Your mind actually has creative power, not just in a figurative sense but in reality. What you see with your physical eyes is matter vibrating at different rates. That matter that you can see in this way is course not matter at all but trillions of billions of trillions of atoms, molecules and particles vibrating. However, with your mind’s eye you can see other matter. Matter of a finer nature. With your mind’s eye you can mould this finer matter into any pattern you please using your imagination. What you create in your imagination in this way, in other words, what you visualise, if persistently held onto, will form the metrics out of which will grow your life.

Whatever happens is imagined in your mind before it happens.

The courser particles of the outer life are shaped on the patterns formed by the finer matter imagined by your mind. This is why these lessons have persistently taught you to create in your mind in a certain attitude of thought and to visualise what you wish to accomplish. By the use of affirmations which is thought control, mind control, in its most practical form you have learned to make the most powerful use of the greatest of all powers: thought:

Then, by visualisation, you’ve put into operation a secret known to the masters and my teachers, but withheld from the multitudes until now. Visualisation is a form of concentrated thought. It is only possible as a result of intense concentration. It is thought materialised in the visual image made from the finer matter of mind stuff. Therefore the more real and clear and sharply defined your mental image is, (imagination and visualisation) the greater your powers of concentration. So, the power to concentrate can develop, and grow if the power of imagination is encouraged. You are already aware of the value of concentration in business, in study, and, in any effort to accomplish and achieve. It is too well known by you already to need any comment. It empowers you, when confronted with a difficult challenge, to get your teeth right into it and to go right to the very heart of the subject without fatigue or brain weariness. The greatest lawyers and council, the super scientists and investigators, the most successful people of business and athletes of the highest performance, are those with the greatest powers of concentration. Some have this power naturally, others, like I had to, can acquire it.

As far as I know this course of lessons is the only serious attempt to teach this power.

By the methods taught in this course you can, by the constant use of affirmations, and by persevering in the visualisation lessons, develop a degree of concentration power almost unknown in the West, approximating somewhat to the power of certain eastern adepts, monks and meditators who have made concentration and mind control the study of their lifetime.

I have learnt to concentrate my whole mind and my thoughts on a single tip of a pin for minutes at a time. Try it, and see how soon your attention waivers, how your mind wanders about the point. But never on it. You think of other things such as concentration. When you ask your mind to be determined to think of nothing but the pinhead, the mind wanders off into 101 other things and has to be bought back again and again by effort of Will. You’ll finally give up and acknowledge that it is a very difficult thing to do.

When you can concentrate your whole mind and thoughts on the tip of a pin for one minute you will be able to accomplish anything you wish to give your attention to. You will have the power to take up a topic or problem, examine it, decide upon it, and then to dismiss the matter entirely from your mind. You may give it a try to estimate this power and its value. But, instead, practice it and one day, instead of lying awake all night worrying over a business problem, you’ll dismiss it from your mind and have a good nights rest, and wake up in the morning with fresh energy and strength and, most importantly, with your problem solved.

But we are not here to learn the art of pin watching. That is an exercise but we are not in the luxury of wasting time. Instead, focus all your powers, all your focus of concentration, on the achievement of your ambition. SUCCESS FORMULA. This is the head of your pin. A clear and well-defined image of what you intend to accomplish that must be constantly held in your mind, and never changed until the object and its outcome is achieved.

Visualise and affirm success, deny evil, deny failure, and constantly and perseveringly because this is the only real path to success.

Remember that success is not only a matter of concentration – it is also a question of staying power. How many promising careers have been ruined by the lack of perseverance and “stickability.“ In business and in other competitive walks of life, it is frequently the one with the longest staying in power who wins. The brilliant, the clever, the ones with every advantage, drop by the way, and leave the field clear for the plodder and the sticker. Therefore hold the thought “I am success“ constantly in your mind and let it colour all your actions, inspire all your deeds. Hold the perfect image of your success as a clear picture in your mind, persevere and hang on and never grow weary in goodness and well doing; then whatever it is that you are aiming for will be accomplished. Be assured of this, and, again, I speak from experience, not only will your vision of success be accomplished, but it will be exceeded beyond your wildest dreams.

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