How to Improve Your Self-Leadership Parts 3 and 4

What to do today:

  1. Listen to this video (12 min)
  2. Download the Pdf Deck and print or put on Ipad (5 min)
  3. Go through the PDF deck and assign a few points for discussion


When we want to manifest something there is a process we go through. Very often we start the process halfway through we get an idea and we try to be as good as possible in projecting that idea. However, that’s only about 25% of the total process of manifestation. Holding the vision and projecting a division in other words becoming a broadcast system with non-verbal signals is the other 75%.

Very often we put all the work into the doing of something, we might study, we might present, we might deliver the goods and then walk away hoping that things go our way. In doing that we’ve done the last 50% of the manifestation process. When we walk away we still have influence over the results. For example if we walk away from a delivery that we were doing for a sales pitch and we do not send energy or visualisation toward those who are evaluating the process we have missed a golden opportunity to influence outcome.

Similarly, if we go on a first date with someone and would like to go on a second date with someone, if we sit waiting for the phone to Ring we are missing a golden opportunity to cause somebody to do what we want. The power of influence does not stop when the physical separation of us and those that we want to influences stops. We have the power to connect non-visually nonverbally and influence outcomes.

When you enter a state of doubt or uncertainty or you develop a state of hopefulness you are in the process of sabotaging the very outcome that you wish to create. If you muster all your forces as is described in the manifestation process and project that on to the person on the other end of the decision-making process you affect the results just as powerful as if you were standing next to them trying to convince them that you were the best. This aspect of life is so underestimated but every rockstar, actor, professional speaker, leader understands it. Maybe it’s time to include nonlocal communication in your manifestation model.

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