Mind Noise and Why Heart and Soul Matter.


Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, we’re just walking back along the beach, the wind is behind me. So I thought I could grab a quick podcast before I got home after an ocean swim. (the water is gorgeous.)

A little blowy, a little chilly now, feeling fantastic after that dip.

You know Innerwealth.

We’re a boutique. It’s not mass, not for everybody. So don’t expect everybody to get it.

We don’t do therapy. We’ll leave that for others. We don’t believe in excuses. None! We’ll leave that for everybody to talk about around the coffee machine.

We don’t believe in blame either.

If something happens, we caused it. And if we caused it, we can fix it.

We don’t believe in holding judgments. judgments are a sign of frustrations we haven’t worked through yet so frustration and judgements of others are for us, an opportunity to grow as a human as a person, as a contributor.

We don’t believe that pleasure is the ultimate end of life. We believe that there is an opportunity to leave an immortal impact on the planet, bigger than a footprint.

We’re not stuck on the minimised definition of family. We believe that if you love your children, you love all children. If you love your partner, you love all partners.If you hate one person you hate all. You can’t love one person and hate another. And for us, all people become brothers and sisters on a journey. We believe that there are constitutions that individuals have that makes them unique.

And the job we have at Innerwealth is to celebrate that uniqueness, rather than kill it with an organised philosophy or religion.

We believe that life itself is meditation, no need to sit on a cushion. If you can’t walk along the beach or through a city and go to a party and feel loved and feel good, feel order in the chaos and understand what’s going on, then all the sitting on cushions is just a pure and unadulterated waste of time.

We believe the future is what everybody’s concerned about.

Everybody’s eyes are turned to the future, even all animals eyes are turned to the future. That’s what nature intended. And when the future is uncertain, a fog comes over. And then people react in different ways. Because fear the future, threatens that future and drives over 99% of all emotion.

Allot of the fear of the future comes from anxiety or guilt about the past. And so the future won’t come if your past is hanging onto you that’s like trying to go for a run along the beach, towing a tire. You see people do it and does it ever puff them out.

So that said, what a spectacular gift it is for all of us who believe in the heart and soul.

We know from experience, that when the heart and soul of a person goes out of their work, you can’t lead them.

When the heart and soul of a human being goes out of their work, they’re just hanging in there waiting for to be dismissed to get a check the putting money and understandably sometimes ahead of truth.

But when the heart and soul of a person goes out of a relationship goes out of business, they become the living dead and all philosophers, Emerson, Plato, Socrates they’ve all talked about people living dead, The Walking Dead People, whose heart and soul has gone out of what they’re doing.

And they do everything they can to put it back in, but it’s gone.

The first thing that person can do is put their hand up and say my heart and soul has gone out of this, I’m gonna find something where I can put it back in.

Go find it. And 100% for sure it’s there. And that decision can sometimes be disruptive.

But what’s sort of a role model is a person whose heart and soul has gone out of what they do?

And they’re just hanging in there because it’s the right thing to do.

Food for thought.

You have a beautiful day.

Bye for now.

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