How to Reduce Brain Drain at Work

Brain Drain. (transcript)

Our objective is to send you home from work every day with more energy than you arrived with.

And one of the major causes of exhaustion, tiredness and fatigue, that we carry into our house and walk and stomp through our family area is brain drain.

Brain drain, drags your energy down, it exhausts you. And yet, what are you doing? You’re sitting in a chair, you’re looking at your computer, you’re having a conversation with people, the question is going to be for you. How do you reduce the amount of brain drain that this costs?

How do you reduce the amount of energy you spend getting the same amount of work done? And the answer is very simple. Aligned with nature and nature. In nature, there is no brain drain, there is balance.

When we get out of sync with nature, our ego takes over when our ego takes over, we think out of balance, we think with emotion, we think lopsided thoughts.

So the simple solution is get a sheet of paper with anything that’s causing your brain drain, draw four columns on it, first column, positive second column, negative of that positive, third column, negative and the fourth column is positive of that negative.

Now, at the end of all that, either your brain is so messed up that can’t think and therefore you won’t have brain drain, or you’ll have a balanced mind. One way or another. You’ll reduce the energy you consume at work. You’ll reduce the amount of fatigue you have, you’ll come home with more energy than you’re left with in the morning.

And that’s a great secret for a good family life. This is Chris bye for now.

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