Thank you for everyone who is listened to the podcast on Spotify in 2022. You have help me break all the records and set some new standards for 2023. We have created a community in which we don’t know each other but we do connect heart to heart. We know the benefit of goodness, and we know that every human being wants more of life and wants to do it well. We do not apologise in our community for being strong and determined in our ambitions and yet soft and kind in our approach to human nature.

Some of you do not like the robotic voice of the conversion process, and for you, I have created always another alternative on SoundCloud. But the highly technical work of explaining the human condition in business is best done in my opinion, through this robotic voice and the written transcripts on the blogs at Innerwealth.

So once again from my heart to your heart, thank you very much for listening and sharing and making this Innerwealth podcast one of the top 10% of podcasts shared globally. And in the top 30% of the most followed podcasts globally. It just goes to show that people need what we are sharing. The world is going to get tougher for people to be human in 2023 and my job I believe is to prepare you for it and keep you one step ahead of the challenges that are going to come. The time for change is before you need it rather than after.

With spirit, Chris.

  • In the top 10% shared podcasts globally.
  • In the top 30% of most followed podcasts globally.
  • 999% increase in followers
  • And the most popular podcasts – SUCCESS FORMULA October 2022.

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