Inspired By Nature for Perfect Mental Health

It’s not just what you think but how you think that matters

When we climb in the mountains, paddle an ocean ski, swim the ocean or ride our road bikes, mental health is essential.

There’s a no bull approach in the outdoor world but that doesn’t always translate to the indoors of work and love.

Starting with the easiest of nature’s principles let’s have a look at the difference between nature and indoor thinking….


There are three keys to great mental health… each is an element of being inspired by nature, your nature.

  1. What you think …. Determines the direction you’ll go in
  2. How you think …. Determines your mental health and state of mind
  3. Where you think… Determines 1 and 2.
  1. In nature you automatically think about possibilities. Less constrained by the walls and intensity of an office you open to focus on creating and doing it effectively. (Biophilic thought)
  2. How you think in nature is influenced by the subtlety of nature’s rhythms, the sounds of nature and the natural attraction of nature (Biolphilia)
  3. Your environment triggers your thoughts both how and what you think. Hence, it is important to “step out” under the stars, a tree, a garden, a park, the beach and test your thinking each day. This is where genius is born. (Biophilia and Mind)

All of life is a thinking process. Your happiness, health and wealth all depend on it. So it is worth considering the value of good thinking as a key learning process for your professional growth. A promotion will not happen without a change in thinking.


Your Perfect Mental Health Inspired By Nature

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