I want you to realise that this journey of yours is not a walk over, I want you to understand that this is a fight all the way, but at same time to realise that it is a winning fight all the time; although difficulties are real, yet you have within you the powers which make difficulties and obstacles melt away. Great and accessible is the power within you. Nothing can stop your upward climb, there is nobody who can prevent you succeeding except yourself; there is nothing that can stop you in progress but your own doubt and fear. All things are possible if you believe that they are possible.

Unbounded confidence, the keynote of success. You cannot fail, you, yourself, you are success.

Another word for unbounded confidence is Faith. Every successful person is a confident person. They believe wholeheartedly in their own power to succeed. This is not vanity or being too cock sure, instead it is either conscious, subconscious or a subliminal realisation of inward power. This is why so few people are really successful, so few people ever arouse the mighty powers that are within them, so few people think the kind of thoughts that bring these powers into life and action. Most people are instead, engaged in emotional wellbeing and dancing on the surface of life. They will never be successful unless they are selling emotional wellbeing to the weak minded.

Every successful person is a person of faith, every successful person is a person who cultivates hope. A successful person is always hopeful, is never a pessimist and they bring that which they hope for into being in reality, by the strength of their faith.

Therefore I want you first of all to cultivate hope and faith for without these two qualities no one, no matter how gifted or clever, can ever succeed.

That you have these two qualities is proven by the fact that you are reading this course.

You’ve had the hope of winning your way to a life of success, and power, and you have had the faith to believe that within you are the powers and forces which make this possible. Without hope the person is as good as dead, without faith they are like a rudderless ship drifting too and fro with every wind and current. On the other hand all things are possible to the person who has both those qualities.

Look at the lives of all people who have made their lives into a story of great achievement, and you’ll see that they were all animated by hope and sustained by faith. They hoped for success and believe that they had it in them to achieve that success. In the darkest hours they hoped and believed that soon the circumstances would come, which would carry them on to the accomplishment of their ambitions (dreams). Nothing has ever yet been accomplished by a human being on this planet without the inspiration of hope and the tenacity of faith. Hope reaches forward and claims success, faith hold on until success is attained. Therefore I recommend you choose to develop these qualities in their fullest extent.

It is a well known fact that when a person turns their face around and determines to fight their way to success, or overcome bad habits, or raise themselves in anyway either mentally, morally, physically or spiritually, then everything seems to happen to thwart the new intention and to throttle their new desires. So long as they do go on in their old way, emotionally focussed, drifting with the tide, floating about helplessly, with little faith and at the mercy of outside circumstances, so long as this goes on, nothing unusual happens. They drift through emotional ups and downs and perceive this to be some kind of definition of progress. They flap about in the water and call it swimming whereas, to the observer it’s confusing as to whether they are making progress at all and therefore drowning. But as soon as a start is made in an upward direction, then all kinds of weird powers seem to be let loose, whose objective appears to be to prevent the student from making any progress in the new life. This resistance can include family.

When a person realises their own internal powers and understands the vastness and wonder of their subliminal forces, and determines to make use of them, and become a leader amongst people instead of a slave, then such a disturbance takes place that unless they possess hope and faith they will be tempted to turn their back on the new Inspired Thinking and to sink back again into the old sluggish, stressful, drifting existence, which leads to disappointment, emotional dependency and despair.

Those who take up Inspired Thinking, people from all walks of life, all experienced the same thing. Even the health is affected in a curious way, friends are peevish and irritable, little things go wrong in business, and generally one is out of sorts and things go awry.

When this experience comes to you, then is the time to exercise hope and faith. First of all remember that the condition is only temporary. After a few days, in some cases it may be a few weeks, the health will improve, friends will become genial and harmony will again be in your life. When the entities that caused a disturbance realise that you mean to keep on, and that you cannot be bullied into going back to the old life, they will quickly leave you. In any case there is nothing to be afraid of, because these entities are helpless if one does not fear them. In other words, if you have hope and faith you can win through. Hope for better times even though the present may be discouraging. Faith in the sure belief that soon all disagreeable symptoms will disappear.

Hope for the future and by faith, hang on, and keep hanging on and you will win through. Don’t be discouraged by seeming failure, nothing has ever been won without effort. What can be had without effort is not worth having. Trying to win without effort, that’s the realm of emotional wellbeing and it feeds an entire generation.

Take encouragement from the fact that if there is disturbance in your life it proves that vital changes are taking place within you, and that the vast powers of your subliminal mind are beginning to awaken, and that the entities of your old erroneous beliefs and habits are on their way out.

Believe now that you can conquer and win through and you will encounter anything with grace, with faith, with hope and win through. What you believe you can do, you can do, because all powers within you. There is nothing in all the world that can stop you, except your own doubt and your own fears.

I want you to trust me to the extent of doing something, the underlying principle of which cannot be explained in this online class. I want you to make an affirmation, I want you to affirm the following:

“THE old life OF EMOTIONAL RHETORIC is dead and buried. I have severed myself from it once and for all. Henceforth I live the new life of INSPIRED THINKING, success and power, of self mastery and all accomplishment.”

First of all memorise these words. Keep repeating them over and over until they sink deeply into your memory, and then as the meaning finds a place in your consciousness you will live it. If you can get a few moments to yourself during the day, practice making the affirmation. The right way is as follows: go into a quiet place, whether you sit, stand or lie down is immaterial. Now close your eyes and say the words over and over very earnestly.

Strive to realise all that they mean and address the words in your in your mind. It is your subliminal mind that you are influencing, so address the affirmation very earnestly to that mind. Do this for several minutes and finish by making the affirmation into the space above you. Do the Walkachi in your mind and send the affirmation as a message to the universe and by so doing you’ll come into harmony with the innumerable invisible forces, that will help and strengthen you.


Stand feet apart as if your were preparing to jump over a very high bar. Knees bent, (slightly) relax your mind but be alert with awareness. Feet parallel, legs apart, knees slightly bent like a karate master. Now, reach with your arms straight and open to the sides, and catch some horizon in them. Sweep your arms forward slowly and as they come to the front bring the horizon into your chest with open palms. Repeat.

Do not do WALKACHI or make the affirmation while in a state of negative emotion, strain and nervous tension. Relax yourself, take a deep breath, and as you exhale let your muscles go limp: smooth out your nerves until your whole body is in a peaceful state. Concentrate your thoughts on what you are doing. If emotions want to bring you back to worry and think, end it, then begin again. The more you concentrate the better will be the benefit.

You can also do this affirmation, (in fact the best time for making affirmations) is just before you fall asleep. There is a great psychological reason for this. If you can fall asleep while making the affirmation, and or while visualising it, so much the better. Therefore take no food or stimulants (it is better to avoid the latter altogether) just before going to bed. The reason cannot be given here because it would take too long, but it is an important one.

In the early morning immediately when you wake is the next best time, both times should be made use of, and on no account be missed, but of the two one just before sleep is by far the most important. You do not need to do the WALKACHI movements if you are already in bed….

The influence of these two affirmations will be felt during the day, they will have an affect upon your mental outlook, and on the way in which you deal with the problems of your day’s work; but this influence can be intensified and buttressed up as it were, by surrendering into yourself at opportunities, during the day, and mentally repeating the affirmation. This will give you a sense of power and confidence and hope, such as you will have never experienced before. This is not “imagination” it is your just your unsuspected interior powers being aroused into activity.

When you have finished making the affirmation, again close your eyes and make a mental picture of yourself in the manner already taught. Endeavour to see yourself as a radiant being, with the old life and its murkiness, emotional rhetoric and imperfections left far behind you. Picture yourself pressing forward higher and better doing things higher and better, meeting difficulties but overcoming them, trampling old habits, weaknesses and imperfections under your feet. Try and realise that you have the power to raise yourself above ordinary life, ordinary things of life, that you can breathe a rarer and pure atmosphere. Picture yourself as a new being: happier, healthier, brighter and more radiant and ever you have been even at your most sublime moments.

This will not be easy. It requires concentration and perseverance. You’ll find it difficult to see yourself as you wish to see yourself, or you’ll find it not easy to see yourself clearly at all, also you will find it difficult to keep your mind concentrated upon the making of the image. There is only one thing to do and that is to keep on trying. Thus in these first lessons you will come face-to-face with a battle royal. With most students this visualising is a great difficulty, but no matter how difficult it may be, it has to be overcome. If you fail to overcome this difficulty then you fail in this course of lessons; if you fail to overcome now, you will fail in the larger things of life.

The best way to overcome the difficulty is by getting interested in it. When you have developed interest, enthusiasm is aroused, and after that concentration becomes comparatively easy, and this command success. Therefore get interested in this problem of visualising. Remember that all people of great achievement have had this power greatly developed, therefore if you wish to be great and successful you must first develop the same faculty.

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