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It is really important to recognise that there’s a vast difference between an easy life and a balanced one. If you are looking for “balance” that makes your life easy, then good luck with it, that just doesn’t exist. If however, you are looking for more productive, more enjoyable, better communication, turning up at home healthier, then, you can find balance in the moment and in your life.


Finding Balance

For many years organisations and teachers of personal balance have made the mistake of compartmentalising the development of people with the aim of increasing wellbeing and productivity and yet, the total human being, the heart, quality of life, relationship and other aspects of the human condition have been ignored. As we enter an era of hyper accelerated decision making the demands on individuals to bring their total capacity to work, including their heart, creativity, inspiration and non rational intellect, means we need a new understanding of “the Total Human Dynamic.”

Therefore we must find balance in all seven areas of life.


An unbalanced thought is called an emotion. All emotions are therefore lies. Emotions drive most people and yet, emotions are the construct of the mind. Mind control is therefore the first step in life balance. No mind control, no balance.

An imbalanced mind is also a stressed mind. Nobody will follow a stressed individual. If you are too busy already dealing with what is on your plate, you are reacting and reactive leadership is driving forward with your eyes in the rear view mirror.


All judgements are signposts of where we are stuck. Hence, to stay fixed in judgement is to attract trouble. Evolving is natural but if we decide to hold onto judgement we will attract imbalance and hurt.

We need to UNLEARN judgements. This process is vital to healthy life balance.


A balanced person is an abundant person. So, they might see that nothing is actually missing, it just changes in form.

To be abundant means to turn up happy, in this very moment no matter what’s going on. This skill is essential to life balance.


If I sit on the moon and watch the world go around I will see absolute balance, but if I’m in NYC right now, the virus will be terrible. Balance exists in our vision only if we can see the world at a greater height than the work we are doing.

If I have a family vision, i need a community viewpoint in order to stay balanced. If I have a community vision I must have a national viewpoint in order to stay balanced and so on. A balanced person must have a viewpoint greater than their vision.


Many theorists believe that the ultimate end of civilisation is a calm and beautiful peace. The reply to this belief is the assault the nature makes on peaceful people. Peace inactivity leads to weakness and death. Sickness and disease – ill health is caused by inactivity, not the excess of it. Today, we seek rest, television and easy food, and there are 8000 diseases, and as many remedies.


  • A clear image in your mind of where you would love to be and with whom at the end of the change program
  • A clear image in your mind of how you are really thankful for where things are right now. (really important)
  • A clear written and balanced Vision of how you will get across this gap…
  • A chunked down version of the Vision
  • A clear plan B.

Answer these questions for a clear step vision

  • What do you want?
  • When do you want it?
  • What will you get from getting it (motive)?
  • What are you willing to pay (sacrifice in order to get it)?
  • Where have you already got it?
  • How is this path going to impact other aspects of life and others you care about?
  • What degree of hurt are you willing to invest to get there?
  • What do you have to let go of to grab hold of it?

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