Sacred Love: The Honeymoon That Lasts Forever – The Realms of Love

The Third Realm: Emotion

We pick up on the third realm of love: emotion. This realm is characterised by deep feelings and expressions of romance. The most common thought here is, “I love you, and I need this, and this, and this.” In this realm, we write poems that express the beauty and intensity of our feelings. I felt a profound love deep within my core from the moment I met you. Without you, I would be sad and angry if I could not be with you. You make me happy, and I want you near me always. You are my sun, my morning, my every breath. You are the dew on my skin and the sun in my heart.


Expressions of Love

In this realm, every gesture becomes a testament to love: roses, gifts, meals, wine, and the touch on a shoulder that sends shivers down the spine. Holding your photograph close to my heart, I happily celebrate you and await your call. I am sorry for my reaction when you came home late and for my anger. These mood swings are unexplainable, but my love for you is constant. May this romance last forever.

The Fourth Realm: The Heart

Emotion evolves into the fourth realm: the heart. Here, the most common thought is, “I want to.” Love in this realm is unconditional. “I love you whether you come and go in my life. I love you no matter what happens.” This love transcends circumstances, pledging commitment for better or worse, in sickness and in health. It is a love that endures, a destiny that binds us together as friends for life.

Enduring Friendship

Our love has achieved a wonderful depth, feeling more like a profound friendship. Despite the romance fading, our bond remains strong. I hope we could stay passionate, but even as friends, our connection is vital. I love you always, my friend forever.

The Fifth Realm: Devotion

We move into the fifth realm: devotion. This realm is defined by the thought, “We choose to.” It is a sacred commitment to a shared purpose. Together, we can do what we love and share that journey. Our love is more than a contract of intimacy; it is a devotion to something greater than ourselves. This love is eternal, bound by our commitment to a higher purpose.

The Sixth Realm: Inspiration

Next is the sixth realm: inspiration. Here, we embrace the thought, “We choose to.” This inspired love binds us at all levels, from romantic to emotional to the fantastic. We are one, bound in light. No matter where you go or what you do, I am with you, always awake or asleep. This love is real and eternal, transcending physical presence. We are one in love, inspired by our shared journey.

The Seventh Realm: Unconditional Love

Finally, we reach the seventh realm: unconditional love. In this realm, love transcends time and space. It is a love that exists beyond form and sound, a love that knows no boundaries. We are one soul, one love, one now. This love is more profound than words can express, more enduring than any physical presence. It is a love that abounds in the beauty of nature, in the stillness of a lake, the kindness of the wind, the stars, and the moon. This unconditional love is never far, always present in the simplest world.


These seven realms of love culminate in a profound understanding of sacred love, the honeymoon that lasts forever.

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