0:00 Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, and I hope you’re having a great day today. I want to introduce why it’s really important to consider the idea of changing the way you think and moving forward with your mindset. 0:14 We’re seeing that the world is getting closer and closer and faster and faster. I think there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that things are changing, that the world is getting faster, that the pace of life is accelerating, that the financial markets, that our housing markets and our own markets, which means our lives, our emotions, are rapidly transforming. Some people’s idea of response to this is to step back from things to try to slow themselves down in a fast moving world. 0:50 And time and time again, we see that lead to stress and we see to le we see it lead to people not keeping up at work, not keeping the pace. 1:00 You have to acknowledge that things are changing. We have to see that the world is different, especially post covid. We have to see that technologies and different ways of operating are giving us an incredible new way of defining what it looks like to perform well at work. 1:20 Many people, such as this person here in this image, think that meditation is the process. And I’ve been to the Himalayas and sat with the monks up there, and I can say after 70 years, they’re still not good enough at it to bring it out and get a job in your company where you are working, they can only do it. 1:40 Another group of people think that family life and relaxation and going green and getting away from the city is the solution, but that actually has been proven to make things far worse. 1:53 You can’t run away from it. Things are changing. Your job, the way you recruit, the way you recruit. Ed is absolutely transformed. 2:03 So if you look at the real world and you look at the wall of an office and you see that as being an ugly thing, that just sort of tells you, you might be one of those people trying to retreat from reality rather than live in it. 2:15 The world is going faster, the markets are going faster, your job’s going faster, your pulse is going faster, your reputation is at stake. 2:23 And if you put the foot on the one foot on the brake to try and slow down and one foot on the accelerator to move forward, you are gonna have a lot of trouble. 2:32 Another solution people find is to focus all their energy on their family. They say, I’m obsessed with my kids. I want to be a good mom or dad. 2:39 I want to be a good parent. I want to bring my kids up. And basically they’re saying, I am dissatisfied with life and I wanna live through vicariously, through the happiness of my children. 2:50 Divorce rates are going up, people are getting angry, and the kids are getting hurt. That is not a solution. That is not a solution to say, My kids are more important than Me. 2:59 Me, your reputation at work will go down if you do these sorts of escape routes. So how do we deal with this? 3:08 Well, another group of people decide to go bush and get sporty. They join triathlons, go bush walking in the Himalayas and <laugh>, I can vouch for the fact that if you’re an a*****e at the bottom of a mountain, you’re still an a*****e at the top. 3:23 And so there is no solution in running away from things or going bush for a weekend because you come back to reality. 3:30 So I’d like to introduce you quickly now to what I think is a global solution for an individual problem. And that is the solution is delivers nature intended. 3:41 If you look at all the psychology and all the work that has been presented to the world, it’s all based on how the brain works, which is ego. 3:49 But if you take the universal laws of nature and you take how things really work, what you’ll find is that human beings are holistic. 3:57 There’s seven areas of life. And when you change something in some area of life, you change all, change one, change all. 4:05 And there’s no use using compensation as a mechanism to fix your career because your home life is gone bad. The other thing you’ll find is that there is a level of consciousness in the world. 4:16 Got to, is a consciousness of panic. Love to is a consciousness of inspiration. And we need to move from survival thinking to inspired thinking, which again is a universal law of nature and it works within us and within other people. 4:32 And it’s a great way of understanding yourself and the people that you have around you. The next step in the whole thing is to recognize that there is all sorts of things going on around you. 4:43 There’s balls in the air. You’ve got your family life, you’ve got your business life, you’ve got your health, you’ve got your appetite for trips and all these things, and they’re all up in the air. 4:52 And every day you make about 200,000 choices around these balls in the air. And if there’s not an alignment between your highest value and what you’re doing, you can lower your self worth by making the right choices. 5:06 I’ve come up with this process, which is called the back on track process to keep you conscious in daily habits daily. 5:14 And this is a way of aligning, continually aligning yourself with the universal laws and making sure you stay ahead of the curve, not behind it, ahead of the curve at work, at home, in your health, in your family life, in your social life, in your mental life and your spiritual life. 5:34 So I’m not gonna offer you anything more than a profound way of looking at life, a mindset shift. And that mindset shift basically says, I’m not, Chris is not inventing it. 5:45 It’s not a unique thing. It’s all about you remembering what it felt like to live in harmony with nature. Everywhere you go, mobile meditation. 5:56 So you can look on This sheet, the sort of steps we go through. Personal development and self-confidence, values, transforming stress. 6:04 We move through these steps one by one to help you live as nature intended to work at the pace of life and move from a closed minded person, which is saying, the, the world is wrong. 6:16 It’s going too fast. I don’t like it. I can’t keep up. I’m struggling. I’m looking at my job from underneath it to getting to the point where you look at your job from above it, in front of it, you can handle it and, and, and you can rest easy in that knowledge. 6:32 So it’s the mastery of change. That’s the bottom line. Good heart breakthrough, self set barriers. Stay enthusiastic. Recognize the constant in life is change and grow. 6:49 This is Chris. You have a great day. Bye for now.

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