List of Steps

step 1

The Strength to Be Authentic In Doing What You Say

If you say you are going to do something, then do it. If you say you are not, then don’t. But beware of saying one thing and doing another. Beware the war in your own head when you say one thing to yourself and another to someone else. Do you know why? Because that war is transferable. In other words people know when we are being insincere or even lying. The human intuition is so powerful it knows when others are not being true. Sometimes we know but we don’t want to know. That leads to people saying “Damn, I knew it.” And they did. The higher you go the deeper your roots need to be on earth. A solid foundation is needed. That human foundation is called being authentic to yourself. Practical, common sense, every day, daily habits that keep things real. This is the first step in the Innerwealth Coaching Process.

step 2

The Courage to Think Differently and Independently

Blind people cannot see. An emotionally righteous individual is also blind. They are blind to truth. They do not see balance. That there are two sides to everything is obvious to all humanity and yet, few people recognise how they practice imbalance in their beliefs and thinking. Every emotion is an imbalanced thought. Every moral right is only half a story. Every right has a wrong, every pleasure a pain. There can be no such thing as a one sided situation and yet, mental health problems proliferate because people seek one sided thoughts, emotions. It even leads to suicide and self harm. Nature never grows in straight lines, neither do you. Navigating the thinking. of life is a course of life brings with it challenges . If our character is weak we will submit to the half truth. Our character must have the strength and dexterity deal with social thinking that is unbalanced. The person who sees more balance will always lead. It is a way of approaching life that accepts morals, ethics, feelings of others but is not succoured by it. This stage of inner wealth encourages authentic thinking which means having the courage to think differently and independently under all circumstances. This is the second step in the Innerwealth Coaching Process.

step 3

The Self-Control To Rise Above Narcissism

What you feel runs your life. It’s hard to do good if you don’t feel good. And yet, those feelings lead one way or another to insanity. You might feel hurt by words, or offended by comments, or feel hungry for an ice-cream or thirsty for a beer. You can see, feelings lead to dissatisfaction rather than fulfilment. One goal achieved, creates 2 more to replace it. And so, the endless pursuit of happiness begins with feelings that we untamed as a child. At some time, we either indulge ourselves and try to live as an adult satisfying our feelings (called Narcissism) or we tame the tiger. Chasing feelings can be in opposition to your inner voice. That opposition is rarely external to you but mostly it is in your head. Beliefs create an appetite for more pleasure, less pain, more right less wrong. We simply chase feeling good but alas, there is nowhere on earth where anyone only feels good. Those beliefs, built through bad experience or false expectations can block the way to an otherwise wonderful life. To cultivate self-empowerment you will need to clear out a few skeletons buried in the cupboard that may cause you to flip into narcissism from time to time, chasing feelings and ignoring your calling. Emotional Awareness and strength is the third step in the Innerwealth Coaching Process.

step 4


Knowing. what you want in life and believing you have the right to go out and get it is called Self-Actualisation. It means you have passed through the lower steps and have arrived in a very powerful place. In knowing what you want, you are also declaring the opportunity to go out and do whatever it takes to get it. This is a powerful place to be in life but it comes with a whole raft of caveats. The first is to be aware of the skills and talents it’s going to require to get what you want. In other words give yourself time to make the achievement real. Second, be ready for pushback. Even when the crazies of human development claim you only have to think it to bring it, you know that’s false. It takes real grit to get and then keep what you want. Most give up when the going gets tough because they think stress and anxiety is bad. But stress and anxiety are all part of living the dream. In the innerwealth coaching process, we create realistic expectations and also help you deal with resistance and suffering with a bulletproof jacket. 

step 5,6,7


Inner wealth means putting your heart and soul into whatever you do. Whether it’s mowing the lawn or fixing a powerpoint presentation. This is where great living, enlightened thinking, strength of character and values alignment come together to cause a result often called success. Victory means you achieve what you wanted, you do it with enjoyment and you are rewarded internally as well as externally. It is a never ending path. This path is ongoing inner wealth coaching steps 5 to infinity.

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