Take a simple flower. Examine it carefully. Note its purity and its simplicity and beauty. No poet, who ever lived, has ever been able to describe, adequately, its beauty and fresh simplicity. This flower is an expression of the universal life of mind, as you are an expression of the universal life of mind, therefore we are connected at that level. There is only one life at the universal level, one mind – the universal, and you and this flower are individual expressions of that mind.

This flower is a sort of messenger from the universal unseen. It tells you that there is no evil. The intelligence that produced this lovely object cannot be evil, cannot produce evil, therefore there is no evil, per se, only that which exist in our own animal mind.

Therefore I hear the voice of the flower say in silent whispers: “there is no evil only infinite good. I am content.”

Continue to practice concentration upon one thought or image to the exclusion of all other thoughts and images until your conscious and subconscious minds are perfectly calm. When you have begun to master this, anywhere and anytime, you may begin to make use of this wonderful “other mind” the subliminal mind and its connection to the universal intelligence to change your circumstances. i.e harness the success formula to your work, life and family achievement. This is explained fully in your face to face coaching but in order that you can start getting results at once the following pattern can really get the ball rolling: just as you are falling asleep, calm and still the mind by doing to Arni process, TOTAL RECALL. Just go backward over the day, step by step, one hour at a step, being thankful for what you can recall happened in that hour that was significant. Like, one hour before now, watched some TV with my partner, one hour before that did some great emails, one hour before that ate a wonderful nutritious meal with family, one hour before that drove home safely, etc. And when you have succeeded in getting back 12 hours, bring and challenge you are dealing with and need a solution for, into your mind and affirm that while you sleep your subliminal mind will solve your problem and give you the answer in the morning. Next dismiss the matter from your mind and go to sleep. In the morning, when you wake up, refuse to worry about your problem or engage in any nerve wracking thought about it: instead still the mind as before and the answer will come. If you have been an eager student it may come in the form of a text, not a text on your phone, but a text in your mind: if you have been brought up on proverbs and worldly wisdom such as on a farm it may come in the form of some wise old saying, or, to some it may come in the form of a whisper. The more you practice this and make use of this faculty, the clearer and more certain will be the results.


Hold in your mind a sharp definite picture of the success you have planned. If it is money that you desire, then see money in abundance pouring in streams onto your desk. If it is health that you need, hold a picture of perfect health before your mental eyes. If it is a business service or practice of your own, then mentally “see“ yourself in a perfectly appointed office receiving wealthy clients in large numbers, and “see“ them waiting patiently in queues for their turn to see you. Whatever it is that you desire, no matter whether it is here, in the future, an invention, pure genius, abundant love, heaps of friends, a great house, land or service to others, picture it very definitely and distinctly and hold this image clear before your mind’s eye, keep constantly calling it up, and every time that you do let the image inspire you with joy. As you call up the picture affirm “I am success“ and believe that is already yours. Keep on affirming success, and visualising success, and it will surely come and in much larger volume than ever you imagine possible.

I wish you the highest possible success. with love and wisdom, Chris

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