At this point in the course, given that you have your affirmations and understand the universal laws well enough to enter into your perfect mind for denials, I want you to start seriously to develop your visualising powers.

By this you will improve your memory of knowledge, but that is quite a minor outcome. What is important is that what you create in the form of a mental vision, if persistently held in the mind, will assuredly manifest self in your life. It gives you two methods by which you can alter your life to create better circumstances and achieve success. First by denials and affirmations, and second by concentration and visualisation. The two should work together. For instance you make an affirmation, preceded by a denial, next, you concentrate on developing a mental movie of what you have affirmed yourself to be.

So, do you wish to be successful? That’s got to be your first admission to yourself because if “ordinary” and “bland” are acceptable to you, then this course will surely bore the lights out of you and best now stop wasting time.

Step 1. Success requires that you deny the negative and affirm the good. This does not mean that the negative does not exist, what it means is that you see the balance but focus on the good, the positive, the beautiful, the successful because the negative, evil, is the general cause of all your troubles and lack of success and the more you dwell on what’s wrong, what’s not perfect, what’s not great, the more you attract it. Next you must affirm success and follow this by visualisation, either yourself in your perfect mental world, radiant and successful, or else dwell only on the perfect world of mind where there is no failure or limitation of any description.

So you clear away the mist of evil which clouds your vision and numbs your faculties and crowds your life with difficulty, this you do by killing it by the use of denial; “there is no evil.“ Use this denial until the mist clears away and you get a clear view of your perfect world of mind, then affirm “there is only infinite good.“ Then denied poverty and failure, because they have no part in a perfect world, neither can they affect you, who are in essence, a perfect mental creature (universal laws).

Having killed failure and poverty by denial, then affirm “I am success, I am perfect mental creature, one with the supreme source of all good, part of the universal mind.“ “I am success, like a magnet I attract to me all that I need” ““The Universal Forces Flow Through me and hurry to do my work for me and gain me success.“

“I am carried along by an irresistible power, I am success, success, success.“

Make this affirmation proceeded by the denials, night and morning, always making the affirmation in “your perfect mental world“ buttress it up by repeating it during the day, each time raising yourself to your higher world; do this, and you will revolutionise your life.

In order to increase your powers of mental imagery do the following exercise;

EXERCISE 1. Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Take a simple flower, or picture, and gaze at it very attentively for several minutes. Examine it in every possible way. Impress every detail upon your mind, then close your eyes and bring up an exact mental image of the thing you have been looking at. If the image is crisp and sharply defined with no details missing you will have done well, if not, keep on trying until you succeed. You may even peek at the object by opening your eyes and closing them again.

EXERCISE 2. Sherlock Holmes

When you go into any room or office examine carefully every detail; where each piece of furniture is, what pictures are on the walls, what is on the floor, the kind of heating and everything else that forms part of the furnishings. Either immediately, or after you get home or on the way home in the bus, close your eyes (why you don’t do it in the car) and recall, by making a mental image, as much as you can, of what you saw. Practice this visualisation as much as possible during the coming week, and make affirmations to suit your growing developments.

Whatever your needs may be, you can make a denial and affirmation to supply that need. Whatever difficulty you have to face you can overcome it by denial and affirmation made in your perfect world of mind.

This course in INSPIRED THINKING seeks to build a firm foundation of character upon which you can later build the superstructure of success. Seek first to eradicate all weakness of character and in its place plant their opposites. If you are gardening, and believe me, your mind is a garden, when you pull weeds, if you do not plant flowers in their place, more weeds grow back. This is the function of DENIALS (weed pulling) and AFFIRMATIONS (flower planting).


For instance if you have been a procrastinator, become instead recognised by your ability to get things done now, instant action. If you have been pessimistic, become cheerful and optimistic instead. If not punctual, become the most punctual person who ever lived. If you have been silent and morose, flick to bright and cheerful. All this is possible and really quite easy of accomplishment, by the use of denials, affirmations and mental imagery (visualisation).

Remember, it is important to note at this point in the subject of character, that every human being has every human trait (universal law #3) and therefore, it is a matter of owning the negative and the positive opposite of the character trait, but not expressing the negative and rather focussing on the positive character trait you wish to flourish. An example of this is the blind notion of introvert and extrovert, or creative or thinking split in human character. The introvert has the extrovert under wraps, the creative prefers freedom of thought to analytical thought but the have all these qualities available if they choose to overcome their judgements through denials and affirmations.

When you have built up your character the road to success will become comparatively easy because success is principally a matter of character.

The general affirmation I introduced to you at the beginning of this course has now served its purpose and can now be strengthened. You have progressed sufficiently to join me in the greatest denial and affirmation of all, which is;

“There is no evil. Only infinite good.”

It is very difficult for the beginner to realise that “there is no evil“. There are entities in your mind which prevent you from understanding this truth but they will get removed by denial. Even if you may have chosen a family member or spouse to express this negative focus and their fearful view is expressed to you, you can use denial and affirmation to ensure you are not reacting, judging or in any other way swallowing the poison of their thinking.

Now it is time in this course for you to recognise that not everyone on this earth is going to understand when you shout “DENY EVIL – THERE IS NO EVIL – FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE”. It’s a huge leap between the mind soaking most people absorb and habitually regurgitate to be motivated and what you now know. Even the one you love may present to you a world of fear and negative toxin to which you must learn the practice of silent denial, affirmation and visualisation. It is not disrespectful. They are pouring petrol on a fire to extinguish it.

This is where the words “SELF-RELIANCE” become so critical.

So powerful is this silent denial process, that it makes some people quite ill at first. Learning to hold back emotional reactions to people can build up resentment, anger and tension. The definition of INSPIRED THINKING is to be amongst thieves but not become one. To be amongst negative thinkers who complain and moan about their life and the impact of others (blame) on their life and not become judgmental. We laugh at comedians but we don’t always want to become them. So we can witness the negative behaviour and energy of others and enjoy the concert without wanting to allow ourselves to be saturated in their feelings and projections.

Keep on making the denial night and day; keep looking up into your perfect world of mind and after a time you will suddenly realise that for you there is no evil, only infinite perfection and everything is beautiful and true. Precede every affirmation by a denial. Before starting any important work make use of them; and before any relaxation or concentration, always use them; raising, at the same time, your mind into its perfect world.

By this means you will so cleanse and strengthen your mind and that will transform your life.

“The subconscious mind that is impure, sordid and selfish, is gravitating with unerring precision toward misfortune and catastrophe; the subconscious that is pure, unselfish and noble, is gravitating with equal position towards happiness and prosperity. Every subliminal mind attracts its own, and nothing can come to it that does not belong to it. To realise this is to recognise the universality of the laws of nature.

The words of the Buddha:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought; it is founded on our thoughts; it is made up of our thoughts.“

“Your own thoughts, desires and aspirations comprise your world, and, to you, all that there is in the universe of beauty and joy and bliss, all of ugliness and sorrow and pain, is contained within yourself. Through your own thoughts you make all life your world, your thoughts are your universe.“

Importance of choosing the right visualisation images and movies in your mind’s eye cannot be underestimated. If it is money that you want then “see“ the money falling in showers on your desk, if it is service to others that you desire, then “see“ yourself nursing the sick and caring for the brokenhearted, whatever you picture in this way persistently, will, in time, be bought to pass in your life. Nothing ever “happens“ it is always “bought to pass“.

You cannot get what you want simply by wishing it. You have to work for it by mental imagery, detailed and clear mental imagery, then in time the way will open for you in a most marvellous way.

Continue to practice concentration on one thought or mental image, inhibiting all of the thoughts until the senses are entirely still. Then say as before “my subliminal mind draws on the all wisdom of the universe and solves every problem.“

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