Sit very quietly and relax your nerves and muscles, and concentrate your thoughts on your idea of an ideal world. Picture a world of indescribable beauty, without pain, sickness or care; without hate, unkindness or selfishness; without poverty, want or lack. Picture mentally a world in which love and goodwill are supreme where beauty, joy, happiness, plenty and profusion of all good things are abundant and for all. Picture a world where there is no limitation where you can know everything, possess all the wisdom, and where you can be everywhere at the same time.

In this world the colours of the flowers and the sky are more beautiful and transparent than anything you have seen before, the singing of the birds more inspiring than anything you’ve heard before. The inhabitants are commonly and gloriously healthy and strong, they are all animated by goodwill and indescribably happy. This is the perfect world of mind.

Now concentrate on this image in your mind’s eye. You will most probably find worry thoughts intruding. Thoughts of the mortgage, the rent, of the mistake one of your team has made at work, of threaten competition, or of some criticism or unkind comment that has been made against you. Whenever those thoughts try to enter your mind dismiss it, let it float away or block it at once and concentrate your mind upon the ideal world. This will not be easy, but continue to persevere. It is most important that you master this, because by doing so you are cultivating one of the most powerful faculties of your mind. Therefore keep on dismissing the unwelcome thoughts by denying them. For instance, you are disturbed by the thought that something grossly unfair has been done to you, it makes your blood boil when you think of it. Immediately this thought comes to you, you say once, “in this perfect world of mind there is no unfairness injustice or unkindness, all is truth and honour and goodwill” and raise your thoughts above the imperfect material life, and concentrate your mental gaze on your ideal world.

Another option to block out thoughts that may intrude on your visualisation is to present yourself with the vision of a stop sign blocking one path (usually the left side) at a fork in the road. This red stop sign blocks the road ahead to the left which is for the continuation of the negative or unwanted thought process that is not conducive to your ideal world and leaves another road open for your right thinking to travel into your ideal thought imagery. Again a thought may come into your mind such as a competitor in your business may ruin you. Immediately deny it by saying, “in this perfect world there is no competition, there is no failure; I am a perfect metal creature gifted with infinite powers, and I am above competition, I am success.” Keep your mental vision in your ideal world the whole time and keep denying all your troubles one by one, and affirming their opposites.

By your denials you “kill” the worry thought and by affirming its opposite you build up a character and mental outlook that are superior to worry and incapable of failure.

This may sound somewhat fantastic to you, but it is absolutely true. Later on you’ll be able to prove the truth of this beyond any shadow of doubt.

It can be shown and we have discussed it earlier that in a general way the subliminal mind should be influenced for good by allowing only thoughts of good, courage, health, success etc to pass through the rational thinking mind (conscious mind). This is the foundation of all happiness and harmony in one’s life, but we have a more powerful reason for doing this. You want to arouse your latent powers, and to train your subliminal mind to solve all your problems, to give you true inspiration and supply you with original ideas, then other methods must be employed. Your great subliminal mind is not going to give up its wonderful abundance of knowledge, neither is it going to act as a solver of all your problems, in response to a half cocked, intermittent or wishful effort. What is necessary is very strong concentrated, forceful, directed thoughts be set down into the greater mind, continuously and persistently. Whatever message you keep sending down into your subliminal mind through these visualisations and affirmations, provided it is not changed or altered every second week, and is sufficiently strong and concentrated (felt in your body) will be obeyed – in time. Some students will take longer than others, but everyone sooner or later, who follows these instructions will develop the power of directed subliminal thinking – inspired thinking.

The first step is to impress very powerfully on the subliminal mind that it is capable of solving all your problems. At present unless you are a very rare exception, your subliminal mind has been hypnotised into the belief that it cannot solve all your problems. So long as it believes that it cannot solve all your problems it will never attempt to do it, but once you can convince your subliminal mind that it has the power, the wisdom and knowledge to do so, then you will at once pass from weakness to power. You will have at your disposal a mind so vast and wonderful that the limited finite mind of of the senses will be unable to grasp its full significance.

In order to convince your subliminal mind that can solve all your problems you must;

  1. Believe yourself that it can do so
  2. Have a strong desire to use your hidden powers
  3. Make strong affirmations that your subliminal mind can think constructively and drawing on infinite knowledge solve every perplexity and problem
  4. Visualise yourself meeting with the problems and having them solved immediately by referring them to your greater mind within

Within you are limitless powers, but they only become available when you consciously call on them and make use of them. Therefore carry this thought strongly in your mind, “my subliminal mind can draw upon the universal intelligence and solve all of my problems.”

When seeking to direct thoughts to the subliminal mind it is necessary to get alone and to quiet down the objective mind and the senses. When all thoughts of worry, work, relationship and material life, have been dismissed from the mind and perfect mental calm obtained then you will be in a state favourable to;

  1. The sending of directions to the subliminal mind
  2. Receiving inspiration from it

Retreat into your stillness every day and twice a day if possible, between the hours of AEST 5 am and 9 am and between 8pm and 11:30 pm. Other times are fine, but those times I mentioned will be especially valuable to students, as between these hours I too will be thinking on the same thoughts, the same vibrations, and from my mind I will be transmitting, connecting, and it will be helpful to all who are tuned in to receive it.

Try and arrange to spend 15-30 minutes in this state of relaxation and contemplation before retiring at night. Sit in a quiet place, relax your body and concentrate on – read these words:

“Within me are infinite powers seeking expression. In the past, because I did not know of their existence, they have been stilled and suppressed. Now I openly “Will” that they are called into activity, and find perfect and full expression in my body in the form of perfect health, in my life in the form of success and achievement, in my heart in the form of a mighty upwelling of joy and happiness. Now that I have discovered this hidden and inexhaustible store of power and energy, my life is transformed; weakness gives place to strength, sorrow to happiness, morbidness to radiant joy, pessimism to divine optimism, despair to hope, failure to success, poverty to prosperity, sickness to health. Henceforth only the highest good can come into my life. Now by the power of my thought – forces I am aligned with and joined to the infinite principle of good, and we have become one. Henceforth for me there is, and can be, no evil, only infinite good. All evil is now cast out of my life, because I am one with the infinite good. “No evil, nothing can harm or destroy.” Henceforth by inspired thinking I control my life, for my life is the result of the effect of my thoughts. When evil thoughts or weak thoughts, or mean thoughts, or failure thoughts, or fear thoughts, or negative thoughts, or hate thoughts, or disease thoughts come to me, I will block them out and think only of thoughts of love, and strength, and of health and prosperity, of success and achievement, and of the infinite perfection with in which I am now aligned and of which I form part.”

When concentrating on the above, take each thought separately in turn and concentrate all your thoughts on it. Not only grasp its meaning, but try and picture what it means. For instance “my life is transformed.” When you think on these words try and see your life being transformed, see your uncertainties falling away from you like an old coat and instead strength, success and noble qualities being born in their place. Practice and concentrate and feel the power of this quiet isolation time.

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