Self- confidence is everything

Distill Bruce Lee into four words and these are them. “Self-Confidence is everything.

What is it?

Another word for self-confidence is inspiration “when the inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices”

But we are attracted to the outer. The opinion of a lover, the approval of children, the trust of a client, the affection of a dog. We speak of self confidence but we seek it in places where other’s confidence in us matters more.

So, what is inspiration and what does the inner voice have to say?

When you die to the outer voices, you know. Death is a frightening moment but this is the goal of meditation. Death. When you die to worry and fear and envy and reaction, you live.

A formula one driver trains for years to experience this for one hour. in this hour, there is no fear. Inspiration, the inner voice shuts out all emotions.

To the primal human nature Inspiation is like the end of the rainbow, a joke. For them, it’s black or white – no grey – on or off, right or wrong. It’s the monkey syndrome and for many it’s how life is.

The the mass, expression is the solution. Emotions rule, it either hurts or it doesn’t. There’s no convincing them that what others think and feel is irrelevant. They are obsessed with how they feel, and how others feel about how they feel. This, for most, is as good as it gets.

Walkerisms abound, but those two lower layers of being have not created in me, self/confidence, and this is important. How can I trust the universe if I have no self- confidence? How can I believe in order in the chaos with no self-confidence?

Lower levels of thought depend on others. This creates the lie, the mask, fraud, because self-confidence built on the opinion and moods of the wavering emotions of self or other is as unpredictable as Poker. It always relies on an element of luck and false face, exhausting.

Self confidence is a variable. It grows as we do. Yesterday’s self-confidence will not be solid with today’s problems. Self-confidence must evolve.

Ultimately, it is the only thing that must evolve, and that is the mission of problem solving solutions in my coaching… evolve and, with the consequent self-confidence, build.

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