As you head into 2024, there are some important things, from a nature’s law perspective, to take into accountThe first is the consideration of nature’s law of exponential growth.

As a ball expands just a few mm in diameter, the volume will increase exponentially. Ie The diameter may only increase by a small amount, but the volume of the ball will expand, according to exponential mathematics and nature’s law hugely. 2024 will be another exponential year. You need to be prepared for it. Don’t be reading books written last year or the year before on business growth, personal growth, global growth. Even TED talks and YouTube “how to” videos are behind the times. You need to really hear this. Old advice is for the old pace of life. It’s no longer relevant and will definitely hold you back more than fundamentalist religion would.Secondly, technology. This is nature. Do not separate advances in AI from nature. Nature is technology. Where is nature not.  Technology will revolutionise most occupations, yours included. So, don’t use button up boots to deal with the challenges of career, productivity or motivation. Use science that has stood the test of time, nature’s universal laws. The ability to get more done in less time is one of natures primary principles nature and you, in harmony with nature need to be iterating daily, working towards this getting more done in less time. As technology approaches us with new mechanisms of achieving this outcome, we must be prepared to adapt and grow with that technology or be left in the dust. Not just AI. App’s and faster phones, voice to type etc. Dump meditation and do Mobile meditation, find the order in the chaos in real, everyday life.Third, but not last, Jobs are becoming more expensive and companies will look to become more competitive. That means, survival of the fittest. You are under threat. Consider this. Make a diary of negative stuff on a daily basis, and try not to react, then go back in a month and ask what you learnt from it. Then, In six months what you have achieved because of it. You will find there is no such thing as negative. There is success and there is learn. And this means your mental strength will need to grow exponentially too.

Your mental strength has 4 aspects. Your VISION, YOUR FOCUS, YOUR ABILITY NOT TO REACT and YOUR ATTITUDE. Innerwealth, rather than focus on one aspect, or one area of life reminds you to think HOLISTIC. Total Human Awareness reminds you that as you change one area of life, change all. As you expand your vision, expand your ability to focus, act and smile.

Put your foot on the live, love, life accelerator now. Don’t wait till May or June. Do it now. Prepare before you need it. Do your vision board, do your order in chaos, do your Back on Track Daily. Life is only hard if you forget to evolve. Remember: The pain of regret always outweighs the pain of discipline, 110% of the time.

With Love and Wisdom.


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