Personal Magnetism Overview

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We have an inner energy, a divine fire – the vitality of our nerves, our mind, and our body affects our life-force and therefore the way we live and act in the world. Managing life-force is the key to conscious living, understanding its power is celebrating life. Every movement, thought and intention, affects our life-force.

The magnetic energy of life is all about us, in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe; we cannot live for seconds without it, no atom in the universe exists without it. Magnetic energy is life-force itself. All growth in nature: all plants, flowers and trees – exists because of the exchange of the life-giving magnetism of the sun. If this was lacking, there would be no life. The vitality of the sun is stored in the earth.


You are a battery, and the sum of the charge of the battery is your personal magnetism. Every man and woman is charged with electrical and magnetic force. Personal magnetism simply waits for awakening. Awakening this magnetism involves the development of habits that support the development of natural personal magnetism and reduce its wastage.

The resolution is to be without disturbance to my own mind and to do this one thing splendidly

The body cannot begin life until it generates magnetism. Every element of nature is composed of molecules, their adhesion, shape and form are determined by the action of magnetism. The Earth is held in orbit by these very same forces. The basis of all life and matter is magnetism. Wherever there is matter there must be magnetism, shaping, making, developing life. To harness these natural forces requires commitment and determination.

Every particle of the human body is charged with this latent force of magnetism. Without it, the body cannot exist. It is everywhere, in the blood, the organs, the arteries, veins, the brain, in membranes, the nerves, and in every sinew of the body.

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