just the beginning of our journey. We are heading to the center of the universe. Vast, vast distances. We want a universal perspective. Because this is the perspective of a full life. This is the perspective that puts everything in perspective. Our life can be seen in the context of its few milli seconds in billions of years of universal time.

Now you can ask how to solve your problems. It seems from this the answer depends on what perspective you have. If you are confined to how you feel, your body, your fears that is one view and your problems must be solved at that level. The towel on the rack the right way round, or the cracked plate, or whatever. Nobody can judge the importance of your stresses. Because those stresses depend on our viewpoint. It is hard to tell an ant, let alone a human, that there is a different viewpoint available.

Traveling at the speed of light we are limited. We took 4.5 light years already to get a tiny fragment of space under our belt. We have to change mode. We must now begin to travel by the only mechanism that can transcend the limits of distance in space: thought.

Traveling by thought we are free to explore the vast reaches of space, and that we intend to do. By a change of pace from light to thought we traverse the vast expanse of space in a few seconds of actual time. It makes a great difference how we go. Light is swift. Electricity is swift. A ray of light will pass around the earth six times in one second. But light, swift as it is, cannot serve the demands of true knowledge. We must use imagination and thought as our vehicle, we must go in thought where humans cannot go, and in doing this, we become truly available to a whole new world.

Using denial, affirmation and visualisation, by the power of imagination we travel the vast expanse of space. WE transform our viewpoint from a small family view, to a global view. In space, billions of miles separate things, billions and trillions of stars, billions of galaxies are passed in a moment until we have reached the centre of the Cosmos.

All is still. The eye of the universe. The core of this swirling vastness. We are here. No material exists not even your body. Can you imagine a more magnificent place. The home of the Gods. A place where perfection exists and our duty is to bask in it. Beyond the mind there is a stillness. Awe. Silence. And it is yours with a single thought.

There is no tomorrow and no yesterday, it is an amazing space.

There is energy, it is perfect awareness. All time has condensed into this experience. We are here in the moment, where great decisions are made, visions are created, love is shared, no problems infect the space, no emotion, no time, no separation, not even space, no past, no future. Just your Denials, affirmations and visualisations. Imagination.

There is a music, but not of the ears. It is the sound of harmony, that perfect harmony we all know it in our deepest being. Our spirit celebrates the expanse of it and the wonder. This is called happiness and it’s a real everyday space.

There is order in the chaos

From this journey you are invited to see that the universe is held together by laws and forces that are all powerful. If any one of these laws were to cease to operate, disaster would follow. Nothing is left to chance.

The difference between a universal viewpoint and that of the ordinary person is the former views the whole at once, while the latter sees only the part. This distinction, slight as it seems at first.

We can know that whatever happens in human associations, must be found already established in the universe, the laws are all pervasive and therefore understanding universal law, is understanding life law. Our bodies can only operate freely, to the degree that they conform to these laws. There is no part of creation where these laws are not obeyed. What may seem like chaos and confusion to an earthly ant, operating in the perspective of the anthill, is really operating under laws of order. No movement escapes it anywhere in the cosmos, including your earth.

Seeing order in the earthly chaos is the role of a universal viewpoint.

You can, by understanding the laws of life learn to dissolve tension.

You will need to consider how to live in a mindful state.

You need to be able to see beauty everywhere you look, in every event, and every circumstance.

You will need to turn your attention inside of yourself every day.

You will need to open your mind and heart to feel the flow of energy within yourself.

Your notion of who is living your life and who is motivating your body will totally change.

Your understanding and experience of the creative power of life in its fullest sense brings you to a total acceptance of your life within a larger scheme of life itself.

You begin to embrace a real appreciation for the opportunities you have to interact and communicate.

No problem can be solved at the level of thought that created it. No argument resolved from the level of life that instigated it.

You must rise to these central courts in order to understand your earthly role, to see yourself as a citizen of the universe and thereby hold center at all times in your life. It’s a change in viewpoint isn’t it?

You must learn to open to life on an earthly level, without getting lost.

It’s the subtle energy of life itself.

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