Whether you are mountain climbing, playing with the children, running a triathlon or doing the gardening at home, Self-Leadership at work and outside work is the same. The better you are at it, the more you’ll get done and in less time.

To ask “how do I get more done in less time” is an evolutionary question and therefore this question is the essence of self-leadership.

There are some caveats:

  • with less stress
  • with improved quality
  • with a sense of enjoyment
  • with a clear outcome of fulfillment

Let’s look at the key ingredients of getting more done in less time, or Self-Leadership….

The Short list

Clarity – goals are often placed as carrots in front of donkeys to keep them trudging up hills, I’m no fan of carrots or what many more sophisticated psychologists call, motivation. I prefer my clients to be Inspired more than motivated.. there’s a massive difference. That aside, goals are for the purpose of “CLARITY.” we must have clarity. If we loose clarity we waste time. Clear goals, clear process, clear outcomes, clear process, clear plan b.

Vision – where clarity comes from micro analysis of a journey ahead, vision comes from the macro. Some people call Vision the big WHY but I like to be more humane and say “Vision is where the mind stops and the heart starts” – all struggle comes from half hearted succeess attempts. I ask my clients for a vision greater than themselves. This is heading toward a sense of greater purpose than self-satisfaction. In all manifestation of great things, vision has beaten hard work every time.

Emotion – The only person in the universe who needs to know how you feel is you. If you let others know how you feel, I mean really feel, you will be spending incredible amounts of time repairing, manipulating, contriving, steaming and brewing. Instead, realise that feelings are the consequence of a viewpoint you take. You can, with practice change your viewpoint and therefore your feelings. Instead of venting and fixing things that make you feel bad, change your feelings, and save the energy.

Time – “work expands to fill the time you give it” — enough said

So this is a taste of the work of Self-Leadership — it’s a big topic.. if you’d love to know more, ask me and I’ll be happy to share.

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