How to Handle Feeling Disempowered

Without doubt one of the greatest challenges of our lives is to deal with situations without feeling sorry for ourselves. It is quite natural and automatic to protect ourselves from pain by blaming somebody else or something else for causing it. But when we do that we automatically feel sorry for ourselves that we have faced a challenge that has no blessing. Kim such a situation really exist? In my experience the answer is no. I have gone through hell in a handbag over and over again throughout the course of my life and to be honest with you I haven’t felt sorry for myself for a very very long time. The reason is I understand natures intention. I know that nature would never cause hardship or pain without omission or purpose to help grow a human being. Sometimes the lessons are harder than we would otherwise have volunteered for. The most expensive lesson on earth is a hospital bed. That’s why I say learning from experience is learning the most expensive and hardest way. And there’s no need for that

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