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Mind noise sneaks up on us when we leave a vacuum. When we do not focus on the Will of life, then life imposes its will.

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Good morning. Good afternoon, wherever you are, I’m here on very windy Ben buckler, deliberately confronting the elements to do this podcast. It’s been a while since we had a real session out here in the blue. It’s desperately desperately trying to rain on me. It’s windy as all hell. And I’m up here in a thin t shirt so and it’s not hot. But here we are, and what a magnificent start to the day to be up here and just feeling it. Feeling it not running away from it, not trying to shelter from it just feeling feeling the raindrops whack against my back. They are big ones, I tell you, if they’re any bigger, they’d be tennis balls. What a wonderful, wonderful opportunity we all have in this beautiful country, Australia, with no earthquakes and no famine and no disasters and just the first world problems of plastic on the beach and dogs being poisoned in Mark’s Park, which is all extraordinarily sad, and ridiculous, and can be fixed. But I guess what you could honestly say in the big picture, we’re blessed. I’ve just released 300 videos that I’ve made over the last years on YouTube to the public, if you want to go have a squizz there’s some fun ones. There’s there’s some really good ones there. But man, they’re I think every day it’s worth sitting back and watching a YouTube educational video that repeats, repeats, repeats and repeats and repeats then repeats again, what you probably have learnt but forgotten. And I think those tap backs most of the videos, I tried always to get a video under eight minutes. So it really does require you to go out on your BEN buckler to pull out your phone to grab a video to put an ear plug in. Stand still enjoy the elements, immerse yourself in in a rough and tumble easygoing video and be entertained. Alternatively, sitting there instead of watching some gangster show at night and ruffling your consciousness. Just before you sit when you’re sitting there just enjoy one of those with your family or your partner. Most of them don’t swear there’s a few few, but most of them are suitable for family. So yeah, look, I think that’s a great opportunity. The other thing I did yesterday was start to upload another ebook up on to Spotify. My Spotify account now is absolutely devoted to ebooks I’ve got, I write a book every month. And so some of these books are new. Some of them are old books that I’ve got that I’ve decided to put up. And I put up one one a month, and I get the robot to read it now if you think the robots boring and bad and not good enough and all that stuff, I guess you’re talking about having a chat to me on like I am now but if you if you also talk about it in terms of audiobooks, you every time you buy a book from Amazon or anything, it offers you a membership to online, an online audio book facility for 30 or 40 bucks a month, which if you think about it is absolutely a blatant ripoff. Firstly, 90% of the book that’s going to be read to you, you don’t need to read so you’re better to go and buy a book summary, which are these days, absolutely AI developed astonishingly good. With bullet points and the whole book, you can read a book a day with a book summary. So you don’t need to read. And secondly, you don’t have to listen for hours and hours and hours to get the gist of something that’s probably not going to stand the test of time. Under the reference of somebody that I really respect, I bought a book called power. I forget the author, it’s about so many rules of nature about human nature and power. It’s the most disappointing book. It’s got some great wisdom in it in from time to time, like always make your boss shine. But the book hurts me deep in my core in my heart and soul the book hurts because it’s basically saying the way you get ahead in the world is to fuck with people, fuck with their brain, fuck with their life, fuck with their mind and take it up the backside as often as possible and make them think that you’re powerless when you’re really powerful. I don’t agree. I do not concur that that is human nature. I think human nature is just blatantly honest here. motionless delivery of, of true. And I don’t think people benefit from being bullshitted to, I don’t think you do another person or great justice by blowing smoke in their face, I don’t think you do your partner or anybody, any justice by consciously manipulating them so you become more powerful. I don’t believe that and I don’t believe that all the wealthy people in the world have done so I think the wealthy people in the world have delivered things the world needs, delivered things the world needs, and other words live their purpose. So that’s just an opinion. But the bottom line is, the audio books over at Spotify dead free one a month, go over bite the bullet, find where it says I think the last I can’t remember when the last one came out. But it’ll be within the last six weeks. And you’ll see it really clearly marked. Audiobooks, I haven’t learned yet how to do playlists on Spotify, so that it gets put into a little package. So you might have to scan through some of the stuff you don’t want to listen to, which is my writing, and, and come to the audio books and the audio books will be put up, always back the front. So you have to start from the oldest. The first one will be the first one put up and then the later ones will come to you as you as you keep progressing, Spotify automatically rolls over into the next podcast. So enjoy those. They’re really good that YouTube is out there now 300 videos, and we’re still pumping away on the topic of mind noise. I think it’s a really important thing to say that my noise if you’re standing up here like I am on Ben Buckler and reacting to the environment, my noise is, is even even a sense of turmoil that a person gets from the office sensitivities to the environment. Now, I know we need to not catch colds, I know we need to protect our immune system from the environment. I know standing in the rain, freezing and shivering. Once your body starts to shiver is not good. I know immersing yourself in ice buckets is a current practice with the Wim Hof and all this stuff, I’m not necessarily sure that every human being is suited to it. And that brings me to today’s topic. People behave in ways that are unexpected. And I just want you to know that before you judge them for behaving in ways that are not unexpected. You have to remember that every single human being has a story. We have a little boy, a little five year old in our lives, and we have come to the conclusion that he’s on the spectrum of autism. Now, that’s not a bad thing. That’s just who he is. But what the beautiful part of that is, is it relieves you from the expectation that he’s not on the spectrum of autism. And so when he behaves in certain ways, or gets really traumatized by something that’s very, very small. And you think well come on, this kid needs to sort of is playing, playing us for a break, if you realize that there is a an autistic element to his behavior, and there’s a sort of an automatic forgiveness. When you see adults dressed in suits, and they come to work, and they deliver themselves to work, you go, Oh, that person’s got a lot to learn or that person is not behaving in a way that we expected. Cloning human beings is not yet a function of the way things happen. And it’s really wise to say, Can I actually understand this person better if I understand that they’re not normal? Now, there is no normal, the the only normal we know is ourselves. So I go, I have a really soft heart. I know my nickname has always been in my family sunshine, I always smile. So I expect everybody around me to be that. But the reality is that they’re everybody’s got their own form of sunshine, and everybody’s got their own form of smile. And so I think it’s really important to understand human beings and understand human nature. And I think the book that I talked about earlier, power is a very disappointing target, or very disappointing attempt at that. I think it’s far wiser to say is that person a water person or a fire person or an air person, or earth person or an ephah person? So, an ISA person will relate react to stress completely differently to earth person.
A fire person if they’re overdoing it, if they’re overloaded if they’re, if they’re over reactive, typically will hit the bottle, content people You will get angry typically gets fired up, an earth person goes to ground, an ether person starts drifting off into nano land and becomes incomprehensible comprehendible a water person grabs ahold of somebody who’s not well and starts settling with them. An air person gets all Ditzy and Ditzy meaning confused, doesn’t know which option to take completely aerated. And then the interesting thing about all this is if you understand the elements of nature, that if an air persons stressed, they do things to relieve the stress that cause more air, and earth person, if they get stressed, they do things that cause more Earth. But the the problem is, stress in an earth person is too much Earth, stress in an air person is too much air. So quite often, our remedy for stress is actually exactly exacerbating the problem, even though it might feel good. So I think it’s really worthwhile to in your coaching sessions with me, and the time we spend together to explore understanding other people from more from an organic and more from a true nature point of view, rather than reading this book called power, and trying to manipulate everybody to so we get more powerful. I think it’s a really great thing to say, we are powerful, we can stay powerful, we can be powerful, as long as we don’t react to other people. And we don’t react to other people if we understand them from a from an elemental point of view, not necessarily from a behavioral point of it. This is Chris, you have a great date. Time for me to get off this cliff. It’s blowing a gale now and it’s starting to rain. A little bit more than before. Have a great day. Bye from Ben buckler,

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