Make your own denials and affirmations now and forever and use them. Do not do anything without consulting your inner-self. Practice and bring your inward powers to action. If you feel gloomy, affirm that you are bright and cheerful; then your gloom will be chased away like mist before the morning sun. If you feel tired, affirm that you are fresh and vigorous and free from fatigue; then act accordingly, and you will find that your lethargy has gone away. If you feel worn-out raise yourself mentally above the petty things of life, think about universes and ET and you will find yourself dwelling on a plane, where worry and care cannot exist.

First Method: If you need guidance in the face of difficulty, when your finite objective mind of the senses is perplexed and at the limit of its resources, then withdraw into yourself and receive wisdom and guidance from the great within, your imagination. Then, put the matter that is perplexing you out of your mind and dismiss every thought as it comes until at least the mind is entirely free from thought – until it is a complete blank. When you have done this you have separated yourself entirely from the world and the life of the senses and you are in touch with the infinite mind of the universe. Then the answer come, in the stillness, a small knowing which is in every human being, if they would just know it and listen for it. Whatever the answer is, act on it, because it’s the divine wisdom.

Second Method: Another method is to raise oneself mentally above what you’re worrying about and all the dramas of life, and deny evil and affirm the infinite good until you get a clear concept of your perfect world of mind. The worry or perplexity will follow you even there, but when it does, deny its existence and affirm perfect peace, perfect wisdom, perfect knowledge, perfect understanding. Affirm that humankind is a perfect mental creature, one of the infinite mind, and, therefore, in their higher self, can never be perplexed or troubled by trivial things of the material life. Again and again the worry will come, but if you will each time deny it and affirm your perfect self, the possessor of all wisdom and all knowledge and all understanding, the perplexity will get weaker and weaker until it is killed altogether. Now contemplate the wonders and the brilliance of the perfect world of mind for a time and, after that, turn immediately to, and occupy the mind with some other matter. The answer will come, the problem will be solved, and the way will be open before you in a wonderful manner.

A Third Method: Just as you are going to sleep, after conquering the worries by doing an emotional shower, create a thought and, rising superior to your perplexity, in your perfect world of mind, simply hold the problem in your mind in an expectant way, believing and affirming that in the morning the problem will be solved. When the morning comes you will find, on waking, the solution to your perplexity or it will come to you as you are getting up.

No matter which method you use, be sure and act on this voice of intuition, because it is the divine wisdom within you. Sometimes when you get back to the hurly-burly of life, the answer will seem silly and foolish and impracticable, but do not be deceived, act only upon the message which came from the silence, do this and you will find that you have listened to the voice of the highest wisdom. Don’t modify or change the wording.

Practice for calming

A visualisation exercise; imagine that you have received a momentous letter from overseas. Trace its journey back to the beginning. Let’s assume it’s an email. First your screen displays the email second your server receives the email sent third the digital imprint of the email travelled along cables fourth it flew through the air fifth it was converted from typing into a digital footprint sixth a keyboard received it from fingers seventh the fingers moved eight the person thought ninth they had an idea. What an amazing process one single email represents.

Practice for Empowerment

I am success. By constant and eternal vigilance, I kill, by means of denials, every thought of fear, of failure, of poverty and lack, and replace them by affirmations of success, prosperity and achievement. I think only of positive things, states and emotions and never of negative. My mind is been constantly lifted up into a higher realm where I receive inspiration and strength. My inner mind is one with the universal mind and therefore I draw upon the inexhaustible strength, energy and wisdom of the infinite. Through thinking positive thoughts and meditating on positive states, I attract myself streams of thoughts and emotions of the power of sunlight, which strengthen and help me.

I grow into the likeness of that upon which I think, I become more positive, I become a magnet, I draw and attract myself all that I need. Difficulties are smoothed out, people and opportunities come to me openly, the way is made clear before me, and all things work together for my good. My services to the world become increasingly valuable, I get a greater and deeper insight into my work, I am inspired in such a way that I can do better work, and more work, and greater work, than ever before. Therefore I can see in my mind’s eye all desirable things coming to me. All are seeking me instead of my seeking them. Friends, wealth, position, power, all coming to me. I am a magnet. I am success.

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