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First of all in this post, I want you to understand that your life consists only of that which is in your mind. Your world is really nothing more than a reflection of your own mind and what is in your mind. It can be witnessed and experienced daily, that two people in precisely the same circumstances will each find life in the world very different. One will see life with great joy and so much cause for thankfulness and the other may experience only unhappiness and disappointment. The difference is not in circumstances but in the mind. The mind is the real thing, the world is transient and fleeting, and has, philosophically speaking, no real existence, but mind endures.

It’s identical to when you break up in a relationship. I remember my first marriage spending the last 7 years of it wishing I could find a way out of that nightmare. It was really an uphill battle to smile when I got home from work. We had children and that bound me to my wife. There was no option but to struggle daily with the fact that through my eyes, she wasn’t great. Then she, my first wife, had an affair and fell in love with a friend of mine. And he with her. Suddenly I wanted her. I was sexually aroused by her. I “loved” her and even sold my business to stay home with her. I showered her with gifts and praise. My mind went from seeing everything bad to seeing only good. What a disaster. We then split up and I carried that new found infatuation for three more years while she and my mate fell madly in love and I had to do all the court settlement for a marriage that I wanted back. I tried to lure her with all sorts of games but she was with a memory of how I hadn’t appreciated her for seven years and now my mate, was treating her so well. I went nuts. I was awful to experience that for seven years one of my eyes was shut to her beautify and then for the next three years that eye was only open and my other eye was shut to her ugly. But it was the same person. She didn’t change. My mind created a living hell with her then created a living hell without her. Same person, different views. If I can think of a darker, the darkest, experience of life it is this sudden realisation of how, through shear ignorance, we can be totally blind to the balance of reality.

The natural or “emotional“ view of life and the world is almost always the exact opposite of what is the real truth and fact. Can you imagine this to be at the root of all business decisions you make and relationship choices you make. That the view you have of life is the absolute exact perfect inversion of the truth? It took me half a lifetime and some experiences I refer to as a “hell on earth” to finally witness and experience this, and therefore change it. Infatuation (seeing more positive than negative) inverts the truth. Resentment (seeing more negative than positive) inverts the truth. Depression is inverted witnessing and elation is too. Even attraction and repulsion are inversions, seeing the opposite to truth. What if you could see truth, what would happen then? I am going to be courageous and call real spirituality. Metaphysics, which is a large part of what you need to learn to master your mental health, tells us that the visible world (emotional thinking) is just an inverted reflection of the real world. So what we think, we think, about things is actually an inverted view of them, and it is normal at a young age to see with one eye, until our inner eye becomes open to the truth and then suddenly we see things as the exact opposite of what we thought they really were. Often this leads to regret but that is a misinterpretation of the journey.

It is not surprising to find that regret occupies many a mind. The mortal, emotional or animal mind of the senses, thinks the world is the real thing and that the subconscious mind is only a shadow. But the real truth is, the Subconscious mind and spirituality are real and external, emotional and the visible world is but a transient 50% truth, one eye shut version.Therefore, what most people call real is the impermanent thing, they call permanent, which has no actual reality.

All this aside, then the only thing that really matters is what is in your mind or what is not in your mind. If we trust our feelings, emotions and judgements we are thinking what is “sensory” and “visible” is real. Similarly, if we have a belief in evil, and thoughts of evil, in our mind then we have evil in our life. If, however, we can cast the thought of, and belief in, evil out of our mind then it will cease to appear in our life. We are in absolute control of our mind but only when we are ready and willing to know truth.

By raising ourselves above the sensory life and realising how that makes us very different to “normal” thinking, the world of mind can deny evil, poverty, failure, pain, sickness, unhappiness or whatever our worry/trouble may be, we can kill the thought which is the cause of all our troubles. Then whatever we affirm will take their place. If we deny “evil“ then we follow by affirming “good“ if we deny sickness, then we affirm prosperity and affluence. By denials we can take out all the evil, dark, fear and worry out of our lives and build up in their place by means of affirmations, perfect good, success, affluence, happiness, health, love, peace and courage.

It takes courage.

Everything being in the mind, then everything that is taken out of the mind is taken out of life, and everything is put into the mind, comes into life.

Therefore it is possible with mechanical accuracy and certainty to recreate the life, to cast out all the undesirable and to build up in its place only the beautiful, the good the true.

Life is what we make it.

Life is what we make it. We can make life like heaven itself, full to the brim with all that is good and beautiful, or we can turn it into a perfect hell. It’s how we think that makes the difference.

Therefore do not accept the suggestions of those who having failed in life, who proceed to call life hard. We can make life a continual joy, if we create a heaven with right here in our daily life. Using innocence by the quality of our thinking and mental processes. All that we see in life, all that we experience, even life itself, is but the outward expression of the life within. The life within is built by our thinking.

I think you will begin to see by this time the purpose and value of affirmations.

Affirmations are concentrated thoughts. Behind each affirmation is a strong emotion and this gives it tremendous driving force.

Not only do affirmations impress the subconscious mind that is producing action in accordance with the human will, but they project outwards from the mind into space, attract forces and help from other sources and bring them to inspire and encourage others.

Not only this but they also arouse the subliminal mind to inspire, to create, to impart wisdom.

By the use of affirmations all the finer forces are aroused to action and the life is transformed from weakness, insecurity or ineffectiveness to strength or purposefulness.

By the use of affirmations the human will is strengthened untill it becomes so strong all else has to bend to it.

By the use of affirmations, the body is strengthened and made healthy, and exercise and body culture become a pleasure instead of a duty.

By the use of affirmations difficult tasks and unpleasant duties become easy including that of accomplishment.

By the use of affirmations it is possible to break bad habits of a lifelong standing, and replace them with good ones.

By the use of affirmations we can build up character, mould our circumstances, shape our destiny, captain our soul, we can be what we will, do whatever we desire attain all of our ideals.

Therefore it is of the most utmost importance that you should be most diligent in practising the affirmations – always. Never let a single night or morning pass without spending several minutes in quiet concentration on the affirmations given to you in your coaching.

Reading this blog post, or listen to this audio program, once, will do you good, but it is because you are actually doing the affirmations that you have been taught that makes the difference, not just knowing “about” them.

Doing affirmations will make you strong and successful.

Mental and physical lethargy must be overcome. It is by sustained action that you can accomplish: you cannot dream yourself to success, you have to win it.

Therefore you must concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, upon the affirmations and visualising exercises. The latter are a form of affirmation and are of equal importance.

A word of warning.

Do not keep changing your affirmations. Do not affirm one thing one day and another thing the next; it causes confusion in your mental world, and makes “confusion more confounded“ in your life. Of course as you overcome weaknesses and bad habits you will alter your affirmations accordingly. You will always find some defect that wants eradicating. Otherwise keep to the affirmations given to you in these lessons

By this I do not mean that you are not to make denials, reversions and affirmations at all times adapted to all the varying circumstances and difficulties of life, because these are, for your own protection, necessary. Call these MICRO AFFIRMATIONS you might create to deal with challenges on any day.

Therefore, if you experience something that suggests possible evil to you, or danger, such as a drunken person, an act of hate, a quarrel, an act of ignorance; Or if you see something on television or read something that has lowering and pressing and depressing thoughts, then for your own protection you must reverse it. With a MICRO AFFIRMATION.

For instance if you see an angry violent person, if you do not reverse this, the suggestion of evil conveyed to you by this sight, will sink into your subconscious mind and cause cells to vibrate in sympathy, thus making you more susceptible to angry thoughts, besides lowering the tone of your mind generally. Therefore you must raise yourself to your perfect mental world and deny, anger, by saying, “humanity is a perfect mental culture with perfect mental creatures, can never be angry. There is no anger in this perfect world of mind, all his love all is good Will“. Or “I trust the universal laws of nature, that in every human there is balance, in every act there is balance and that I choose to look for the good.” By so doing not only will you stop the suggestion of evil from harming you, you will also at the same time make yourself stronger than ever before, and strange as it may seem to you now, you will reduce the anger in the mind of the angry person. The reason for this is, that there is really only one mind, we are all inlets of the same sea, and if we cast evil out of our own mind, (look for the balance) then we also make the world and the minds of others the better by doing so. – By purifying ourself does a human being become a change agent of the world.

These reversals of denials and affirmations, using the universal laws of nature, made in your perfect world of mind, must be taking place all day; it is in this way that every evil is transmuted into good, every difficulty into accomplishment, every threat of failure into success and every pain or sickness or disease thought changed into perfect health. this must go on continually, thus you will grow in power daily.

Apart from this you will doubtless have some plan towards which you are now moving. You have some ambition to be realised, some creative purpose in your mind which you wish to accomplish. To attain this and you deny failure, you affirm success, you visualise a picture of that which you wish to achieve.

That being so, and having made up your mind, now stick to it. Do not change your affirmation, do not alter your mental image. Keep it until changed until it is accomplished. If you varied and change it you’ll bring the upmost confusion into your life. Therefore do not change, modify or alter the main creative plan of your life, see to it that the image remains unimpaired, getting clearer and more sharply defined from day today. If you do this you will see it working out and with mathematical precision manifesting in your life.

This coaching has been prepared so as to guide my students by love and wisdom on a safe path to the goal of their own ambition.

It will guide you if you follow the lessons exactly. Therefore while taking this course, be careful what you read including all current literature. Concentrate on this teaching, persevere with the “doing“ of this manifestation and success teaching, and you will be able, like the writer, to prove and demonstrate its truth in your life and circumstances.

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