I want you to imagine that you wake up one morning with a smile on your face. Looking forward to the day feeling healthy, sexy and wonderful. Without a worry in your mind and clarity in your heart and health in your body and money in the bank.

I want you to imagine that you go to work whether it’s at home or in an office and enjoy the process of getting started on the work you love. I want you to imagine a smile on your face all day while you do this work with a feeling that you are doing something really worthwhile and being paid a fortune for doing it.

I want you to imagine that your work environment is as good as your holiday environment. That you look out your window and see beauty, you walk downstairs, and there is a park, you are hanging out with people who are also smiling and wanting to enjoy themselves, and do not have a care in the world.

I want you to imagine doing this, what some people called a job, but you called a holiday for six days of the week, because it’s so much fun. You don’t separate your personal life from your work life, except when you are concentrating and focused. You send text messages to those you love and don’t hesitate to spend 15 or 20 minutes with somebody having coffee, enjoying the sunshine.

I want you to imagine coming home or walking from the office at home into the playroom and feeling on top of the world that you really made a difference today. Not only have you made a difference but you feel that difference has been appreciated and you have been remunerated really well for doing it. You feel fulfilled and as you walk into the playroom you take this opportunity to share that fulfilment with those you love.

 Time stand still and you are in a beautiful place.

Imagine also that you have more energy at the end of the day, then at the start and therefore you feel more inclined to exercise as the day comes to a close than you did when you first woke up when you had all that vital energy. Imagine that you are a better person, richer and more inspired by the end of the day than you were at the start and more loving than you were in the morning.

Now there is time to imagine a beautiful evening celebrating play with your family, and those you love while you take time to contemplate the beauty of life, and rather than listen to the news, which you know is going to be about suffering in hardship around the world, you would rather sit and prune a flower or even make a cake. Imagine if this leads you through the evening and by 8 pm you are ready for bed, grateful, thankful, happy, fulfilled, inspired, and in love with life.

Imagine a long, deep sleep. A refreshing deep soul enriching sleep in which you are in the deepest meditation available, which is called sleep. Imagine that this sleep is like clockwork. Imagine that you can switch off your mind and switch on your soul and sleep like a baby.

And now imagine 365 of these days per year and 95 of these days every three months and imagine 95 of these years in your life time and you can understand and imagine the work of Innerwealth and what I want to bring to your life.

And now I want you to imagine that other people do not necessarily have an investment in you experiencing this imagination. I want you to imagine that other people who say that they love you or say that they want to engage you in work. Do not have this motivation at heart, but rather to extract from you the most they can get in the shortest period of time. Imagine that they are doing their best to suck the life force out of you.

Continued to imagine this beautiful possibility of a life described, and now continue to imagine that the people you in trust as your leaders and your friends are committed to challenging you on this imagination. They want to criticise you give you advice that is incorrect steer you in a direction where you extract energy from yourself and go home to a home that is not necessarily the perfect Mirror of this imagined outcome we described. And now you are facing reality.

All of us dream of peace. All of us dream of a loving relationship that never has disharmony. All of us dream of a job in which we do what we love love what we do and get paid a fortune for it. All of us dream this dream, and all of us are faced with this reality.

There are only two options one can have at the end of the day. The first is to fight hard to sustain that imagination that we have of a beautiful life. The second is to surrender and empower the people around us that we say that we love to diminish the quality of that imagination. But we have to come to terms with the fact that our imagination of a beautiful life and reality can sometimes collide and we are left with this question.

How do I hold my imagination, clean, strong and pure in the in the face of reality? How do I hold my vision, my imagination, and my memory of the future of a beautiful life with love and success and happiness and fulfilment and health when it seems that everybody around me, wants to change it into their own reality?

Life is a competition. It is not as some people would like you to think a collaboration. There are two choices find happiness and fulfilment, and please yourself, or please others and give them happiness and fulfilment and piss yourself off. I’m not going to advocate which of these two would be wisest except to say that we should stop taking milage out of feeling sorry for ourselves when we decide to do the latter. If we say that other people’s happiness is the source of our own happiness, we are making a horrendous miscalculation.

The best thing you can do for your children is to be you. We have often presented to others and act of being a role model. But we are transparent to those who know us well, and if we are miserable and yet trying to make everybody around us, not miserable, we become a fake role model. It might be better to become a real model. Living in the real world, but sustaining that beautiful vision, memory, hope dream of a life worth living. Because that ultimately is what people are asking you for, to live that, so they can copy you.

Sometimes living that dream of a life worth living means breaking with convention. Breaking with convention needs to be done mindfully, because otherwise if a person is half in and half out, they will just simply exacerbate their own guilt for not being normal. But normal is not very good if you look around. If your kids are not behaving themselves, it’s because you are not. If you are trying to please others and piss yourself off that is not necessarily a model that any person let alone a child is going to emulate.

The first pushback on all this imagination is the word selfishness. But I would rather use the word self fullness. Self fullness is a magnificent thing and something that very few people get, even if they make $1 billion and own a Lamborghini and travel the world in the most expensive ways the truth of the matter is if we do not feel full, all of these things amount to nothing.

The first key to all of this is gratitude, because if you don’t appreciate what you’ve got you won’t get what you want. And that is how we arm wrestle with reality and sustain that beautiful imagination of a life worth living. We will discuss that on another day in the meantime, realise that it is you who is responsible for the decisions that determine whether you live that imagine life or whether you live somebody else’s imagine life and ruin yours.

Live with spirit,


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