How to Be the Most Interesting Person in the Room


The video below asks some great questions about your life and the path you’re on. It gives explicit advise on how to handle different energy consuming interactions with people. There’s a pdf of the slides for you as well.

When you think about magnetism, what do you think about? Do you think about the poles of the earth? Or do you think about one of those little red things that were the horseshoe shape? Or do you think about an engine in a Tesla, Electric Car?

Magnetism is really the most powerful thing on the planet. It keeps us all on the earth. It causes the earth to be where it is in the universe, and it causes the universe to stay where it is. It’s a very interesting subject. And most importantly, it’s influential in our lives as well. 

Now we can, if we choose, build up the magnetism in our body until it becomes usable. In other words, transmittable but before we do that, we have to cover the bases. We have to be able to manage the lower levels of energy consumption in life, such as hunting and gathering, such as interpersonal communication, such as balancing the requirements of living, such as earning an income and living in a family and enjoying life.

So, with all those done, we can start to think about that more higher levels of existence such as intuition, which is receiving magnetism and influence or transmission, which is sending it out. And this video today is all about the phases of sending it out, getting up to that phase of sending it out.

Remembering from the last video, that we are only talking at this point, in the comfort phase, the comfort zone of life is the success zone before we enter the growth phase of life. In the growth phase, we are usually hand to mouth trying to climb up a ladder, and anything that we’ve intuited or been able to master in the comfort zone will come with us while we learn more things. So that’s a different set of rules and principles to operating in your comfort zone in your success.

So and of course we all want to stay in that comfort zone as long as possible. Unfortunately, due to the universal laws of nature, that everything evolves and grows to its level of incompetence, staying in the comfort zone is not possible. We are all going to grow from comfort, through growth, to frustration. So, learning as much as we can, and taking advantage of the comfort zone for success is critical.

So today, we’re talking about operating in the comfort zone, build out our magnetism and getting to the point where we can share with the world.



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