SUCCESS FORMULA #24 – look up

All the good that there is in memory training systems can be summed up in a few words. The reason some people cannot remember is because they do not pay sufficient attention. If you were making music you would have to arrange things so that a powerful clear digital impression was made in the recording. If only a faint rather indistinct noise was made only a faint indistinct noise would be heard by the listener. The deeper and the more powerfully clear the recording the more powerful the music of it will be reproduced.

It is the same with the mind if you fail to observe and to pay attention then facts, happenings, orders etc, which could be remembered are only faintly impressed upon the mind with the unfortunate consequence that many important points and details are forgotten.

The great thing to do is to observe and pay attention. To mentally impress on your mind those things that you want to remember. A table knife lying on the table to one person would be a knife and nothing more. If pressed for a description they might be able to say that it was either a dinner knife or a cheese knife but that would be it. A more observant person would be able to tell us that the knife was made in say Sheffield, and give us the name of the maker, and that the blade was stainless steel, and the handle was made from some other materials and describe even in great detail the joint between the handle and blade. A rose to one may be a flower to another it is the universe of beauty and delight. A text message to one person is a text message only, to another it is a new message, it carries so many different meanings, is a miracle in technology, and it comes in a certain font to a certain screen with a certain feeling.

Two people may be so like that they frequently get mistaken for each other, yet if you look at them carefully you will see so many points of difference you wonder why you ever thought they were like. The teeth are different, the eyes of one are much wider apart. The hands too will show differences, the nails being a different shape and many other points one can find massive differences.

In order to improve your memory you must learn to observe, to pay more attention, to examine more minutely, and to consciously impress matters that one wishes to remember on your mind. To visualise whatever you desire to remember is to impress it on your mind forever.

Not only is it wise to learn to take more notice, to pay more attention, to observe more closely, but you will also need to memorise something during the day, and just as you are falling asleep at night recall what you have learned, and after repeating it over, tell your subliminal mind that you will never forget it, and you want and you never will. This is the direct natural way of remembering, and is far better than any method which tries to use association. If you follow these instructions increasing the amount memorised material each day you will develop a memory above average.


Look within for power. Human beings have in their subliminal mind, amazing faculties, but to the multitudes, these are unsuspected and undiscovered. I have shared with you the knowledge that has put you in touch with the great within. This is the key to all wisdom, knowledge, truth, understanding and power. It unlocks for you the treasure house of the universe, opens up to you the wisdom of the ages, and it links you up to the powerhouse of the infinite. If you are perplexed, look within, and light and leading will come, for you are one with, and form part of, the great universe of mind. Have you a great and important job to do? Look within, and you will find all the strength, energy, perseverance and ability that you require. No matter what your need, you will find with in you every quality necessary for your success.


Look up. “Two people looked through prison bars. The one saw mud, the other saw stars.” The majority of people see only mud, whereas they might, by looking up, see stars. It is been my aim to help people to look up and keep looking up. So the important words that I share with my students is “look up.“ HOLD ever before you a vision of infinite perfection, the magnificence of nature, and in the radiance of that vision you will find health, happiness, true success and lasting satisfaction.

With every good wish for your continued unfoldment and a greater realisation of the power that is within you, Innerwealth.

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