The objectives of this lesson are: (1) to alter your mental attitude, and (2) to direct your thoughts into those channels which lead to success, achievement, health, happiness and perfect good; (3) the stimulation of the inward power for the overcoming of bad habits (5) the building up of character, and (6) the discovery and development of the creative faculty.

How these are accomplished will be explained to you, but first of all I want you to consider, thoughtfully, what is being offered to you. It’s not exactly an easy road which you have chosen. No path that leads upward ever is. The path of victory is always thorny; but when the thorns hurt most, we can console ourselves with the knowledge that the path really does lead somewhere, and we know definitely that it leads to success, achievement, happiness, and satisfaction. Remember these four words, pin them to your wall because they are the single reason you succeed when the thorns dig deep into your legs.

Difficulties there will be, disappointments, failures and setbacks, but to the person who sets their eyes towards the light, will keep steadily onwards, there must come success and accomplishment and victory, above all the false expectation.

So if now you merely read this lesson and pass it on as if knowing it is doing it, the amount of good that it will do will be zero, none at all. This course is useless if you do not open up your mind and “do” it. Reading it will do you little or no good, it is the doing it that will change your character and your life. And this is the essence of my coaching. It is why I work primarily one on one with you instead of mass audience who consume millions, no billions of data bites and yet change nothing. The essence is in the doing of it and in being accountable to yourself and me, your teacher, for implementing actions toward success, achievement, happiness, and satisfaction.

Therefore, stop now and think carefully over the path that is in front of you; ask “am I serious about success, achievement, happiness, and satisfaction. Estimate the difficulties of the path, do not think lightly of them, be prepared for difficulty, and make up your mind, here now to conquer all resistance. The image of this that is burnt into the minds of all humanity is “Jesus, crown of thorns, carrying the cross to his own end.” It is a story not of a man but of success, achievement, happiness, and satisfaction. Do not pretend you will have no cross to bare. Do not fake that you can have multiple priorities. That alone is the cause of failure. If pleasing your family and others is most important to you, close this reading because it will simply make you more frustrated and unhappy. Success precedes results. Achievement comes before happiness. Happiness comes before satisfaction.

You may have failed in the past, but over this time you must, you will, and you shall overcome every difficulty and weakness, and achieve total control over yourself, victory over your circumstances and complete mastery over your life.

“There must and shall be no failure at this time. This time you are going to succeed through the power that is within you.

Now close your eyes, and mentally picture yourself, radiant strong, successful, happy, full of the joy and zest for life. See yourself treading a path that leads ever upwards. Behind you the air is murky and gloomy, but in front is increasingly bright and beautiful. See yourself progressing, climbing, winning. See yourself trampling old habits and weaknesses under your feet. See yourself meeting difficulties from your past, and see yourself, sustained by a mighty inward power, brushing all obstructions aside, and never faltering in your upward climb.

Concentrate with all your powers on this mental imagery. Persevere until you can see yourself radiant, sublime, stripped of all weaknesses and imperfections, the perfect image of your perfect self. See yourself full of vitality and health, see yourself successful, attracting both people and affluence to you. Make a concrete, sharply defined image in your mind of yourself as you desire to be; see yourself master of circumstances, attracting all good things by the power of your mental forces.

“Whatever you create, in this manner, in your mental world, will later be manifested in your outward life.”

In other words, by mental imagery you are creating your future self. You will gradually grow into the likeness of the image that you are now creating. Therefore create the right image. Let your ambition be a high one; do not picture yourself as a common person, satisfied with Netflix, trivial news and sugary pleasures. Instead, create a perfect person the most perfect of which you can conceive.

In the same way when you throw your mind forward and visualise the task before you, “Will” that all difficulties are overcome, and that if you get weary of “Will,” you will not give up but will persevere, and arouse fresh interest in the task of self culture and achievement, when you are already winning the battle in advance, you are making your ultimate success doubly sure.

Look up into the sky at night and witness the infinite mystery of the universe. Get mentally into touch with those patient stars that flash and twinkle like gems of the purist water. Realise they are SUNS, situated millions of miles away. Then think of our own little spot in the universe – the solar system. Think of the majestic magnetic sun; the planets all following certain paths guided by a wonderful system of universal law. Observe the precision of the rising and setting of the sun, the lunar periods, the rhythmic ebb and flow of the tides. Let your mind grasp what all this means, let it sweep right from the grandest aspect of nature down to the ant and self and what does it say? A power expressing itself in an infinite variety of ways, in everything and through everything. There is nothing, not a molecule, not an atom, not an electron that does not contain this wondrous power. Human beings have been described as a replica of the universe; an atom observed has been described as a replica of the solar system; therefore we have universe within universe, solar system within solar system, and all animated, controlled and directed by the universal or infinite mind. The Universal Laws.

Therefore the power that animates the human body is an infinite power – in humans the infinite mind finds its highest expression on the visible plan: visualisation.

At one time a human was thought to be an animal with a soul. Now we are known to be an indestructible ego with an imperishable mind finding expression in a temporary physical body.

The cause of all human weaknesses, mistakes and failures, has been that they have not realised the power within; instead they have sought to create themselves to be separate and replace this connection with substitutes as family, friends and children. Then try, helpless, adrift, without map or compass to live success, achievement, happiness, and satisfaction out on the sea of life with random notions from trillions of bites of data to make sense of it all. They have thought themselves to be the victim of circumstance, the sport of fate, the puppet of forces outside themselves. They’ve called themselves a worm instead of looking upon themselves as a master of life. They have thought themselves to be worthless and insignificant, attached to those who agree with it, instead of realising their wonderful internal powers and the grand connections of their being.

Instead of being a worm, humankind is a giant. Potentially all the powers of the infinite mind are available. Instead of being the victim of circumstances we can control them. Instead of being the puppet of forces outside ourselves, we have within the ourselves the power to be what we Will; to do what we Will; to accomplish all that we desire.

Now at least the darkness is being pierced and you might realise that you are a mental creature and that you are mind as well as matter. That is, as mind, you one with the universe or infinite mind. That the difference between human and the infinite or universal mind is not one of kind but of degree.

Like a traveller lost in the desert, who, almost dying, at last finds their way to a permanent spring of water, and drinks and drinks again, knowing that they can never exhaust the everlasting supply; so does humankind after long wanderings, at last realised that within them is the fountain of a never failing power and wisdom, and that their subliminal mind is linked with and forms of part of the infinite mind of the universe.

This is the great discovery in the history of an individual; this is the crowning revelation of all the ages; this is the blinding knowledge that dwarfs every other knowledge.

That within each human dwells the infinite and unfathomable mind of the universe.

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