Reducing Mind Noise – Video about Anger

Anger will mess you up, both mind noise and interpersonal. So, let’s be clear, it’s not a wise first choice. But anger can be helpful during times of change. Here’s a video about why.


0:00 Goodday hope you’re enjoying this series of podcasts and blogs and videos. And today we are talking on this particular video about anger. 0:14 Unlike doubt, unlike uncertainty and unlike confusion, anger has a really, really valuable purpose in our lives. Anger drives change, and therefore, when we can use anger to move ourselves from A to B. 0:30 And the question is will always be, is anger moving you or are you using anger to move something? So let’s say you want to be you wanna be vegetarian. 0:42 So you can say, I’m gonna be angry at meat because meat makes me not well. So I’m gonna be angry at meat and make myself vegetarian. 0:52 Fabulous. But if you say, and you are really angry about meat and the killing of animals and all these things, and that’s anger. 1:03 And from that anger you decide not to eat meat, that’s where anger is using you rather than you using anger. 1:10 Anger is a very powerful change mechanism. Nature uses it to reinforce the strength in a body. It uses it to cause people to be able to do superhuman things. 1:22 And it’s also a good thing in, in environments where you have, we have no choice but to move through things. 1:29 So person going through a divorce or through a heartbreak or something might use anger to get through it or be used by anger to get through it. 1:43 And if we are used by anger, anger becomes out of us in very, very unhealthy ways. It affects the liver, it affects the brain. 1:53 It affects the adrenals, it affects our kidneys. It affects the eyesight. It affects degree to which we are vulnerable to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. 2:06 So Alzheimer, when, when we get, when anger’s using us, when we become angry, really angry then it’s poison and it’s toxic in the blood. 2:17 But when we say, I want to be angry about something in order to cause me to move through it, we can fake it or we can act it, or we can simulate anger either way. 2:31 It’s a fairly low grade, a fairly bottom of the barrel emotional state. And we need to be very careful about it because the ultimate end of anger is massive mind noise. 2:45 The brain starts to heat up. And in all the eastern teachings about wellbeing and human wellness and longevity and love and inspiration and consciousness, heat in the body is really bad and it can be measured. 3:03 And when a person’s heat heats up, which is one of the reasons why in yoga or in meditation practice, in Buddhism, spices are not encouraged. 3:15 Red meats not encouraged. Alcohol’s not encouraged cuz they’re all inflammatory things and they heat the body. And that heat comes out in, in infl inflammation. 3:26 But it’s also inflammation of feelings, inflammation of emotions, inflammation of behavior, and that if it gets inflamed enough turns to raw uncontrolled and un untamed anger. 3:40 So we need to be mindful that if we want some degree of reduction in mind noise, we need to be careful about what we eat. 3:48 We need to be careful of the body heat that we start to build up in our body, getting nervous and stressed and agitated and anxious. 3:55 We need to be careful of what pills we take the alcohol we drink, all of its anger causing all of its inflammatory. 4:02 All of it causes us a massive amount of mind noise and none of that is healthy. So there’s one way to reduce your mind noise is don’t be angry. 4:14 This is Chris. Bye for now.

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