Put Your Whole Heart Into It.

Put your heart into it. Your heart is the centre, like the heart of a city. Your heart is your being, like whole hearted approach.You can’t rise higher than your heart. If you spent the whole of your life on this one topic you would reach the pinnacle of spiritual and personal fulfilment (success).

There is no such thing as a half hearted success story.

Your heart can be your power.

Your heart is a reflection of your life, when you are big hearted your life flows and good luck comes. From your heart can be how you communicate, open hearted, and from this, love and happiness flows.But your heart can become clouded too.

You can absorb bad things into your heart through your environment.

You could easily be overcome with mental and emotional, environmental pollution. So be careful, your heart can be infected by what you think, what others think, your environment and frustrations about the future. Those can turn a good heart into a cold heart or dark heart. It can change overnight. It takes discipline and love (not just romantic love) to keep a good heart open.The key to success is to direct your heart into whatever you do. And to fend off the invasion pollutants by filling your heart deliberately to keep it open.What is in your heart today? Well that’s your choice. And it manifests in your life.Speak about, think about what opens your heart.

Choose what goes in. Choose what doesn’t. Keep your heart open in hell. That’s the magic of life.CHRIS WALKER

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