By choosing your thoughts you choose either success or failure, happiness or misery health or disease, hope or despair.

The objective or conscious mind is the mind of the senses. It learns from books, persons, experience and experiments. It reasons on things learnt, and on thoughts received from a variety of sources,; and having past judgement, rejects some of the things it witnesses as error, and excepts other things as truth. Things considered to be truth are passed down into the subconscious mind to add to it existing store of memory and experiences. It therefore creates expectations.

Whatever is stored to the subconscious mind becomes translated into action. Thus if negative or regretful, fearful or angry thoughts are entertained, then immediately physical changes take place in the body. These are simply those thoughts being translated into action by the subconscious mind. So if you are frustrated and angry or stressed and anxious, and if one repeatedly indulges themselves in looking at things with this class of thought, a time arrives when the body reveals what has been going on in the mind. This is why many people who have been all their lives apparently quite positive, and well behaved, sadly break into flagrant self-abuse, alcohol addiction or sadness, I.e disrespect for themselves and others. It is often called a mid life crisis or menopause but it has been brewing like a storm for years of frustration and disappointment and become a stamp on the mind and body of the individual.

Suddenly, is not true, because the changes were taking place in the body and permanently stamping thoughts into the subconscious mind for years under the cloak of goodness and public face. So, when this inner voice reveals itself on the outer life, it is a great surprise and causes great distress to relationships and friends. They think that it is a sudden transformation, or that it’s due to certain temptation, or to the evil influence of other bad people. It is instead none of these things. It is simply the result of evil thinking. Evil thoughts produce evil actions. Evil thoughts also attract other thoughts just as evil as themselves. In the same way a person who indulges in evil thinking, attracts other people of a similar character.

There is a law running through the universe which is that “like attracts like“ and the operation of this law is unalterable.

EVIL THOUGHTS ARE: Jealousy, Envy, Anger, Hate, Guilt, Regret, Worry, Shame, Resentment, Frustration, Anxiety. They are affirmative of bad, failure.

Think evil thoughts, and you will surely attract others just as evil, which will help to drag you down. If a person thinks evil thoughts they will become evil in word and deed. Let them think evil thoughts and they will attract other people even worse than themselves. In the same way if you entertain thoughts of failure, if you doubt your ability to succeed, if you feel that circumstances will arise which will “Swamp“ your business, or career, then you will attract streams of “failure“ thoughts which will help to keep success away. Not only so, but you will attract other people of a similar nature, who are pessimistic and will help to complete your final discomfort. Like always attracts like. Thus it is that “failures“ always drift together, just as people of substance drift together. They often marry each other. Successful people like to draw themselves together with other like-minded people. They often marry each other. “Birds of a feather flock together“ has hidden behind it and an unalterable law.

It is the same law that makes it impossible to think or fear sickness, disease or ill-health, without drawing to yourself streams of thoughts of, a similar nature which cause certain cells to vibrate in the subconscious mind, and goes on to produce disease. This is science and it is called the “placebo effect.” So, not only, if you live this fear of sickness, disease or ill-health thinking you produce disease, but you also attract diseased people to you, who help by their “disease mental outlook“ to make your illness become more firmly seated. This is also extremely true of mental health.

The reverse is, of course, equally true. If you entertain “positive good“ thoughts you will attract thoughts of similar energy from life and work colleagues, and be strengthened and blessed thereby. By the same law you will attract people of lofty minds who will support your upward climb.

It leads you to the irrefutable universal truth “Nobody treats you better or worse than you treat yourself” This law works hand in hand with the law I previously mentioned “like attracts like.”

If you entertain beautiful thoughts, you will draw to yourself a constant stream of thoughts of a positive and successful nature, and you will attract to yourself friends of a noble and inspiring character.

Positive Good thoughts are: Success, gratitude, generosity, kindness, compassion, complimentary, love. They are affirmative of good, success.

Continuing with this theme of choosing your thoughts for success, SUCCESS FORMULA, if you allow thoughts of success only to be held in your mind, and chase away all thoughts of failure, you will attract yourself a full measure of successful thoughts. These will strengthen your determination and inspire you to greater effort. By the same law you will also attract yourself people of a successful type of mind. You will find yourself sought after by successful people, and they will bring with them opportunities for your more abundant success.

Again if you will only think thoughts of health and perfection, and kill by denial all thoughts of disease, if you will raise yourself to your perfect world of mind, and realise that there is no such thing as sickness, illness, ill-health or disease, but that instead there is only infinite perfection and abounding health, an evolving immunity, then not only will health manifest itself in your body, but you will also attract to yourself, happy, radiant, healthy minded, and healthy body people, who will inspire and help you in every department of your life.

Therefore you will readily see how important it is that only the right type of thought should be allowed to enter your subconscious mind.

Your Willpower and the conscious mind stand as sentinels at the door of the subconscious mind. To them is given the important task of deciding what will, or will not, enter. Every kind of thought and suggestion, beneficial or not, to our wellbeing, meet us and strike us in every moment of life. Harmful thoughts seek to enter our minds. Books, magazines raise thoughts, the mental outlook of friends and acquaintances are all opportunities to work for or against our mental development. The attitude of mind of the average person, of the common ordinary life, is not inspiring, it does not suggest “success“ they express at best only passive acceptance of life and pray to the lottery to solve their weakened state. They take life as it is, they take things as they come. They think that they are what they think and they don’t question what or how they think, they instead react and claim it as a right, then complain about failure.

It is not often that you meet a person who is conscious that they are “master of their fate, the captain of the soul.“ Who has dismissed blaming others for their disappointing life.

How then can you escape all this descending, destroying mental atmosphere? Especially if you are surrounded by it in extended family, clients or even work colleagues.

First, you must, in habits of thinking separate yourself from “the crowd.“

You must shut out their pessimistic belief in circumstances – weak, failure, low type of thoughts, worry about things they cannot change, blame and anger at their parents or past, altogether, and live in an entirely different world – the inner world of your own creative thought. If you hold a noble or inspiring thought – then later you will be the recipient of a conscious stream of the finest thoughts in the world has ever known – let it in.

I do not mean that you should look down upon your friends and fellow human beings, because nothing is more destructive and contemptible. You must mix with your fellows, and be part of humanity, and while holding yourself proof against low and weak types of thought, seek to raise their minds by your own hopeful, positive, inspiring suggestions. When a friend talks that failure is a possibility in their life, suggest instead that success is rapidly coming their way. When people are sad, try to cheer them by hopeful suggestions. When they look on the dark side of life, show them the bright side. When they rant and rave, put kindness on troubled waters, you can guide them out of that. Stick to the objective,, which is helpful to you in particular, to cheer people up and resolutely refuse to except the suggestions from their mind to yours.

Now you will know that there is a universal principle: the law of balance. There are two sides to everything so when a person you know messes up, they also did great. There is no such thing in life as 100% all or nothing. It does not exist. Even the universe has black holes. Every positive action has a negative consequence. Every good thing can be improved. The wise individual with positive thinking, good thinking, success formula, sees that there are the two sides, denies the negative of it and focusses on the positive. This affirmative thinking is purely marketing, to the mind.

The greatest antidote to the deafening atmosphere of doubt and hopelessness, of ignorance and materialism, of fear of failure, due to the influence of your associations with others of wrong habit of thought is the use of that mind cleansing denial “there is no evil“. It goes right to the root of all trouble and failure, all that is undesirable in our lives and the denial destroys it before it takes root in the subconscious store house.

The word “evil“ embraces everything in life that is not of the highest good; failure, poverty, fear, sickness, disease, pain, ill-health, unhappiness; all the limits, confined, cramping and self-imposed limitations on life, all these and much more are included in this one word, Evil. By simple denial, all this evil atmosphere is neutralised, and the mind is cleaned up ready for the affirmation “only infinite good“ and these two words “infinite good“ cover everything that we possibly desire. Peace, power, plenty, health, happiness and joy; success, achievement, love, Service to all humankind what more can one desire?

Therefore mix with your friends, they are your brothers and sisters; seek to do all the good that you can, but continually clean your mind and thought by the use of denial of evil, and build up your character and life but in circumstances by affirmations of infinite good.

That’s why you are still mixing with the ordinary everyday type of person – and they have much that is lovable and beautiful in their characters – yet you will be poles apart in distinguishing between their way of thinking and your success formula, the infinite good way of thinking. The fact is that you are taking this course, listening to this now, reading this, proves that you are not as others. That you are taking a course of metaphysical training shows that you are of a different type to the ordinary crowd, that you are marked out for distinction, success and progress.

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