The thought may come to you “there is that pain again, I am going to have one of my bad panic attacks.” If you allow this thought to enter your mind you will have that bad “attack”; it will surely come and nothing will be able to keep it away. The “attack” is only effect, the cause is the thought within your mind, and no amount of medicine will be able to help you because it cannot touch the “cause” and can only tinker about with the effect. Such efforts are on a par with trying to keep the ocean back with a broom.

Therefore, when pain, insecure and uncertain thoughts come and seek admittance at the door of your mind, immediately deny their existence. They have no real existence. You, the real you, are a perfect mental creature in a perfect mental world, where there is no such thing as pain, illness or insecurity or uncertainty and if you realise this you can never be ill. It is only when you let thoughts and suggestions of pain and illness come into your mind that pain and illness become possible in your body. 

What happens in your body and life is an exact reflex of what you hold in your mind. 

Therefore if you deny pain and sickness in your perfect mental world, remember your imagination is a powerful tool, then at once the pain will cease. In previous chapters I have mentioned that by denying evil you not only killed the thought of evil, but you also destroyed the evil itself and that by experience you could prove the truth of this. This you can do with pain also. If, when pain you will rise into your perfect mental world and deny pain, then the pain will go away almost immediately. After denying pain and sickness, affirm perfect health. The denial will kill the harmful thought and cleanse the mind, and the affirmation will heal and build up and make all future attacks weaker. By this method you can “reverse” every harmful thought, belief and emotion.

Lets say you have a bad situation at work. Your boss is very enthusiastic and you think you know more than your boss (you can transpose boss with boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife or child). You complain that your boss is not behaving as you want. You complain and try to work on it, you do everything that is needed to manage upward but now you are getting good at managing a bad situation. But what is happening? You are allowing a negative perception that you are dealing with a person who has a fault, and then repairing yourself by finding a way to deal with it. Can you possibly see that the more you deal with the boss being incompetent then the more you advance the negative evil thought that they are incompetent. And then you, are sending messages to your own subliminal mind to deal with incompetence and negative people and the better you get the more incompetence you experience because you are virtually affirming your skill as a person who can manage incompetence. What if you did the opposite. What if you affirm in your perfect mental world that there is no incompetence and that your judgements cannot exist in your perfect mental world and deny that there is a problem and affirm instead there is perfection. What if you deny your boss’ negative traits and instead focus your perfect mental world on the good, positive and affirm success? Can you see, if it isn’t perfect already it never will be. If you are always “fixing” your family, fixing your clients, fixing your kids, you are getting good at fixing bad, which is no different to affirming evil because what you notice in your life your magnify and attract. If you notice pain and sickness, like a hypochondriac, you just notice more and more of it. Even what you fix is a reinforcement of what is wrong, to be fixed. You must stop. Deny. Affirm the best. It is a habit.

One many said “oh, all my friends show me pictures of death and destruction, and I have now a fear to travel” I said well yes you can see it like that. Or, you can say, “My subliminal mind sent me images that were intended to stop me travelling overseas, and because of that, I am alive” – it’s all a matter of deny the negative, affirm the positive. 

It is necessary when you deny any evil no matter what it may be, that you clearly realise that you are denying only apparent evil to exist in the material world. For instance if you have a bone poking out the side of your foot or you have swelling is as big as your fist at the back of your neck it is foolish to deny that it exist, because it does exist as much as anything can be said to exist in this transient world.

They are, however, two YOUS. There is the material you and there is the perfect, universal mental and spiritual you. The material you is a transient fleeting material person, the real you is a glorious mental and spiritual creature, imperishable and eternal. When you (the real you not the material perception based you) raise yourself into your perfect world of mind you leave the imperfect and rough material body behind, and it is the sublime you, the perfect mental and spiritual you who is in a perfect world of infinite good, purity and perfection, and can deny that there is an injury. You, the sublime you, have no injury, it is only the material you which you have left behind which has an injury. By raising yourself into your perfect world of mind you transfer your consciousness from the material world to the transcendental world of infinite perfection which our greatest philosopher’s and thinkers operate and exist around this and above. This is why, as you release yourself into your perfect world of mind, your pain disappears like the sound of a band dying away in the distance; it is because you have transferred your consciousness from the material world to the mental world or spiritual world.

If you think this is hocus pocus I don’t blame you. All those around you will revolt at any suggestion of this. You might be addicted to their opinions and feel defeated right at the starting gate when you put affirmations and visualisation time on your daily calendar or on the mirror of the bathroom. They might laugh at you or criticise. If so, you have now found your first barrier to deny, affirm, visualise. You can deny that criticism exists, deny they are in anyway influential by their thinking, judgement and opinion, and affirm the power of your beliefs. This might just be the first step you must take to secure your mind in a way that causes what you wish. It does not take long to realise that those who will criticise your new found addiction to the deny, affirm visualise world of manifestation and creation are themselves and have always been battling with mental, physical or emotional pain. It is strange to watch a suffering person give others advice which if followed, leads to suffering.

If, when you have entered this perfect world of mind you deny the darkness that is troubling you (by this you do not deny that it exists in your material body but only in your radiant mental body) and if you then contemplate on the infinite perfection, boundless life, perfect good, unsullied purity and immeasurable power of the infinite mind which rules this perfect mental world; if you will bask, as it were, in the sunshine and happiness of infinite perfection and love of this transcendental world. Then you open your life and your physical body to the action of the universe of mind, and your material life, circumstances and body become more like the life of the perfect world of mind, and your body more like your sublime mental body

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