It is almost beyond belief that we could hate ourselves. And most of us would say we don’t. But you can’t love one person and hate another. Every human, including ourselves, has every human trait. Therefore when we hate somebody or let’s put it more mildly are angry at them judge being them criticising them, we are hating ourselves. If there is anything that will ever bring you to an early grave it is self-hate. Therefore we need to be conscious of this. Why would we live the entirety of our lives hating ourselves? And yet in society we are encouraged to hate people who do things that we disagree with? Let’s explore this;


0:02 How are you today? I’m talking about something that’s really sensitive, and so I’ve slowed the pace down a little bit. 0:09 Have this chat, self-hate. It’s really hard to know where to start, but let’s do our best and have this conversation openly. 0:29 You can’t hate one person and love another. Every quality that you hate in somebody is in everybody. All humans have every trait. 0:43 And so when it comes to self-hate, if you say that I hate my ex, or I hate this, or I hate chocolate, or if I hate ice cream, or if I hate something, whatever it is you’re looking at, nothing’s ever missing, just changes form. 1:01 And the ice cream, whether it’s a, a soft fattening product, there is a soft fattening side of yourself when you say, I hate what this person did. 1:16 You hate you for doing it. Self-hate is always expressed in the anger or the frustration or the annoyance we have towards others. 1:30 And every quality that we say we don’t, we hate in somebody is a quality we hate in everybody. You can’t love one person and hate another. 1:42 You can’t hate one person and love another. That’s impossible. Your emotions that you call love is your definition of how it emotionally feels to love somebody who doesn’t have all the things you hate in somebody else. 1:59 But that’s diluted because no matter who it is or whether it’s the queen or the Pope or the Buddha or Jesus, every human has every human trait. 2:11 And therefore, it’s really wise to be careful that we don’t hold ourselves in a superior space and saying, I love myself, but I hate that person, or I hate myself and I love that person. 2:26 This is, these are impossibilities. They’re emotional delusions, and they impact every aspect of our life to such a degree that they can bring us to an early grave. 2:40 Although my noise is resolved by this ideal of splitting the world into those that are worthy of love and those that are not, or those that are hatable and those that are not, those that we dislike or disrespect, and those That we’re not, although the war, the mind noise feels like it is resolved by splitting things into their polarity like and dislike, pleasure and pain. 3:11 It actually just buries the very thing that we are hating. It buries it in ourselves, and that thing starts to churn and it has an impact on every single aspect of our life. 3:27 So self-hate is a no-go zone, guys. As much as I say there’s a benefit of all the other aspects so far, we’ve covered the things that cause us my noise. 3:38 We can use them to grow and evolve and become better. Self-hate is destructive. Self-hate always expresses itself as anger towards someone, criticism towards someone, jealousy towards someone, hate for someone, meanness, anger, whatever you want to call it. 3:58 All of those low emotions come from self-hate. And it would be a really sad journey to go through the entirety of your life thinking that you like yourself, but actually hating yourself as is revealed by your judgments of others and your hate for one individual or a lot of individuals or a whole culture of individuals. 4:25 When you’re within a wealth, you’re actually saying, I don’t want to be normal. I don’t wanna live everyday life like everybody else. 4:33 I want to be an evolved person. When you say that, you must, you must take it into account that anytime you judge somebody as being inappropriate or in not very good or bad or worthy of hate, you judge yourself. 4:51 If you need to explore this topic more, I’d suggest you do it in a coaching session. This is Chris. You have a beautiful day. 4:57 Bye for now.

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