How to Improve Your Self-Leadership Part 2

What to do today:

  1. Listen to this video (7 min)
  2. Download the Pdf Deck and print or put on Ipad (5 min)
  3. Go through the PDF deck and assign a few points for discussion
  4. Consider doing one or two of the PDF exercises in your free time… Enjoy it.

Yes it’s fantastic to have personal mastery as we’ve discussed in part a of this self leadership four set video series. But what if you can’t communicate that internal love and consciousness to other people and all they hear is boring boring boring boring boring boring boring. How do you make your communication exciting and impactful? If you have a purpose in life there is no use having it all bottled up inside you it is about influence on the influencing of other people to engage in your ideas. Speaking about your ideas is just 1% of the quality of your communication. There is so much more and on this video I’m happy to explain the added variables that make up the remaining 99% of good communication.

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