Reducing Mind Noise – High and Low Emotion


0:00 Well, it’s the last one for the day. I hope you’ve enjoyed this day and this overload of work we’ve put in today. 0:08 I’ve had Monday to package it all up and give you some fabulous, I think, insights into my noise. Let’s just wind it up with the last one. 0:18 We’ll do for the day, which is about emotion. Every decision a person makes in their life is made driven by emotion. 0:31 Every reaction a person has is made, driven by emotion. Emotions sit beneath everything we do. If there was no emotion, we would do nothing. 0:45 We can strip emotion away from a decision by using the emotional shower or the discard process, but to implement the decision to implement what we’re doing, we need a story. 1:00 Therefore, it’s wise. When we talk about emotion, to talk about things like high emotion and low emotion. So low level emotion are things like anger, jealousy, envy hate, lust guilt, fear. 1:23 These are the bottom of the barrel. And what it means when you have one of these, there’s a lot of petrol, a lot of energy being poured into that emotion, and therefore it is quite draining on you. 1:36 And a person who has any of those emotions throughout a process of the day will go home exhausted from work. 1:44 There are high emotions like gratitude, kindness, generosity compassion, and well, let’s call it love. Yeah, let’s call it love. And those are high emotions. 2:00 And high emotions that are positive give you more energy. So it’s hard to have a silver bullet solution or a conversation about a motion because there are varying degrees. 2:16 It’s like a piano keyboard fully. You, you, you have to have your lower low notes to in order to make the high notes give a relative sound. 2:30 Low notes in emotion are best not expressed and are best not held onto. So if you feel anger, fear, doubt, jealousy, envy, last, all these things, you can process them up into gratitude, present certainty and love the four that I love, or gratitude, kindness generosity and compassion. 2:56 You can move them up. But by moving them up and Not, not expressing them in their lowest form, you become a an energy conservation machine. 3:06 You start producing energy. And when you be start producing energy, that’s like artificial intelligence or it starts to make itself and it makes itself out of nothing. 3:16 And emotion can give you energy and emotion can drain you of energy. And the the choice is up to you. 3:24 But most important in context of today’s conversation is an emotion can give you massive headaches. And all the low emotions are emotions that will cause your brain to get tight and it will block sound. 3:41 So anger or jealousy or envy or fear or doubt. All of these emotions tighten up your head and block information. 3:52 So whatever’s coming in through the senses doesn’t get to its receptacle place. So it gets analyzed. What happens? It bounces off below emotion and causes you to react immediately. 4:05 So if you’re in a bad mood and information comes in, you’ll bounce straight out into the, into a response to it rather than give yourself time. 4:14 So high emotions give you time. Low emotions give you no time. Low emotions are highly reactive. Low emotions, highly reactive. 4:23 High emotions are highly peaceful. And that my noise reduction by going to higher emotions means you have more time to think, more time to evaluate, more time to choose your responses to things. 4:40 And that’s what less mind noise does for you. So emotion, low emotion, high emotion, high emotion, give you time. Low emotion give you no time. 4:51 High emotion give you time to think low. Emotion give you reactions. High emotions will generate energy. Low emotions will suck it out of you. 5:00 This is Chris. Have a beautiful day. Bye.

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